Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Herd

   There is an old saying, I don’t know its origin “familiarity breeds contempt” it reflects the truth of human nature whereas another old saying “absence makes the heart grow fonder” reflects the same truth of human nature but different aspects of it. The first reflects the intolerance we have for others and the second reflects the power of the imagination.
   What that should tell us, is people are not naturally herd animals, when we group-up time will make us contemptuous of one another which of coarse leads us to create animosity and sometimes even expressions of anger and hatred. The larger and more compact American society becomes the more this fact is borne out. This fact applies to Nations as well as individuals, but this is only one side of the coin!
   Can humans teach a rabbit not to be a rabbit? Of coarse not it is what it is! Humans are not rabbits, but that is what our human nature would like us to believe, which leads us to the cause of those old sayings.
   Human beings have the skill of intellect that should act as a counter balance to our human nature but it cannot do so if we teach our young otherwise, by inferring that we are under the control of our human nature instead of the intellectual capacity we all have. Only those who view life through their mental prowess can counter those old saying.
   In America our academia go’s out of its way to teach us that we cannot compel our human nature to be subservient to our intellect. When we teach Saul Alinsky to people we give the notion that people are but animals to be manipulated through their human nature and of coarse all herd animals must have a leader of the pack and old Saul will explain how to be the leader of all the rest of those animals of human nature.
   This is what several generations of Americans have been taught, but Saul Alinsky was not the first only the latest to teach his principles. He teaches his pied piper lessons as only the furtherance of progressive thought which originated from Marx, Engles and Lenin.
   The weakness in all the propaganda through education (sic) is that no matter what, it can all be undone in a flash  when ever the people become enlightened to their personal misdirection and discover that it is only their leaders that are the lead animals and they will break away from the herd.
   In America today we are witnessing this very scenario in the leaderless tea party movement and all their Alinsky style and continued propaganda will not be able to bring the runaways back into the herd, they have become individually enlightened! And will no longer recognize the authority of the pack leaders.

Friday, April 16, 2010


   The missing link between adolescence and adult hood is not physical but psychological and we, that is, societies cannot depend on chance, but the metaphysical skill of the human mind through guidance in the following;
Human Intellectual Development (HID). Thru; The Introverted Capacity of Introspective Assessment (TICIA).
   If we leave it to chance roughly 33 % will fully develop HID. If we provide guidance roughly 33 % will not fully develop HID.
  Humans physically exist in the Plasma of the physical world, whereas the mind exists in the plasma of the metaphysical world separated by dimensions’ to the individual one existence is unadulterated subjectivity the other like wise objectivity. Both experiences have a shared capacity within the sum total of the metaphysical mind of man. They can be complimentary or contradictory to each other dependant on the varied subjective experiences and conditions during early physical growth and before and during the development of objective knowledge and understanding or (HID).
   All subjective knowledge and understanding is accumulated through the physical perceptions of the body which have very limited bandwidths bolstered by the imagination, whereas as the objective mind accumulates knowledge that can expand knowledge and understanding far beyond the limited bandwidths of our physical perceptions and/or the imagination. The imagination does not create understanding it creates presumptions as substitutes.
   Human childhood and adolescence creates and accumulates a vast amount of subjective knowledge and presumptions as understanding. All this knowledge does not just disappear when we reach full physical adulthood and much of it acts as an inhibitor to the accumulation of objective knowledge and understanding within the mind.
   This is where; The Introverted Capacity of Introspective Assessment (TICIA) must come in, in order to fully apply Human Intellectual Development (HID)
   This will adjust and/or transcend the subjective knowledge and presumptive understanding of youth so the mind will work in tandem with the newly developed and associative nature of our minds, by adjusting the contradictions’ within it’s self, between the subjective and the objective.
   Just a small example of knowledge and understanding; as a child your eye perceives the color of an object to wit you learn, is referred to as the color red. When you grow-up you may learn the color red is to the eye as a specific frequency of light. Beyond that most people go on throughout life referring to every object they see at that frequency as a red object and will argue with any that say otherwise, for they have no idea of their own objective ignorance because it has been confirmed to their minds by both their subjective youth and likewise shallow objectivity of the adult mind.
    This is all well and good if you are dealing with the color of an object for strictly practical purposes’ but if you want to argue the reality or truth of the matter you would have to objectively consider wither the frequency striking you’re eye is Emitted by the object or reflected by the object, which changes the entire idea of the object as red or just reflecting that particular frequency in the light spectrum while absorbing all others.
   This example should explain why the reality that one perceives by their subjective mind is not necessarily the objective truth of the matter, and prove or evidence of that truth can only be obtained with objective analysis and/or testing which in some cases are satisfied by just ordinary commonsense which is an harmonic expression of (HID), not what is referred to as a generality, whereas a generality is a expression of the subjective imagination.
   In the matter of fallible human judgment the expression “beyond a reasonable doubt” is the standard by which the key word is “reason” within which the subjective imagination has no role to play in the judgments of our fellow man. Circumstantial or antidotal evidence should never be considered as beyond the realm of doubt, it contains no certainty in the objective mind only in the imagination.     

