Wednesday, December 30, 2009


   Large cities in America today are the magnet for emotionally corrupt people; they have become the home of busybodies and social workers they are the hovels of the most ignorant among us. They represent the real balkanization of America more so than any grouping the modern minds of men/women have conjured-up.
   They were once the pooling of innovating entrepreneurs but have become the welfare centers for the weak and shiftless under the authority of the most corrupt among us akin to the mafia of organizations. And now they are gathered into one unit of total corruption by the authority of the democrat party via the federal government which in and of its self is way too large and corrupt itself already.
   When ever America has allowed any organizational form to become large and powerful the only successful way to destroy the corruption that follows them, is to break them up into smaller independent parts, it works! Not to then join them with the rest of the corrupt authorities of the world. When ever power and authority is centralized it becomes corrupt and the individuals within become slaves to it. This is an undeniable historical fact that Europe has not made note of and most likely won’t catch on too, until the European Union falls apart, maybe?
  We have become ignorant of how and why we have become as successful as a nation and we need to bring our common sense to bear, not by pulling in the reins on growth but on the size of our parts. (Our heads get to big.) 
  The answer to America’s decline and corruption lies in this; “break them down” way down. America’s power and world authority would remain the same in the aggregate without going backward.
   This represents the same principals that our founders used to create our unique country in the first place. Growth of the body is good but beyond maturity it is cancerous. The cure to the cancer of our nation is to prevent overgrowth of any of its parts now and into our future. Big and bigger becomes dumb and dumber
   This can be accomplished with minimal effort, but maximum will, against entrenched powers, to stave off our ultimate demise as a nation and as a people. It would expand opportunities for many and allow for a more local control and is practicable, reasonable, and doable.
Putting emotional attachment aside New York City should be broken up into 4-5 cities at minimum as an example.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Not Guilty

   America is the only nation on earth that is guilt free, yes! You read that right, and it’s about time we stood up to all the whiners and declared our self’s such, by refusing to be held responsible for the resultant actions due to the initiators and actions of other nations and peoples.
   If you slap me, and I then kick the living shit out of you, whose at fault or guilty? And don’t give me any of that proportional crap. You are the guilty party! So if you want to assign quilt and seek redemption look to yourself or others, not America.
   America as a nation, never starts or started a fight, it only finishes them. Forget all the twisted, nuanced rational, put out by all the losers all over the globe. It is only to their shame and guilt for wallowing in their own self pity. I suggest they all get over it, for we are not at fault or guilty, and we Americans need not have to justify to them our actions in the past or present. That includes our response to the native Indians, slavery, piracy or wars, Vietnam, Iraq, terrorists’ threats, etc. America is guilt free.
   Every nation on earth had to subdue the native inhabitants in order to establish it’s self as a nation, no exceptions, it was and still is the way of human nature in order to establish nationhood or specific cultures. Slavery was imposed on America by other nations before America was even founded. Piracy and wars speak to themselves as to initiation and or guilt. All else was merely a battle between right and wrong with America always on the side of right.
   From Americas founding on, how she dealt with others was from a virgin beginning quilt free, and her responses to all were just and right, under the conditions she inherited. And modern day second guessing is just so much clap-trap, and quilt or original sin is not in the mix.
   Before the American people can overcome our state of neuroses, we need to shed the false guilt trip the rest of the world has convinced us of. A good start would be to cast the United Nations out of our midst, and stop funding or otherwise supporting all those that are our false accusers, foreign or domestic. Stand up and shout the truth to the world of false accusers to answer for themselves, not America or Americans.
Slavery, genocide, greed, selfishness, warmongers and overall abusers of humanity are foreign to America, but home to the overall world of human nature.


   One mans trash is another mans treasure, one mans fun is another mans work. Both sayings are equivalent and reflect the truth of human reality.
   In America today the most frequent use of; “but that’s no fun” or just plain “what’s the fun in that” or “all I want is to have fun” completely misses the other half and the balance of the equation which narrows the perspective to a one size fits all condition which is not realistic and does not take into consideration that what’s fun for them just might not be what some others view as fun. The adoption of which decays the thinking process into a narrow minded status.
   When ever we individually take one narrow view means we have rejected all other alternatives and that make us ignorant people. So too my fellow countrymen I ask; is an ignorance status of thought your chosen path through life, or is that just not fun enough to even bother thinking about? If this be true of your views, you are nothing more as a living being than any other of the lower animals that inhabit the world completely devoid of intelligent merit.
    This is the sum of subjective thought and does not serve any society well; the subjective thought expressed by some in their repulsion of what is referred too as corporate greed completely loses sight of their own personal greed in that equation as though they have none personally. When in the reality of social life in America there is far more personal greed among the populace than in the corporate arena. This is manifest in large part by the degree of demand by the people for entitlements’ through government on the whole body of society. What represents the passions’ of the people is individual greed. Only the love of liberty can dwarf individual greed.
   All of the afore mentioned comments were what the founding fathers of America referred to numerous times over as the avarice and ambitions of our human nature that if not kept in check would most assuredly destroy it and us all, as the last best hope of all mankind. The only entitlement any man/woman has in life does not come from other men/women but from our creator only. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, all else is just greed.

