Saturday, December 18, 2010

Human Nature an Overview

Once you’re in the forest you can no longer see the forest because of all the trees, which in reality means the closer you get, the less ability you have to take in the overall picture. This is the proposition contained here which is to step back away from things in order to get the whole picture or in other words take a less subjective view in favor of a more objective view.
The founders of America had a more thorough view of human nature and understanding over the whole spectrum, than Jesus Christ himself, because of a larger view over the entire world of mankind’s experienced history. This broader view of human nature was the primary guiding factor in the development of our Constitution. This is why our unique guiding documents as a society have made such a marked impact on the entire world over the last 230 + years. At no time in the entire history of man has reason prevailed over human nature to enlighten mankind than during the founding period in America. Reason, had risen to the top and accordingly human nature must bring it down. There is no alternative to fully reasoned human pursuits!
Human nature follows a set pattern of behavior and one of those patterns is to bring down that or who and what is at the top level of any and all human endeavors. The mighty or successful must always fall syndrome regardless of reason, simply because they or it are at the top. Barnum was correct about human nature when he said there’s a sucker born every minute and that sucker is born of our human nature. The enlighten way of true human progress is not to bring down the top levels of human endeavors at any given time, but through reason to exceed them thus rendering them down, thus making a new top level, that’s true progress.
Within a truly free society of man; all men/women as individuals are with equality under the laws not equality of their conditions. The individual that is a freeloader on any society only drags that society down as whole. It is to those according to their ability regardless of wants or needs. And it is always through the coercive collective and conspiratorial power of divisive groups that have historically destroyed many civilizations good or bad from within. As individuals we have freedom of association which means the individual has the right not to associate with those they chose for any reason, and we cannot legally have an association imposed upon us by law. The preeminence of the individual is always paramount without which freedom and liberty are curtailed.
Human nature has a benevolent side as well as the socially sinister side and within any free society that benevolence will always fall on those with needs that they cannot or will not provide for themselves, and should never rise to the level of legal rights which are ripe for abuse by the sinister side of our human nature.
When ever an organized group or business becomes so large that if it collapsed it would impose a huge burden on the whole of a society it must be broken up into its continuant parts, that includes the government bureaucracy so as to minimize the impact of its failure on the whole of society. No part, private or governmental should ever be allowed to become too big to fail. This principal was touched on in the Constitution in several ways one was the separation of powers the others were in regards to the number of constituents represented by a single Congressman and the representation of a state entity by a single Senator. No single individual is capable of faithfully representing millions of individuals to a governing body.
Today a return to those enlightened constitutional principals would go a long way toward recovering the sick society we Americans suffer within, wrecked by our own human nature!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

On Constitutional fidelity #1

   The founding fathers knew that when it came to representatives that no one man/woman could represent with equal justice beyond a certain number that they fixed at thirty thousand in article I of the Constitution. Today that number has been increased unconstitutionally to 600,000. The congress does not have the authority short of a constitutional amendment to change the number of constituents in congressional districts. And even if done by the amendment process it would constitute usurpation (change) not an amendment. The net effect is to weaken the influence on our governmental representatives of each citizen by 2000%.
   Considering the technical advances in transportation and communications changing (usurpation) of the number originally written into law, would and should be seen as justified, but not by that large of percentage increase.
   The fewer congressional seats makes for easier influence and control of our overall house of representatives by a cabal, like unelected members of political parties or other collectives like unions and ethnicity pimps.
   Gerrymandering of the shape of congressional districts to favor one group or another is not constitutional; they should be done by a grid to near equality of citizens (ethnicity or social status or condition not applicable) not populace which counts non-citizens also.
   Comprehensive laws are not in accordance w/ constitutional intent, where all laws and regulations was to be clear and unambiguous in its intent and able to be understood by ordinary men/women without the need of legal counsel to interpret them. (Or write them for that matter)
   All of the points made here, “are” or have been fundamental changes of American government, and no where does the Constitution give any authority to elected officials of government to make fundamental changes to our American form of government.  
   Also the States would be constitutionally wise if they limited population of large cities by creating city districts with separated political powers (Mayors, councils etc.) just like breaking up large corps to eliminate the to big to fail syndrome getting rid of the so called boroughs, like the five boroughs of New York city would then become five separate cities.

