Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Past is the Present

   Social programs of any sort or kind under the auspices of the federal government cannot be found in the Constitution or the authority to create them except by the States and the people thereof. Washington DC is not a central governing body by any stretch of the legal imagination. The federal efforts too make itself such, constitutes pure ignorance or deliberate attempts to destroy America as it was constituted and the hope and yearning for the liberty of all mankind contained within Americas’’ example and successes.
   In the last hundred years in particular, the office holders at all levels of American government have provided more  then enough evidence showing that just gaining any office of authority does not raise the integrity of the individual but lowers the integrity of the office they hold, to a point that the people no longer respect the offices across the board. Once this respect is lost all offices and the agencies that support them come under the status of enemies’ of the people and deserve only the contempt of the people.   
   All those that support and promote the current corruption and public deceit within America are actively seeking their own cultural demise and must be publicly ostracized and criminally prosecuted for un-American crimes against humanity and the American people in general, before America can right herself as a nation among nations.
    This prerequisite may not be desirable but must take place before restoration can occur. And obviously cannot be accomplished via the existing halls of authority with just a hand spanking, and the only power that can do it, is not now or yet fully awakened or aware of itself or the power it possess.
    America’s founding fathers took approximately the same amount of time before they acted upon the same type and tyranny. We, or should we be any less in defense of the liberty they bequeathed us. The path is pointed out by our own history; the individual states need to hold a convention outside the federal authority, reestablish our position and grievances’ and openly declare our intentions and follow up with the desolation of federal authority in America and reconstitute it as was done in establish original form. If like the British they try to prevent our activities we must commit our lives, property and our sacred honor against the ruling tyrants of our time.

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