Friday, December 25, 2009

The Rights of Man

   Obama and the democrat party as well as most republicans’ and all the minions of the supporting bureaucracy may soon relegate the original Constitution to the dust bin of history possibly to actually destroy it, for they can no longer tolerate its existence and influence over the people.
   But for them its to late, we the American people all have copiers which will enable its content to last in perpetuity even if they outlaw its possession or the right to carry.
   Harry Reid just announced it was about time they made Health Care a right. The Constitution is quite clear about the rights of the people and that Congress has no; zero authority over any of them nor can they create them, we have all the rights of man that one can conjure-up in perpetuity. The federal government cannot grant or make them up or take them away without resorting to tyrannical means, which is about as un-American as anyone can get, akin to treason.
   The federal government and many state governments have for over 150+ years attempted to test the removal and granting of individual and state rights and we the people lose rights every time.
    It all started with the emphasis on democracy that allowed for slavery, and just look at how much blood and wealth the people had to pay to bring that to a halt. Next came states rights via the 17th amendment, and then came prohibition, followed by special women’s rights, civil rights, handicap rights non-smokers rights and many more. Every one of which were special rights by exclusion and the depredation of the few. All based on public consensus generally or the belief that America is a democracy where the present passions of the majority establishes law and citizens rights, in complete opposition to the original Constitution and the basic laws establish therein.
   In America the majority do not rule, the truth of our history rules!!! Extremism in defense of liberty is no vice as Sen. Goldwater once said, so it should be understood; I and most patriots will not use violence to bring about corrective government action until their tyranny directly enters upon me then I will draw first blood as any intelligent person will understand, and I am not without fellow partisans. It will be as before a second shot heard around world. All defensive warnings are only words, if not backed up by unequivocal force  

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Conservative ?

   If you ask a liberal or so called progressive what a conservative is they will usually respond with “a conservative is someone who desires the status quo”. This only shows their ignorance, a conservative for at least the last 100 years is someone that has an undying understanding and conviction that the original Constitution was and is our basic laws, and accepts no deviation from it as legitimate.
   Every usurpation; of the original Constitution even if done through the proper amendment process was and is illegal, and a severe violation of our basic laws. And to then cause further usurpation based on usurpation totally bastardizes our founding documents and laws rendering them into oblivion and destroying the foundation of our unique American government itself.
   Conservatives are the only Constitutional scholars left in our nation, they can no longer be found in the Supreme Court, academia or any other place of authority in America. This makes America no longer a nation of laws, but a nation of men, just the opposite of the reasoning behind our founding.
   The current changes that we are in hot pursuit of by congress and this administration are not American or socialist but pure world wide communism. We the people can both vote the bums out and reverse all they are doing or start a blood revolution it’s all just a matter of time. Failing this, not only America but the entire world will revert to the human conditions of 200+ years ago where tyranny reigned.
   Obama and the democrat party are not at their Core American, they stand for and represent all things progressive, which is to say communist, no other definition can be found for their every action under the guise “it’s for the people” even though the people don’t want it, that is despotic to say  the least.
   We the people have to make up our minds, when push comes to shove and you are going to lose all your American liberty that is your birthright will you be a sunny day Patriot or will you put at stake you lives, fortunes, and sacred honor like our forefathers or will you cower to the masters and become slave.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Word Smiths

   There have always been individuals in society that have what is called “the gift of gab” of which, few speak with comprehension of which they speak. They just string words together, which is in like form, the source of rap music. In no way does the gift of gab offer the value of comprehension to human intercourse or discourse. It all amounts too just a muddle of words quite absent of even the commonsense that is no longer common among many Americans.
   Those with the gift of gab are not all ignorant, so how can someone discriminate between those who are ignorant and those who just lack communication skills. Limited vocabulary by the use of, the repetition of certain words or phrases, the use of slang, dirty or offensive words repeatedly, self or affiliate aggrandizement is likely ignorance. Insufficient details that cause the listener too many questions of clarification, speaking with poor diction, to fast-slow, no pause for effect in delivery may be lack of communication skills.
   There is an old adage that children should be seen not heard. The reasoning behind that old adage is; you don’t make noise just for the sake of making noise which is generally the way of children.
   In today’s America the making of noise just for its own sake, has become and considered to be an art form, developed and practiced in a professional manner by; all politicians, most legal eagles, most bureaucrats’, the arrogant elite and all those with a socialist bent. And American academia specializes in the teaching of this same said art form. It’s better known as the dumbing-down of America, which gives question as to purpose.
   Any American today that cannot draw the obvious conclusion as to the purpose for this dumbing-down effort is lost too the rest of us that comprehend, and they most likely will suffer our wrath also in our opposition to socialism, and return to our original republican standards as laid out in our founding documents.
 "It is natural to man to indulge in the illusions of hope. We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth -- and listen to the song of that syren, till she transforms us into beasts. ... Are we disposed to be of the number of those, who having eyes, see not, and having ears, hear not?" --Patrick Henry

  Our choices are clear verses life or death, freedom or slavery, American or world government there is no middle ground!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Con

  It was once understood by each person in America that those who practice deceit in their dealings with others have standard wordings, approaches and cliques such as; its for your own good, its for the children, hurry before its to late, last chance, experts say, science proves, it doesn't matter, never again, always, for the sake of god, its proven, don't be the last, they are selling like hot cakes, you don't get it, its what's best, it will save you, believe me, I wouldn't lie to you, be the first, its original, its all natural, it will last a lifetime, I guarantee it. you need it, we provide everything, its complete, you’ll love it, its better than, millions say, fully tested, lab tested, it’s the future, published reports say, its cheaper than, I personally use it, don’t pass it up, its inevitable, you will go to hell without it, you are doomed, you might get sick and die, its time for a change.
   I could go on almost indefinitely but you wouldn’t survive it (Lol). The point of this listing was to show or demonstrate that in order to deceive the deceiver tries to stop you from thinking for yourself, while selling you an idea or thing.
   The modern American appears to me, not to be able to discern a con job anymore from the truth or maybe lost the capacity to think for them selves I don’t know which, but it is something to consider if you can.
  It's not about being a skeptic it is about individual evaluation, without which we become intellectually weak.
When we ask a question the response we receive is not necessarily the answer in our intercourse with each other and that extends into the classrooms of academia as well as the general public. Belief is not an answer, nor a resolve it always raises more questions in the minds of men/women than answers. The answers will be found within, but only if the effort is put forth to find it.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