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Constitution Defined

   Ask yourself this question; who better to define in detail an object or work than the creator or creators of it? Yet every generation of man thinks he is smarter and has arrived at a higher intellectual plane, and knows better than those who preceded them. When in self-evident truth those in the present can know thru documented history of events but cannot understand them, so we imagine, based on faulty and fragmented data to arrive at a resolve of cause and effect even to the degree we think we understand the thoughts of our predecessors. In plain language we know of events from the past but they do not add to our individual understanding in the present, so we make it up and quite extreme in many instances and the more distant in the past the more we mystify it, that’s how myths are born.
   The Constitution was designed as a limiting document on government, and the people that are within it. It was written in plain English and needs no interpretation. And to top it off, if by chance there is a question or doubt of any particular part, the founders, the very men that created it, gave us in their own individual writings specific detailed definition and explanation to every part and parcel of it without contradiction, more so than the disciples writings of Christ’s words and actions.
   This leaves all decisions regarding American law strictly held to the standards set forth as uniquely American and exclusionary of all other world bodies of authority. No treaty, agreement, or otherwise commitment by the officials of the United States holds the force of law within our sovereign boundaries outside the strictest adherence of our Constitution.
   There is no left or right of the Constitution, only left or right in the minds of politicians or individual groups, with no legal way to apply them without violating the basic laws laid down within it. This is why socialism or any and all form of collective groups within American society has no legal standing; they are all outside American law. This is if we intend to maintain fidelity to our founding as the most unique Nation to grace the face of this earth.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


                            The key to Americas’ future is Americas’ past, reconciled!
 America is the only country on earth where politics is inseparable from civil and social life they are one and the same by law. Where there cannot be a political and a separate civil/social existence for any single individual. The only separate individual status that exists is “political” or “private” under our founding principals.
  We don’t have politicians and civilians we as citizens are all politicians’ and vice/versa, the less we understand that the more we become alienated from one another like foreigners’.
   It is not within the powers of our human nature to live in harmony with our enemies’ side by side in social intercourse without constant clashes with those who wish us ill.
   Our system of governance is not mineable to any other political system and our political development must always remain within the boundaries set forth or break apart. But by breaking apart we are no longer America but lost in the jungle of the savage human nature that dominates all other nations on earth, and that always places the individual in direct servitude to others as apposed to serving our fellow man by first serving ourselves which is the way of our history and it has been shown by it, to the benefit of all others over this earth..
   When out of personal and/or individual necessity one person develops a better mouse trap, does that not benefit all men? Such was the thinking of Benjamin Franklin and his lighting rod and we must be able to reconcile his wisdom with the people of the present.
   Men/women who don’t think in terms of what is in there own best interest don’t think at all they simple react subjectively like all of the lower forms of life on earth.
   Americans of the past always had the mental attitude in life that says “damn the torpedoes full speed ahead”  but this attitude is not strictly held because we are Americans, but that here in America there were a lot less torpedoes than in other countries interfering with the ingenuity of man through collective servitude.
   If and when Americans seek to reconcile our thinking with the men and women of our earliest history and founding we will once again say “damn the torpedoes full speed ahead”

