Thursday, December 10, 2009

Winning Hearts & Minds

            “Winning the hearts and minds of the people’, and what the reality of that phrase means.
   The prevailing term “winning the hearts and minds” means a sales job for success, as apposed to a snow job!
You can win the heart alone by all things of the physical like; providing security, beauty or pleasing to the eye, complimentary behavior and commonality of purpose. The loss of any one may cause a cooling of the affections of the heart and maybe even rejection. This means the heart of the subjective aspects can warm or cool based on any part of what individuals physically perceive. It can be a very tenuous and temporary win.
   Winning the minds is harder in the sense that you must create an understanding of individual purpose and value in the minds of others. Once the mind is won over the heart will usually follow and it is non-reversible within any given generation.
   America will never win over the minds of the peoples in the Middle East or else where with out creating a thorough understanding of American ideology. Being as we have failed this even among our own, the prospects look very slim indeed. The principles of democracy do not represent but a small bit of American ideology.
   A thorough teaching of individual sovereignty and how it encompasses more understanding of American ideology, than any other principle, and carries a much better opportunity to win minds foreign or domestic.
   Sarah Palin has already won or captured the hearts of many, but if she plans to have nation political ambition she now needs to explain to Americans about their own individual sovereignty, to win the minds. Her book “Going Rogue’ is/was a good start but needs further and more depth unrelated to her faith and more about American ideology and it’s core dependence on individual sovereignty in her public appearances’.
   Ronald Reagan won the hearts and minds of the American people and much of the world, and Sarah Palin has the ability and opportunity also! In like fashion!
   Very few in American history had the opportunity combined with the skill; to win both the hearts and the minds of America and that skill comes from living a life as a sovereign individual. Jack Kennedy like Roosevelt didn’t have it; all they had was the hearts of Americans. You can count on one hand the number of president’s in America that understood this, starting with George Washington ending with Ronald Reagan all the rest understood only half the equation.
   The Celebrity that comes from winning the hearts of people can be fleeting but it is not everything.

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