   Every American today is either an outlaw or a facsimile meaning pseudo American. By outlaw I do not mean a criminal but has been placed outside the laws, by making the laws un-American. We the outlaws didn’t change our political positions or lifestyles it was the change in laws built-up over many years that made us so.
   This change I speak of are the same kind’s of change that Obama and his cronies want to accelerate with hyper speed uniformly across the land.
   The slavery of old America was not much different on the plantations in the south then, than it is today within the city limits of most American cities, only it has added the poor and downtrodden overall to the ranks of the black slaves within the conclaves and hovels of the cities as apposed to the plantations of the south.
   The southern portion of America was never slave holding, it was the elite classes that owned the slaves and encouraged the lower classes to behave in a racist manner toward blacks (their slaves), which was never the natural inclination of Americans as a whole north or south.
   The whole truth of slavery in America is and has been falsely laid onto the geographic area of the southern United States and all the people that resided there and in like manner the country as a whole. But the reality of this huge deception is only now beginning to open some eyes in a national sense. It was then as it is now the arrogant elite that have perpetrated this false impression on the minds of all Americans and in the face of the whole world.
   Today, it is these same said arrogant elites that have total control of all the major cities and are now trying to change the federal government into a new and most despicable nation of slaves throughout America. This goes against all the true blooded Americans and the basic soul of our nation as a people, who never and still do not desire in fact abhor this reputation being imposed on them again, by the arrogant elites of our society or the worlds.
   The vast majority of Americans seek not now or ever the control of others, as do those of the arrogant elite classes and a terrible backlash is coming to the arrogant elite classes short of their redemption and enlightenment, not only for their past bloody and inhuman deeds, but their present fundamental, corrupt and wretched desires to enslave us all under a one world socialist plantation of slaves.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Choke Point

  Every American w/commonsense knows that our income tax is unconstitutional and progressive, along the communist patterns, to form the collective. But what the hell, It put Al Capone in prison. The rest of us too this day are still paying for his incarceration.
   It has been stipulated again and over again, that small business represents 75 + % of the American economy. Before it's too late and before they go out of business, all they have to do is stop collecting taxes for government, leave the money in the hands of those who have earned it, that's what I call putting your money where your mouth is, that would show them who the boss is. That would put small business people at risk of being incarceration or fined which they should refuse to pay, that is also civil disobedience for effect. If done in mass the government doesn't yet have the capacity to stop it, they would have to yield or collapse themselves into oblivion. That is the people’s choke point on the elitist of government at least until Obama creates his desired civil informers and storm troupers.
   As it stands today it is only the drone like obedience of the people that encourages the ambitions and avarice of the world of human nature and the historical quest of socialism to subdue the individualism that is inherent in the minds of all true Americans.
   When you have lost all hope of recovery from ultimate subjugation and doom, at least don’t dig your own grave, but force the hand of the grim reaper, to take you on your timeline, not his. That’s the American way!!
   Revisionist history would like us to believe that in 1917 the Russian people had finally had it with rule of a Monarch and revolted on behave of all.
   It took the socialist and various insurgents from 1825 with a series of revolts to 1917 to pull of their revolution by increasingly weakening and/or killing the same proletariat (the working Class) they claimed to represent, frustrating the balance majority into capitulation in 1917 with many mass murders, and the killing of the czar and his entire family. It did not happen over night and was not a popular movement until they killed off all or most of the opposition.
   Obama and the Democrat party believe they have created and reduced over these many past decades the people of America into the same condition as 1917 Russia, and they would like nothing more than to purge the remaining opposition, by violent means if necessary. Well, this is not Russia, and by reducing us as a people with violence to finish their revolution will backfire in his and their faces with “individual liberty” as our battle cry.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Winning Hearts & Minds

            “Winning the hearts and minds of the people’, and what the reality of that phrase means.
   The prevailing term “winning the hearts and minds” means a sales job for success, as apposed to a snow job!
You can win the heart alone by all things of the physical like; providing security, beauty or pleasing to the eye, complimentary behavior and commonality of purpose. The loss of any one may cause a cooling of the affections of the heart and maybe even rejection. This means the heart of the subjective aspects can warm or cool based on any part of what individuals physically perceive. It can be a very tenuous and temporary win.
   Winning the minds is harder in the sense that you must create an understanding of individual purpose and value in the minds of others. Once the mind is won over the heart will usually follow and it is non-reversible within any given generation.
   America will never win over the minds of the peoples in the Middle East or else where with out creating a thorough understanding of American ideology. Being as we have failed this even among our own, the prospects look very slim indeed. The principles of democracy do not represent but a small bit of American ideology.
   A thorough teaching of individual sovereignty and how it encompasses more understanding of American ideology, than any other principle, and carries a much better opportunity to win minds foreign or domestic.
   Sarah Palin has already won or captured the hearts of many, but if she plans to have nation political ambition she now needs to explain to Americans about their own individual sovereignty, to win the minds. Her book “Going Rogue’ is/was a good start but needs further and more depth unrelated to her faith and more about American ideology and it’s core dependence on individual sovereignty in her public appearances’.
   Ronald Reagan won the hearts and minds of the American people and much of the world, and Sarah Palin has the ability and opportunity also! In like fashion!
   Very few in American history had the opportunity combined with the skill; to win both the hearts and the minds of America and that skill comes from living a life as a sovereign individual. Jack Kennedy like Roosevelt didn’t have it; all they had was the hearts of Americans. You can count on one hand the number of president’s in America that understood this, starting with George Washington ending with Ronald Reagan all the rest understood only half the equation.
   The Celebrity that comes from winning the hearts of people can be fleeting but it is not everything.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Documented Intelligence

   Intelligence is not a measure of how much you know, but of how much you understand and the degree of depth to which you understand it. Intelligence is mostly contain in the records and history of mans efforts’ too understand quite often by trial and error, it is not contained in the minds of men, but only a summary portion of it.
   What makes individual men/women think they know better or can see the mistakes of others, when in reality and the truth, one mans mistake is another mans glory, and hindsight is all the rest of us have. Too the winner goes the spoils.
   America was born into despotic socialism and through the insight of a few, struggled for many decades to overcome the crushing burdens it imposes on the individual. We today have the accumulated hindsight of the glory of those few. Even with this documented hindsight many still cannot see the glory but can only see the trial and error that brought our glory as a unique Nation into being.
   Despotic and collective socialism has no similar ascension to glory, but in intelligent historical hindsight has only the desperate plight and suffrages’ of the individual’s under their burden, of which many still suffer to this day.
   Can any man/woman site a better prototype to adopt and follow than America’s example? The documented intelligence of history says no!!!
   The ignorance of mans follies are also well documented and no man/woman of intelligence personal or historical would have the audacity to destroy the glory of one and adopt the ignorance of the other.
   I need not to elaborate further for all those of common sense understand in depth of which I speak.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Political Town Hall Mettings