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Smart Vs Intelligent

   Consider this self analysis; are you smart or are you intelligent? Only you can draw that conclusion as a self judgment, and it can only be conclusively understood if you can separate you’re ego from your self deliberations.
   All the so called experts actually think they can tell the difference and even measure your IQ, or make no distinction between the two terms (Smart, Intelligent) which by any intelligent analysis is “neither” it’s just plain ignorant.
   Every average person is smart, the degree of which can be tested by the amount of things you have knowledge of or about, but can only be tested by what is considered normal everyday knowledge, where “you” may have extensive knowledge out side the norm, otherwise one would have to take 100s of specially focused tests. which means, you are your own best judge of your own quantity of knowledge.
   Intelligence is a whole different ball of wax because everyone has intelligence which is not knowledge but the application of and internal analysis of, the knowledge you have acquired at any given point in your life. The recalling of the knowledge you have is not intelligence, which is just regurgitation of data, intelligence is in the developed talent of processes and analysis, on the sum of that knowledge.
   The more knowledge you have the better and more reliable you’re intelligence you can be, but this is the catch, you may have never learned how to analyze your own knowledge in order to draw an intelligent conclusion, and all you can do is spout data minus intelligent analysis of it. (For practical proposes called “thought”) the thoughtless expressions of knowledge are not intelligent thought. Like; you can baffle others with knowledge, but you can enlighten them with your intelligence.
   All this is what is popularly known as critical thinking which most people only use at work that requires it, seldom in their day to day lives and those who take no responsibility to themselves and theirs don’t use critical thinking at all, while understanding is the sum of intelligence.  
   The best measure I know of to measure the intelligence used by others is by testing their egos the more egotistical the less intelligent the individual. Way too many graduates from our schools have egos to match the dollars spent to educate them need I say more.

   Well I will; intelligence does not just happen it has to be used and used often, practice does make one more intellectual but to brag on it only makes one ignorant and egotistical. Oh, and a true intellectual is not afraid to publicly admit when he/she doesn’t know of or about something but is eager to learn more about it always.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Re-establishment of Justice

  No matter the number of laws created; without uniform nonbiased enforcement the entire legal system is a charade at the mercy of the very human nature it is intended to control. (In Government)
  The entire enforcement arms of our justice system should be placed under the control of the chief justice of the Supreme Court with oversight authority by the House of Representatives except in cases involving its own members. This refocus of justice on the political rather than the general body of citizens was the intent of the people regarding their sovereignty from the abuses of government incased in our original constitution.
   The character of our society (The people) establishes the moral, social and civil justice outside the manipulation of government political theorists’ and within the laws of conscience. The people are capable of self governance without interference from elitists social or political, but become helpless under their thumbs and unconstitutional laws.
   The preceding is exactly what the founders intended as amendments, as apposed to the gaming of our Constitution which is what we have been doing to our basic system of self governance since day one.
   Every instance in our history that one can recall that was harmful to us as a society and as a nation was initiated thru the auspices of government officials, without a legal enforcement arm to keep them honest, because they controlled that arm making justice in America a world wide joke. (Politicians)
  The Congress of the United States of America was delegated the authority to make laws not to govern, the president was to govern the federal governments responsibilities’ not make laws, but within the laws, and the judiciary was to keep them in line with the laws and the Constitution, the basic laws. The following bureaucracy was to act as servants to those same ends.
  True justice for the people in America will never prevail if all power of enforcement is in the hands of the human nature of elected officials.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


   If you are an American citizen by birth or naturalized, you have an obligation of fidelity to the Constitution, the country that it represents, to the founders and every man and women that has sacrificed for it in our history. It is not a matter of individual choice! You are free to disagree with many things in America, but you cannot disagree and or appose this obligation of fidelity and remain among the faithful without incurring our righteous wrath.
   If you deny you’re obligations, that is infidelity which makes you and infidel. As an infidel you are not an American or a patriot you are like a weed in America’s garden, and when the weeds get out of control you will be pulled out by your roots and left to dry up in the sunshine of our liberty.
   Today in America we have been over crowded with infidel weeds that are threatening to choke out the very fruit of our liberties and it is incumbent on all patriots to get to work weeding, starting with the weeds in our government before we have to burn and lay waste to our own crops in order to replenish the land.
   It’s not like we haven’t had to do this before and it’s the least desirable and most terrible resolve we can draw when our own demise as a nation is at stake, but let the infidel’s know now that unless they have a metamorphosis there are no limits we will not go to sustain our fidelity to America.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Mole Hills into Mountains