Monday, April 12, 2010

Communist & Conspiracy

The word “conspiracy” has been ostracized in civil society just like the word “communist” and anyone daring to use them or level them will face the wrath of the powers that be, and impugned before discovery, as emanating from the kook fringe of society. This of course only applies to those outside the political correctness that is prevalent.
    Both of these words fall under the possible psychology of the imagination or reasoning processes of human thought but have been so positioned by society as only emanating from the imaginary when inferred as not PC.
   When a conspiracy is implied, the honest broker of civil discourse needs only to determine if its base stands solidly imaginary or of non-imaginary reasoning before rejecting it. We all imagine that we see or otherwise perceive both words in our civil discourse, but if a thorough vetting through the reasoning process validates them it is a fools errand to discount them out of hand, because they both have significant bearing on everyone in society if valid in there applications.
   Communist ideology historically is a self proclaimed conspiracy not separated from conspiracies as a general sinister and criminal activity. Anytime two or more people conspire against others raises the possible specter of wrong or criminal behavior simply by virtue of the secrecy it implies.
   Consulting with others is different only in the sense there is no cooperation or coordination of action or inaction agreed too, thus no conspiracy. If otherwise it is criminal, wither obviously harmful to others or not.
   In America today all things being equal and political; conspiracy is the name of the game as apposed to transparency of organized activities and way too many are sinister conspiracies’ with corrupt social intent. When people get together and organized too self promote them or their organization, is not a conspiracy unless that promotion is by activities against others in order to by comparison make them selves look better. 
   This has become so prolific throughout our society that no one wants to enforce the regulations against any other, because they live by the same standards, so now there is no one watching out for civil security from conspiracies even the known conspiracy of communism which today is known by the word “progressive” which is its new conspiratorial name.
P.S. the sending of large numbers of investigative reporters to Alaska is and was an obvious conspiratorial act by American media against Sarah Palin, the nature of which was/is criminal.  GAP  

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The True Patriot

   Those who try to convince Americans that our Constitution is a living document do so based on age and the differences today in how we live, somehow makes it obsolete. Age, in and of its self is not evidence of obsolete status and no one openly gives particulars as to any point of what is obsolescent within it. The very few who have tried fall flat when nuance and parsing are removed from their arguments. The Marxists and socialist have tried to make the case of obsolescence, yet their ideology of the benefits of the collective have been proven wrong and obsolete by the very document they wish to declare obsolete, Americas Constitution.
   The Constitution of the United States is more relevant today than it has ever been, more relevant to each individual than the Bible, Koran or any other religious or founding documents in the history of mankind. As such, men of all stripes speak against it in defiance of the truth and their own perceived superiority over creation and the world. The human ego has not bounds!
   If we as individuals love life and liberty, time and experience it should cause us to turn a deaf ear to the nonsense that permeates the human condition, and stand-up to all naysayers of the American way, foreign or domestic. 
Real Patriotic thought is not a flash or momentary feeling one experience's when our flag is raise or the national anthem is played. Although those things may drag patriotic thought into the emotional, the emotional is not the home base of patriots. A true patriot lives his/her patriotism day in day out, it is a mental state which is his/her home, and there’s no place like home! 
   When we start advancing into our maturity, it is the lack of individual liberty that drives to us to leave the home we knew and loved on the emotional level as children. No man/woman is an island or wishes to be homeless indefinably so we make a new home as adults, and most find it in the patriotic sense of country, our country becomes our new home which in America allows for the liberty we all yearned to have as young adults.
   Those who choose to remain homeless or wish not to make country home, are not patriots or patriotic but have estranged them selves from home, which was the country of their birth and find a imaginary home in one ideology or another that is foreign, emotional and imaginary, They are homeless vagabonds not worthy of Family or Country or the respect of either, who’s sacrifices gave them the opportunities’ they scoff at in favor of childish fantasy as their own follies. They function as their own worst enemies unable to identify the realities of life itself, due to the fog of the fantasies they have surrounded themselves in that they perceive as home.
   True patriotism is a manifestation in the reality of intelligent life and will not suffer fools or the ignorance of fantasies of willful opposition to it, in perpetuity.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Cold Facts of History

   When the men and women of Africa were being chased down in the jungles by slave traders or other tribes to be sold onto ships do you suppose they had any idea the fate that awaited them? My guess is no none, but from a historical perspective of all the different places they were bound for, the luckiest few among them were bound for America. That is a cold hard fact of history.
   Real history shows without doubt that of all the nations of the world, America was the mildest in the treatment and application of slavery. It has been a conspiracy among other slave nations to cast the ugly finger of blame for overall slavery on America to lessen their extreme guilt of involvement in that dastardly business ever since.
   America ever since just allowed their finger pointing out of our own guilt for having been even a small part of such injustices toward our fellow man.
   No man or nation can justify slavery, yet many persist in the engagement of slavery while simultaneously pointing the ugly finger of shame toward America. They do that because America is ashamed of that part of our history where they deny and say we hold full responsibility and they acknowledge none or minimize their culpability.
   Those nations most engaged in slavery are also the most racist of this world and cast there shame of racism on America in like manner. No nation is racist free but it is the nature of enlighten peoples to do their best to control that particular aspect of human nature, and again America is in the forefront of this effort
   The biggest failure in America is the failure to honestly educate our children to the real, truthful and historical events of ours and the world’s Nations in regards to its natives and slaves. We will find nothing to be ashamed of as a Nation, from a historical point of view.
   To error is human, but the sooner one becomes aware the sooner one corrects the error and puts it in the past, not to be repeated in the future. This is the trick when so many refuse to put things in the past and are consistently throwing it in the faces of innocent generations, thus no one wins we all lose by association to a nation and history and nuanced and twisted history at that.
"The legitimate powers of government extend to such acts only as are injurious to others. But it does me no injury for my neighbour to say there are twenty gods, or no god. It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg."-- Thomas Jefferson (Notes on the State of Virginia, Query 17, 1782)