   Town hall meetings are and have been for years a joke that’s not funny, and the public needs to call them all to task. This should start with a clarifying what the real purpose of them are traditionally.
   The politicians seem to think that town hall meetings are for them to inform their constituency of what they intend to do. They are not supposed to be that historically, they are supposed to be for the citizens to inform them of what they direct for them do to. Politicians’ are not any better informed or knowledgeable of what should be done or what should not be done by them on our behalf, they just think they are pure arrogant egotism on open display.
   The arrogance on open display by modern day politicians in America generally is what awakens the ire of all citizens. This ire I speak of rises like a crescendo to its peak, which then manifests anger among the electorate. It will not at this point diminish and fade away but continue to spread throughout the populace until recognition of Constitutional standards are returned to, pacification is no longer a option they have to employ. They cannot undo or rewrite the ignorance of their behavior at this point, even if they do a 180, it’s too late!
   The American public is not stupid just adverse to confrontation or gun-shy until they reach the point of anger which is still under self control. If they remain steadfast in their tyrannical arrogance and ignorance they will like all others before them foreign or domestic have to face our wrath and they can only hope that’s it’s a controlled explosion of that wrath.
   What I am talking about cannot be found anywhere else on earth, and Americans are not like any others, in that we can not be brought to heel, nor will we submit too tyranny regardless the cost. “Don’t tread on me” should never be taken lightly by wannabe tyrants.

The Past is the Present

   Social programs of any sort or kind under the auspices of the federal government cannot be found in the Constitution or the authority to create them except by the States and the people thereof. Washington DC is not a central governing body by any stretch of the legal imagination. The federal efforts too make itself such, constitutes pure ignorance or deliberate attempts to destroy America as it was constituted and the hope and yearning for the liberty of all mankind contained within Americas’’ example and successes.
   In the last hundred years in particular, the office holders at all levels of American government have provided more  then enough evidence showing that just gaining any office of authority does not raise the integrity of the individual but lowers the integrity of the office they hold, to a point that the people no longer respect the offices across the board. Once this respect is lost all offices and the agencies that support them come under the status of enemies’ of the people and deserve only the contempt of the people.   
   All those that support and promote the current corruption and public deceit within America are actively seeking their own cultural demise and must be publicly ostracized and criminally prosecuted for un-American crimes against humanity and the American people in general, before America can right herself as a nation among nations.
    This prerequisite may not be desirable but must take place before restoration can occur. And obviously cannot be accomplished via the existing halls of authority with just a hand spanking, and the only power that can do it, is not now or yet fully awakened or aware of itself or the power it possess.
    America’s founding fathers took approximately the same amount of time before they acted upon the same type and tyranny. We, or should we be any less in defense of the liberty they bequeathed us. The path is pointed out by our own history; the individual states need to hold a convention outside the federal authority, reestablish our position and grievances’ and openly declare our intentions and follow up with the desolation of federal authority in America and reconstitute it as was done in establish original form. If like the British they try to prevent our activities we must commit our lives, property and our sacred honor against the ruling tyrants of our time.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Civilized Warfare

   When it comes to the application of force writher individually or collectively Reagan stated it best with brevity, “we win they lose” everything in between is just so much academics, that means nothing of substance.
   This means you don’t knowingly enter into a fight lightly or that you might lose, nor do you ever give up the fight once commenced for any reason, losing a fight was not and is not an American prerogative. Americans never lose a fight and it is to our shame that modern generations of us have given up before total victory. Bluster and bluff is not the traditional American way. There is no such thing for a true American as a good loser.
   There is nothing civilized about fighting it is the ultimate breakdown of civilized human behavior and is not more civilized because we had not choice, or if it was optionally chosen, once initiated civil standards are obsolete.
   As a nation if limited warfare or violence is the desirable coarse of action we as a nation become second rate and should for the sake of those we throw at our enemies’ as meat for their grinders, should be spared that fate and we should disband our military altogether and put our collective fate in the hands of our enemies’
   For the individual there is no such thing as half measures in the implementation of violence and the same thing applies to nations, because it is individuals that face the violence not the authority that puts them in the fray.
   To sum it up rules of engagement are civil rules and have no place in violent confrontation when others lives are at risk. No authority has the right to dictate how you win or lose a fight of violence because there are none, you only “win and they lose” that’s it. No questions asked or given. That’s the American way. And Johnny will come marching home again.
   The only place in American politics regarding war is yes or no, and no vacillating before during or after allowed that’s the Constitutional way of warfare. The congress has the authority to set the rules for the military not the rules of war because there is and never was any. World history bears witness to these truths.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Responce to Eric Holder

   I do not like to refer to any of the American people as groups but in this case, because of the overwhelming support given to the democrat party and Obama in particular from the blacks of America, I must make this point.
  You are selling yourselves into slavery as did your ancestors before you and it is being done the same way that slavery found a place in America by civil consensus in spite of the laws and historical knowledge not because of them.
   This time around you cannot claim ignorance or blame the white man as before, and history will place the blame on you, because you are enabling it by placing your trust in a demagogic ideological racist just because of the color of his skin.
   Each and every collective wither partial or the whole of a society makes its own members chattel to the whole of it and will collapse of its own weight on the shoulders of the individuals within over time, but with much human suffrage borne by each. Then the cycle of civil societies starts all over again placing the blame of history on to others instead of ourselves which is where it belongs.
   Anytime one talks about ethnicity, gender or sexual matters or any of the mired of groupings that people or nature place them into, objectivity flees for all that may be a member of the subject at hand and the imagination magnifies and blinds the ability to discuss the subject in a reasoned and/or rational way.
   This is due to human natures inability to escape its subjective bondage which in and of itself is defensive of the indefensible. Only a minority of each grouping are intellectually capable of escape from the bondage of the group. This leads all discussion to end up with revisions or distortions of evidence and history in order to maintain civility of the participants’. The loss of the truth is the by product of all such discussions among modern men/women.
   This is also what we call the difference between having an opinion and being opinionated where one is intellectually open and the other is fixed or between open mindedness and closed mindedness. Way too many, Americans’ fall into the opinionated category and do not even have a basic understanding where or how they became opinionated on any given subject. Bottom line is they cannot tell the difference between shit and shine-ola.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Political Advisors