   Molehills into mountains; that phrase reflects the primary pettiness of American society today. We don’t listen to each other anymore, we listen for molehills that we can make into mountains and gulfs between us, much of it imaginative conjured up from the depths of our own depravity, like we actually think we know what someone else is really thinking. We then use that as the molehill to create the mountain.
   Could it be that this is because we are so phony that we see everyone else as a refection of ourselves, as it refers to our own ulterior motives in everything we say and do? If a man gives a compliment does that mean he has some ulterior motive behind it? If a man says he apposes illegal immigration does that automatically mean he dislikes the ethnicity of the immigrant? If a man uses the word black in regards to another person is that just stating a fact or expressing some prejudice? Is not white, black, yellow or brown part of the visual profile that all humans share and recognize?     
    America was not founded as a black and white society yet over the years is what we have constantly tried to make her. Our purpose from our founding on was to repudiate that world wide separation of people within our society as the opposite from the rest of the world’s cultures. As a nation we expressed our sincerity to accomplish that human goal with the sacrifice of over 600,000 citizens. We were not just fighting the southern states but the intrinsic nature of mankind to physically dominate over his fellow man.
   From time immortal mankind has sought to bring individuals into a collective, if not by choice then by force, that is and was the birth of human slavery. It was the stronger subjecting the weaker, might make’s right as it were.
   All of this human capacity for power over others was what America was to overcome in the minds and hearts of our forefathers. But this is in our nature and until man can individually rule over his own human nature the capacity to dominate others with a slave master mentality we shall never move forward as a species.
   No other place on earth but America is the potential to be enlightened to the truth of the individuality of men/women but we cannot get there through the retrograde of the social collectives and absolutely not through the coercive power of a government collective.
   Every American when push comes to shove sees him/herself as an individual first and foremost with associations or connections to others, but will always separate from them if they become possessive with demands from a collective view. This holds true wither it be family, ethnicity, gender or religious beliefs. The only rare exception is nationality.
   Over the years from the birth of America as a nation and as it grew and expanded and become so diverse many have lost sight of Americas purpose and history and as their human nature became the guiding influence which causes them not to think of themselves as Americans but revert to all the very things that drove our forefathers to reject, and then create this nation in the first place. Even though a person may reside in America no longer means they are American but retrograde Americans.
   It all boils down to a state of mind and we must assimilate those in retrograde status and in a mini-collective state of mind or expel them we cannot coexist and still remain America. Americans are individually but one and the same.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Believe it, Love it, Live it

   Defining the modern liberal bent or their general social conduct after 70+ years of analysis and as accurately as possible, leads one ultimately too the animal level of thought or thinking, they function psychologically like mal- adjusted domesticated dogs that bite the hand that feeds and cares for them and would sooner attack their owner than a home intruder. They crap where they live and eat, hump your leg, then piss on it, and act like they are in charge of everyone around them, like an alpha dog. When turned loose on society they pack-up like all pack animals limited in size only by the alpha dog leaders of their packs. Each pack will viciously attack in the most personal and life threatening way, anyone or other pack without remorse, when they find themselves at cross purpose to each other. They will chew off there own leg when caught in a trap too only be destroyed by the rest of the pack due to their physical handicap or perceived weakness. They are firm believers of the coercive social commune by the tyranny of the pack as much so as all the human barbarians’ and savages of history where the “individual” is an expendable commodity of the group or pack.
                                                     Excerpt from the Declaration of Independence
Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security. (Declaration of independence)
   Representatives of congress and the senate where specifically to represent their constituency within the limits set by the Constitution not their own political interests within the governmental elite.
  The parties that form in the private sector to encourage voters to pick these representatives or another have no official place or authority in the governance of a free people. Their party platforms are not substitutes for the Constitution.
   The press although mentioned in the constitution as to be free from government, does not give it an official or legal roll in governance, the same for religions.
   The congress has the constitutional authority to set its own rules but that does not include extra constitutional rules such as forming caucuses or cabals that have the right to exclude any other elected member who wishes to participate only equal representation of their constituents is constitutional. Nor should political parties hold any official place of authority within governance, the people don’t elect parties we elect representatives. And gerrymandering of districts based on any thing but geography to achieve some perceived parity is also unconstitutional. Segregation or integration by individual choice is freedom, segregation or integration by law is unconstitutional that’s all gerrymandering does. Every law created that is not in accordance with the Constitution is null and void even if the Supreme Court says otherwise.
   All of the above is the truth of the corruption that prevails in the American government today.  
   Even the people who elect a person to a government position like an avowed Socialist, Marxist, Islamism, Anarchists etc. cannot expect to legally change our Constitution and or laws outside of it and any attempt to do just that is unconstitutional and will result in only one way, Revolution!

Friday, July 23, 2010

The Argument

   The problems in American society today when all the rhetoric is synthesized to its core ingredient is nothing more then the proper role of government in the lives of people. This argument was thoroughly debated during our founding by far more intelligent men/women then we find in the debate of today and nothing in the human condition has changed save our technology. All the arguments about energy, the environment, government etc. are just so much social and political distraction from the real issue, which is America’s founding and resultant form of government. So unless someone in today's argument can show something that has change about the human condition in the intervening years what the hell are we arguing about? 
   It is obvious when researched that in every debate among men there are winners and losers just like in wars and the vanquished among men never or rarely accept defeat especially in the realm of the intellect, generation after generation.
   What they do, do is create a mythology that it wasn’t the weakness of their arguments but other factors that they can somehow overcome in their next efforts, even if they have to resort to force taking it out of the realm of human intellect while avoiding the original argument they lost in the past, by distorting the past. They see this effort as academic and presume themselves to be more intelligent via the human ego. This holds to their lack of intelligence in their arguments, when they have to lie and distort the past and ultimately use coercion and force, to bring about what they see as the truth of their arguments, which is precisely why they lost the arguments in the debate many generations ago against more intelligent men/women than themselves.
   The strange thing about the truth of fact is once it becomes manifest to the human mind it will always remain the truth in perpetuity. The truth cannot be destroyed or changed, like death once manifest to the human mind even though some may not understand it, it is.
   The ignorance and avarice of man may well destroy America in time, but the truths of America will live in the minds of men/women for ever, and our Constitution is the pinnacle of the most intelligent group of men/women this world has ever known.
   Knowledge and the understanding that should be attached to it, is where wisdom comes into play, but the ego of man is the destroyer of that wisdom, in particular the ego of celebrity.
   All men/women develop an ego which is locked into their subjective personality as they live their lives. The only personal aspect of our beings that can limit and or control the personal ego we all develop, is our objective minds.
  The ego of which I speak is both self pride and self deceit to which it denies acknowledgement of either. It is like a spirit that has no form or structure, and can generally only be seen by others in the aggregate of our civil activities, quite often after the fact. It does give off subtle signals but most others miss them in the fog of celebrity until the individual achieves a full blown egotistical presence among society. The ego needs no personal encouragement; it develops to one degree or another, but unjustifiable encouragement of it is detrimental to all of society. Encouragement to achieve should never be pursued through the individual ego, but through the objective reasoning of the mind. Remember that the next time you tell your children they are special, other than to yourself.
   No living human bares responsibility for the circumstances of their birth, thus self pride or self deceit has no bearing on their linage, future or ego in the real world of our existence. History is to be learned from as to what should be emulated and what should be rejected in the here and now, absent the influence of ego. Therein is the wisdom of the ages that can provide a better future for all mankind.
   The passing of any single man or group of mankind in the grand scheme of time, amounts to either positive or negative glitches overall to be enjoyed or endured by the present, but we should not let our human history get us  locked in the cyclic patterns of the rest of the animal life of this world. America has taught us better than that, I would hope.
  F. A. Hayek made the observations about societies of men and the cause and effect of their ultimate destruction. As I see it, is always do to the presumptions and the acquired powers of egotistical people within, that they, can provide and or fine tune civil and or social systems that took millions to develop over time.
   American society is not a system in the sense that it was created by other than trial and error through the minds of    millions and has, at its base a simple document of intent to show the way. Declare the Constitution obsolete declares the entirety of American society obsolete.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Leaders ?