   In America it is we the people that are in charge, we the people direct the political course and direction on any given and ordinary day and our representatives are supposed to carry it out on the legal plain of government. Being that no one within any society is all knowing, means that from time to time they have to seek advice. That same said advice must if it is to be sound advice, only come directly from the people not some self appointed expert or advisor that specializes in what the people need or want.
   This also means that the tax dollars of the people will not and should not be spent on experts and advisor that most certainly will be advising at cross purposes to the people that elected the office holder because they are really only experts in creating public allusion and confusion and self promotion. Like advertizing sales people, they create the illusion and the perceived desire or need for something in the minds of the people then proceed to provide it as their own product as though it was demanded by the people. Today our representative’s call all these experts and advisors staff, and pay them with our tax dollars.
    At every election one political office seeker as a candidate or the other challenges the oppositions’ qualifications. The way the people should determine a candidate’s qualifications in truth should be by determining how many advisors, experts and speech writers they have. The candidate with the least of them on staff is and always has been the better qualified to represent his/her constituents’.
   Modern Politicians in America are mostly marionettes’ or hand puppets of the staff, not the other way around, when they speak or act independently of staff their personal ignorance flows forth in nuclear fashion proportionately. They are self delusional if they think the vast majority of the electorate is blind to their ignorance because it is really only indifference or deference that enables them all.
   Congress must be made to accommodate office holders minimum office needs, but must also prevented them from creating unconstitutional subset authority to office with experts and advisors on the public dole.
   The Constitution was not written in disappearing ink and I can find no authority for Congress including the Senate to create mini-fiefdoms’ under the auspices’ of any office holders, Federal or State. I can also find no authority given to political parties within government. The rules of Congress giving parties special deference based on the numbers holding office is un-Constitutional.
   There is only one truth on any given issue there is not nor ever was a democrat or republican truth, all government research efforts on all issues before Congress should be separate and apart from political parties or office holders with all resulting reports available to all. This is how bipartisan government should carry out their jobs on behalf of all citizens not the current ideological in fighting that is destroying our Constitutional Republic by committees, caucus and or staff. 

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Alternative World

   The alternative world has arrived; it didn't just arrive with a big bang and doesn't have a real presence but an imaginative one. In other words a lie or fabrication if you will, and we, that is ordinary everyday run of the mill people act like we didn’t know it was a lie. How could we know it was a lie if we believed it? Thus if we believed it, it was true. This time it’s the lie about global warming, foisted on the entire world by supposed scientists’.
    This should raise a wake up call and we should soon consider this; if someone or group goes on a violent rampage and destroys the otherwise normal course of human lives the anger and or anguish experienced raises the wrath of the survivors with retribution, if for no other reason than to inhibit those in the future, of repetition.
    I don’t wish for this job but I am obligated as a sovereign individual to inform my fellow countrymen of the truth about the lie of believing things, as apposed too knowing and understanding them. Believing things is only a valid way of thought for children, fools and the ignorant. In the absence of knowing and understanding no normally intelligent person should ever promote, support or otherwise take action regarding the unknown as they individually know it to be.
    Within American culture we have been and continue to be subjected to lies and or myths many through the auspices of government piled up in so many layers for so many years its not even a feasible effort that can unravel them in order to get the full picture of the purposeful deceit in society we live with day to day.
   The only way to climb out from under this extreme load of lies is for everyone in American society individually, to simply stop believing in anything or anyone that you don't know and understand to be true on a personal and knowledgeable basis. Stop making celebrities and elites of people and things your have no knowledge or understanding about. In other words return to the individual sovereign status bequeathed to each of us by our sovereign forefathers whom believed in only a creator and themselves and their own works and industries, and where constantly on guard against the avarice of human nature including their own.
    A sovereign individual is an appendage to no one else, and has no appendages to him or her self, with only fellow sovereign countrymen as a trusted support structure.
This is the path to rebuild American culture!!, From the bottom up.

Monday, November 23, 2009

True Love

   If you think you're missing out, you probably are, but what you're missing out on or about are most likely right under you nose. You either can’t see it, or you have unrealistic expectations via you're subjective imagination.
   Most people who actively seek love never find it, because the love they seek is of the imagination best expressed by the feminine desire for a knight in shining armor, or the male desire for a sex pot that really likes sports. In both cases if you find it, it is a facade and it is not love and will wane in time.
    In love; is being desirous of what is best for the other party even if you are not part of what’s best for them. It is not what makes you feel good but what gives them happiness and if that does not feel good to you, you don’t love them. Love does not just happen, it is built but a solid foundation doesn’t hurt.
   It is the foundation, that should enable love to be built upon it and the foundation cannot be seen with the naked eye, but with the objective mind only. What ifs; have no ground to stand on let alone a foundation one can build on. True love of anything or anybody does not exist in the imaginative or subjectivity of life.
   If you have a true love of country for example justification is a non starter. We cannot justify the past or the present wither good or bad we can only take pride in the good and a determination not to repeat the bad no matter the impulse to do so out of frustration with the ignorant among us. Unless you think humans are infallible.
   We all are fallible, that is the weakness of men/women so the only question that should come to mind is the historic fallibility known or the deliberate wrongs committed by ignorance or the evil of human nature that should be the determinate factor overall today.
   If we look at history from the negative view of deliberate evil, mankind then and now would be seen as unrepentant and an incorrigibly evil which is a standard no living thing on this earth can compete with. It in fact is why America came into being in the first place to dispel that conviction among men.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Kangaroo court