   A lesson mankind has learned and unlearned time and again over its history “man is not a herd animal by instinct that needs a leader”. Human leaders most always mislead those that surrender their individuality to them.
   This lesson or lack of; is what leads man toward what we call the collective, and away from the individuality that makes mankind the supreme animal on earth. When ever a man follows another it must be because they individually perceive intellectually that it’s the correct course of action, not because of the cult like presence of the leader. This otherwise makes us susceptible to being misled or robot like. In plain language individuals should never follow another out of intellectual blindness like herd animals. Man by his very nature is a lobo animal.
   Every man/women that lays claim to the mantel of leadership is a false leader of man. Even the most reluctant of mans leaders becomes in time misleaders unintentionally, do to the ego of celebrity which is the bastard of mankind. Every society in the history of man that has succumbed to the ego of celebrity is and always has been a bastard of humanity.
   Because man is by his nature a lobo animal, all collectives of man both large and small through the ego of celebrity are creations that inhibit individuality, leading us toward our own destruction.
   Americans by the 1700 s became aware do to the circumstance of their migration to a land without a single over bearing ruling elite authority, making them dependant on their individuality. Once individuality becomes manifest to the mind it becomes a live free or die mindset. This is also why, that during the formation of our government the federal was to have as little as possible authority over the individual, where security of the whole was to be its overriding mandate. Americans never saw themselves as part of any collective with the exception of security and even then loosely connected, based first on their individual judgments of circumstances.
   The human idea of the collective was by design to enslave the many to the few based on the theory that safety can only be secured by numbers, so individuality must be surrendered to the whole, thus The beginning of human slavery and tyranny.
   The theory of collective power binds the minds of mankind keeping us from achieving our ultimate destiny by confining us to the physical condition of slaves instead of individual intelligent enlightenment, the pathway set for we Americans, by our forefathers.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Basic American Law

  Neither an individual citizen nor group thereof has the right or the liberty to differ or contradict the original Declaration of Independence or the Constitution of the United States of America. Those founding documents are the core of all American law. To differ or contradict those fixed laws makes all those that do so Outlaws. It is not open to discussion, that American discussion was done with once they were adopted and agreed to and if anyone or group does not like it as it was/is is free to leave America for what they may see as a better system but not free to change the one we Americans have fought and died to defend all these many years since established.
"[W]e ought to deprecate the hazard attending ardent and susceptible minds, from being too strongly and too early prepossessed in favor of other political systems, before they are capable of appreciating their own." --George Washington, letter to the Commissioners of the District of Columbia, 1795

   Freedom of speech allows anyone or group to criticize our founding documents that is not the same as trying to effect a change in them or disregard them to satisfy ones avarice.
   In every society there are people that live with the overwhelming envy of others, it rules their thinking and opposition to any and all that are perceived better off in their lives than they. Because of this envy they will try anything to destroy and bring down, and they should be happy for the successes of others because it presents possibilities to their own pursuits in life while trying to emulate in order to raise themselves to the best of their ability within society and all its established laws of conduct.
   When people are envious of others it makes them blind to their own potential and abilities, it is a hurdle that cannot be overcome until envy is set aside it is the heaviest of social burdens that many bear from birth. In America there are no legal obstacles only challenges to the future for any individual. If you think you have found a legal obstacle to your pursuit of happiness it is in fact an illegal obstacle placed their in spite of our Constitution by the envy of others and you should make it your first order of business to see it is remove.
   None of what I have written here will make sense to anyone who has not availed him/herself of the knowledge and understanding of the laws contained within Americas founding and the men/women whom founded her.
   All Americans today need to stop waiting for someone else to tell them what the laws are and find out on your own while we still have the freedom to do it.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Principled Sovereignty