What does it say about the modern American civil system of justice, when the attorney general of the United States tells us all before trail, that it is all preordained including the death sentence for specific terrorists’? In addition; if by chance it doesn’t turn out his way he will not relinquish his control over them any way. This is what makes a trial by jury a joke in America, which is what used to be called a kangaroo Court.
   The difference between Civilian court and a Military court is the presumption of innocence or the presumption of guilt in that order. In civilian court if the state cannot prove guilt the only other option is innocence. In military court the presumption is guilt and the defendant must prove innocence where failing this, leaves the only other option but guilt. I know the legal eagles don’t admit this, but it is the reality throughout history if it were not true there would be no purpose for the military JAG Corp, and it is what Americans have decried about the civil legal systems in other counties since our beginnings. (That is the lack of the presumption of innocence.)  
   The entire world will see trial by jury in America for the terrorists as a fa├žade or just a government spectacle absent any thing called justice, not living up to our own self righteous jurisprudence, but a kangaroo Court.
   Eric Holder is playing games with both the lives of the terrorists as well as American citizens solely to pump up his personal ego and legacy as an attorney general of the United States. He seeks to sensationalize the convictions of the terrorists for personal  gain and satisfaction.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Rules of Government

   Our American Declaration of Independence acts as a qualifier to our Constitution as much if not more so than its preamble. If added to that all the qualifying definitions and explanations in writing by the very men who created, adopted and were in the affirmative of both, only the highest degree of ignorance could generate doubt or lack of understanding regarding them and their intentions.
   Based on the consistent distortions applied by every following generation of Americans one can only conclude a steady and accelerating decline of the intelligence of our leaders to the point of today’s modern ignorance. But this same said ignorance is not justification for refusal too restoring it to its good and precise condition.
   A point to make is; not a single word in our original Declaration of Independence has ever been changed or removed from it, and no authority or justification ever existed to change or usurp any single word of the original Constitution especially by generations of ignorant men/women that were admonished many times over that they were not subject to being changed or usurped by amendment. The original words and intents were to remain in perpetuity for the same reasons that destroys all good and precise works of men, contamination which adulterates the whole.
The Congressional oath; I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God. (emphasis’ added)
  Every congressman and senator that stood or stands against a proposal or bill that requires the showing of constitutional intent or approval has broken their oath of office. Every bill that comes before congress based on their oaths’ of office requires adherence to the Constitution, it does not require a bill to specifically order them to follow that which they have sworn to do anyway. What it does call for is their removal by congress itself and/or the people that elected them, and should they not be eligible to ever run for office again.
   The idea that congress can pass an unconstitutional bill without determining its constitutional authority ahead of passing it, and drop it to the Supreme Court for that determination after the fact, is itself unconstitutional and ignorant.
   The Constitution in most instances gives the congress the authority to set its own rules of procedure, but that does not mean they can make rules or procedures that are unconstitutional.

Monday, November 16, 2009

The Great Ones

   You know how it was said that behind every great man is a great woman. But this point should also be noted; there are and always have been many more, less than great men than great ones, so what does that tell you now?
   In my life time I have observed when it comes to couples; one or the other always puts forth the public face for both, while the other works behind the scene in support, indifference or cross purpose and great success comes only for those that receive comparable and compatible support. They work in tandem to achieve public support of their mutual purposes, and above all avoid the public impression of deceit, which is the Medias’ every attempt to portray.  
   Sarah Palin appears to me to be the one woman with a very good mans man behind her, thus has the potential to achieve greatness in her time and Americas as long as he keeps her feet solidly anchored, to avoid the pitfalls of celebrity.
   In politics and government it is the refusal to be candid in a down to earth sense, and fear of saying something not PC that the public detests. What the silent majority wants to hear and see is the raw truth not the nuanced truth; they know what it is, but want confirmation from those in the public eye even if it hurts. In plain language call a spade a spade without equivocation or simply for the shock value of it. One does not have to call another ignorant, but can and should call their public actions such. Defeat ignorance at its source in real time that is how you shame them out of it. Pick your fights with the actions of others not the personality of celebrity. The American public already knows who the ignorant ones are; they only want to know if you can see it also. Common sense will always defeat ignorance no matter how brilliant its presentation.
   This all comes from an average no-account but patriotic American. To Sarah Palin; keep it up, and Todd don't let her down. I hope that’s not too down to earth for anyone if it is “tuff.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


   When or at what age did you stop being a student? The undeniable truth of the matter is there is no such time or age. The real question should be; are you self aware of the things you learn or are you consciously unaware or partially so? It is this unawareness that enhances the power and effectiveness of purposeful deceit!
   If a particular cultural event or occurrence has no law governing it, simply means no prosecution can be brought, and parsing or twisting a law to make it fit the situation is in effect bastardizing American law and jurisprudence.
   Any American Court should in all such cases refuse them standing under our laws thus leaving the prosecutor to appeal to the legislators. Nuanced laws are unconstitutional, and trials like the scopes monkey trial should never have been giving standing by any court in the land in 1925 or any time.
   If all nuanced suits where given no standing by American courts, court calendars could be cleared in a matter of months bringing a modicum of sanity back into the American legal system and would put prosecutable justice back in American law by removing the pettiness of modern ignorance.
   When a business has only token women or minorities that is only nuanced evidence of discrimination plus neither the Courts or government have Constitutional authority to regulate civil discrimination. Discrimination is a cultural and moral matter and law is not, nor ever was intended to interfere or inject itself into such social or cultural problems of our society. By doing so we started the downward path to socialism, and the parsing twisting and nuanced bastardizing of our entire nation, and the destruction of freedom and liberty for all.
   America and/or our Constitution never gave the power to make the horse drink the water, even when lead to it. I guess that makes me a jackass because I refuse to drink the water or the cool aid.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Guilt By Association

   Within American law it is stipulated if you are the getaway driver and never where directly engaged in the actual acts of the crime you are just as guilty as the person or persons that committed it, and subject to the same penalties. In plain language you were nothing more than a direct enabler to the crime and could be charged with capitol murder. Some have even been executed when they were not personally in the immediate vicinity. Enablers knowingly involved are subject to the application of equal quilt.
   If we are to be equally true and faithful to these laws, the quilt should fall on the organized religion of Islam for the murders committed on the army post of Fort Hood Texas. Because it enables and supports the killer or killers and in its extremes even supplies them with money, weapons’, technique and/or moral or should I say immoral support. They cannot claim any deniability because they preach and teach all the above to their followers.
   To say the least Islam is more a socially political ideology with a religious tinge and claims Islamic law is above the political laws of any nation on earth, this fact alone should remove them as a recognized religion worldwide while none of their membership should be allowed to hold any political office or position of authority in America unless they publicly denounce this claim of legal superiority over our laws, which in and of itself would be an open defiance and violation of their oaths of office.
“Islamic law” is an oxymoron! Particularly in America; where religious organizations have no authority in law period.
    This same statement also applies to any socially political ideology not directly in tandem with our constitution which is the only political ideology of America as a nation may embrace, irrespective of what an individual may ascribe to.
   Communism, Socialism, Marxism etc have no political standing in our Constitution, regardless of the political parties or the people. They are all, Persona Non Grata in America akin to treason under our Constitution, irrespective of any and all unconstitutional laws created out of generational ignorance.   
 Parents; you must teach this to all your children in defiance of the contrary being taught in our schools, and challenge most of the propaganda of government, that runs the federal education dept. Do it here and do it now!!
   Americas arch enemies’ are at our gates, on the inside of them, they got here in Trojan horse fashion and wish not to wake us from our long slumber.
All this is a (Paul Revere ) clarion call for the second time around do to the Marxist junta that has seized administrative control over the liberties of all Americans’.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


   Islam is not so much a religious faith as it is political mind control as a system of governance. Does that ring a bell in the history of others including Christian Religions? Well it should!
   America has historically shown the world, that for religion any religion to have a beneficial affect overall too any society it must be restrained by government, not part of it. Islam is just historically the latest religious impediment to human advancement and achievement and will always be contained only by blood, with the latent intelligence of the human mind, to lift man out of the darkness of his/her own human nature.
   The sinister and most evil man commits, is generated by the emotional aspects of human nature, and it is the same emotional aspects that facilitates the religious faiths of all religions including atheism and devil worship.
   All mankind is by nature born into an emotional world of mentality and it is ingrained in our physical beings. Maturity in humans can only come about by intellectual development, while simultaneously governing and limiting with full control of over the emotional, by the objective intellectual aspects of our mental existence.
   Our human emotions through our physical perceptions are in full time; “deceitful and/or liars” the eyes, the ears, the touch, the smell, the taste, all have a limited and narrow bandwidth to communicate with the mind. Because of this limited and distorted communication, the mind needs the interpreter we call the imagination, to fill in and enhance it, which from this subjective view is a fantasy world of human existence.
   Only the objective core of the mind has the capacity to identify fantasy from undeniable truths in our lives and only when it is in sovereign control of the entire intellectual realm of any given individual person.
   All the varying cultures of the world project in varying degrees this fore mentioned condition which I call varying degrees of  individual intellectual human maturity also objectively viewed as personal sovereignty. When coupled with social and or civil sovereignty represents the acme of human growth and achievement.
   American society started out in this enlightened state but has degraded over time and is continuing toward the blackness of human history with only a hint of resolve in sight through the individual and civil sovereignty that has lain dormant in American society for over hundred fifty years.

Monday, November 9, 2009

From Here To There

   The only truly and righteous actions of individual men and women within society are defensive, and should bear no accountability to any other. And none exist in the nuanced or metaphysical but only in the physical existence we endure. This is the natural condition of humans since the dawn of time.
   All other peculiarities of humans that fall into the offensive nature of men and women, including the nuanced and metaphysical should demand social and civil controls to be implemented. This is the only true security that society can and must provide for each individual with no qualifiers linked to them.
   It is these principals that our original American Constitution w/ the first ten amendments provides. Each and every violation of those standards represents our decay as a society.
   I would challenge anyone to justify any law or social rule instigated by government from top to bottom that adheres to those standards that have been created in my life time. I’m sure there must be some but I know not of them.
   What I do know of, are all offensive to the individual with their base solidly anchored in the nuanced and metaphysical nature of men and women, and government has failed in its responsibility to the individual from our founding as a Nation of states and individuals.
   This failure is compounded to the nth degree by a president that has the gall and audacity to announce that America is not just a collection of states and individuals, when in fact and undeniable self-evident truth that is precisely what America is.
    If his nuanced opinion is to be validated, all American history and our founding must be erased from the evidence of record and in the minds of all. This would place us all individually at the mercy of the unforgiving past history of the rest of the world of people.
   This would put America right back where we stated from; in the despotic hands of tyrants and/or anarchy where the weak and defenseless individuals among us will have to pay the price of blind obedience or suffer under the yoke of individual oppression.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Take it to the Bank

   Our founding fathers stood for and promoted love of and commitment to the Constitution of the United States while at the same time distrust and fear of the men and women entrusted to its application. Our modern model of which, stands in open contradiction to its entirety and is in crescendo nearing the finale with no curtain call in the wings.
   The ignorance of Marx and or Marxism is finally penetrating, making the brilliance and intelligence of our founding to stir in the breast of patriots. The scavengers of world renown are swirling over head looking for death but when they swoop in for the feast, they will be met by the free and the brave as never before imagined, and they will reclaim the scraps and start all over again.
   Obama thinks and says the constitution is an impediment to governing, but after his and the democrat parties wings are clipped and they are caged in our history, the restrictions he thinks he sees will be miniscule in comparison to our restoration and re-founding of all we were, and intend to be. The freeloaders and the ignorant will find no solace in it.
   I am seventy, and I refuse to die just to make room for Obama and his quest of communism for America. I will die in my own time not his or any others. What his communist mentors failed to impress on him, was their tactics are only effective when applied against the ignorant, fools and the shiftless and all the previous ground work through community organizing has effect only on them not the bred in, but once asleep patriots that constitute this vast country called America. Blinders are for horses not men you can take that to the bank, just as soon as we remove the money changers from it.   

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ideological Bastards

   Americas Constitution is the most unique in the entire world, and the main reason is that change to the original design was not allowed. All change that has occurred was and still is unconstitutional and adulterations of that sacred document.
   The ideological bastards of America have the right in America to be such, until they actively attempt to implement their ideology into our unique form of government, at which time they become our blood enemies’  and we should kick them out or put them down giving no quarter to those who would reduce us under their ideological commune.
   We are sovereign citizens just like our forefathers and will not tolerate the ignorance of socialism in any form or design. The more they cry about their social standing or conditions the more they will garner our contempt of them and strengthen our resole to remain free of their tyranny over the individual. They are savages of humanity and pack up in groups like wild dogs; they wish only a free ride on the backs of all others. They suffer from self delusion and self deceit absent any value to any society of free men and women.
   Before we allow them to completely destroy the best humanity has ever produced we should strip them of citizenship and deport them to countries that match their ideology that should make them happier and fill all the voids in their pitiful lives. It would be for them a home away from home that suits their ignorance. The only problem with this idea is no other country would take them either, so we are left with ignoring them or in your face abolition of them.
   They have become like spoiled children that we Americans have not yet learned how to deal with, but we better learn before they destroy the entire family of patriotic Americans that is fast becoming their chattel. In our first civil war we freed the slaves; this one will be to prevent enslavement.

Monday, November 2, 2009


   Democracy in pure form is the worst form of government to ever be conceived by man, if for no other reason, the unpredictable passions of human nature. The truth cannot ever be found in consensus. Consensus is its own truth absent objectivity without which the truth is a conglomeration of unvetted opinions.
   Democracy in pure form is but bondage and slavery to each individual and is fertile ground for the ambitions of tyrants wither local, national or global, and the only way out is through offensive blood letting.
“Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote”. –Benjamin Franklin
  Our American republic was conceived to embrace indirect democracy only, in order to protect the individual from the reactive passions and consensus of the general public with no central government, but as a state by state consensus of the needs of the people over time.
       Our American Constitution established the literal primary Sovereign Authority was “THE PEOPLE” as individuals among all other people. The second Sovereign Authority was of the State among all other states, lastly the federal authority of the Republic sovereign among all other nations of the world, where assuring the States of their territorial integrity and sovereignty and our individual sovereignty was to be its primary mandate.
   This was the triad of sovereign authority and powers making up the governance of America. Laced up straightly within the Declaration Of Independence and the Constitution intended for perpetuity, thus no level of American government has sovereign right or authority to claim sovereignty and/or franchise of permission over the individual sovereignty of its sovereign citizens under our Constitution, except during extreme emergencies or hazard to the people as a whole or the Republic, and then only temporarily to its resolution.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ingrained Princpals

   Every American needs too ask this question; when you are threatened or attacked by any other s what are your responsibilities, if any against the perpetrators and/or aggressors?  Or, has this already been answered for you by others?  If you answer in the affirmative to the latter, you are not a real American, but in name only, and most likely have been subjected too and awash in socialist propaganda since your youth. Thus I will endeavor to enlighten you as to basic individual American principles regarding this subject, that all true Americans understand too their core.
1.      The first and primary; is individual sovereignty, compatible and in tandem w/ the Constitution.
2.      Individually ingrained, personal and civil responsibility absent any obligations by law short of national war conditions domestic or foreign.
3.      Consistently hold all aggression in abeyance unless defensively unavoidable, at which point give no quarter to the aggressors, accepting no so called legal restrictions.
4.      The third applies first to yourself and yours, to your countrymen, your country, and your creator in that order w/ no equivocation.
5.      Support and defend the Constitution, know it, and understand it, and accept nothing outside of its domain and/or authority.
6.      No man or group of men are your superior, nor holds dominion over you and as an American you have no right to surrender your own individual sovereignty, you were born with it and you must die with it.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Understanding & Tolerence

    Animals are not dumb, stupid, or idiots what they are, is ignorant. They dwell in the world of pure subjectivity which is the sum of physical perceptions and the imagination. The one thing they are incapable of is, understanding that only the human animal is capable of acquiring.
  Just like our Constitution does not provide anything except opportunity for the individual, so it is for humans we have the opportunity to acquire understanding we are not born with it, nor can it be given, or taught, it can only come by way of conscious effort individually.
  The first thing we should learn in the area of understanding is to be able to acknowledge that there are more things we do not understand, than what we do understand. Without the capacity to understand, the animal cannot understand it doesn’t understand. You can see this same lack of understanding in children before they develop any serious understanding of things, but they have the ability, whereas the animals do not.
  If you can understand the previous you will also understand that it takes individual effort, and like those who might be given the task of digging a straight two foot deep ditch sixty yards long by hand. Many will give up the effort, do to the effort being outside their animal desires, emotions and /or commitment to the task at hand and frustrated by the effort involved.
  Skipping political and social correctness, the proceeding tells us that people without understanding are no more than animals overall. Understanding can only be found in the objectivity of human thought, it cannot be found in the subjectivity of thought, animal or human.
  To obtain understanding can only be done through reasoning of the objective and self-evident truths of our existence which reasoning, does not exist in the subjective thoughts of animals or humans.
  The animals we have today running and controlling America as a whole, is do to those with understanding, by accepting and tolerating their animal behavior and actions as though it would remain in the animal world and not spill over into their world of understanding.
  Tolerance of the ignorant is not an intelligent act, and will not enhance our understanding and at this point in American history intolerance of ignorance is and should be the name of the game.