"[T]he opinion which gives to the judges the right to decide what laws are constitutional and what not ... would make the judiciary a despotic branch. ... [T]he germ of dissolution of our federal government is ... the federal Judiciary ... working like gravity by night and by day, gaining a little today and a little tomorrow, and advancing its noiseless step like a thief, over the field of jurisdiction, until all shall be usurped. ... They are construing our constitution from a co-ordination of a general and special government to a general and supreme one alone." --Thomas Jefferson

   Our American Constitution established the literal primary Sovereign Authority was “THE PEOPLE” as individuals among all other people. The second Sovereign Authority was of the State among all other states, lastly the federal authority of the Republic sovereign among all other nations of the world, where assuring the States of their territorial integrity and sovereignty and our individual sovereignty was to be its primary mandate.
   This was the triad of sovereign authority and powers making up the governance of America. Laced up straightly within the Declaration Of Independence and the Constitution intended for perpetuity, thus no level of American government has sovereign right or authority to claim sovereignty and/or franchise of permission over the individual sovereignty of its sovereign citizens under our Constitution, except during extreme emergencies or hazard to the people as a whole or the Republic, and then only temporarily to its resolution.
   The federal has no cultural sovereign authority over the states the states have no cultural sovereign authority over the people not specifically surrendered in the Constitution. From the time we as a society lost that understanding and intent we opened, “Pandora’s box” and an insurgency of human nature started a crusade of corruption on the country as a whole. (This before the ink was barely dry.)
    By violating the boundaries of any of our sovereign authorities we destroy the literal text, meaning and intent of our Constitution not only to ourselves but the world, which for two hundred and twenty two years has stood in awe of us as a Nation and as a Sovereign people. The absolute and true American Dream defined, was and still is Individual Sovereignty.
   No level of American government, not federal, state, city or town holds cultural sovereignty over the people. We are our own sovereigns individually under the Constitution. Americas’ system of governance with its triad of sovereign authorities was intended to eliminate once and for all the despotic elements of human nature from it.
   The method of despotism historically has been one man/woman rule. Modern men and women do not recognize or realize that despotism doesn’t have to emanate from the single source of a despot like a king, dictator or other such tyrants. Despotism can and does come from groups or committees through human nature and the consensus of their members. This is just as threatening to liberty and the individual sovereignty of citizens as any single despot or tyrant. This is why all collective systems become tyrannical and despotic via the consensus in time of their leaders.
   We Americans have been so complacent during all these years of progressive (liberal) infringement on individual sovereignty and the liberties we all enjoyed that we almost suckered for the premise that any and all responsibilities we gave to government are exclusive to government.
   They did this as example; if an individual was under attack they claimed exclusive rights of our defense, meaning we had no right to defend ourselves we had to wait and defer to their arrival, and especially no right to harm the assailant in anyway with out the threat of potential prosecution.
   The founding fathers constitutionally assigned some limited responsibilities to government some exclusive some not but they never in their wildest dreams thought that if the government failed in its commissions that we the people had to just sit back and take the resultant effect, like illegal immigration. You can’t get any more progressively ignorant than that. Only an ignorant person teaches his/her kids that when attacked, just stand there and take it, or try to run, or report it later. We are American; and that kind of “bullshit” don’t wash, we are sovereign individually; when we are failed we will do it ourselves!! (Just ask old King George)

Monday, June 28, 2010


   When it comes right down to it, people generally prefer to mind their own personal business in both their private and civil lives so why all the conflict? In America as well as other countries of the world, every community used to have individuals within that could be described only as crazies or busy bodies, and communities used to just scoff at them with out so much as a how de do. The majority couldn’t be bother with their hogwash.   
   They are people so preoccupied by what other people do, they constitute an inhibitor to growth and development which equals progress in the lives of all concerned, in the most extremeness can cause serious reduction in social and cultural development by distraction from truth and reality, in plain language wastes the limited time we all have in this thing we call life. It was all just a simple matter of mudding up the overall affairs of the human community.
    On a individual basis they could be scoffed at and pushed aside with little impact overall, but as more and more free time from the ardors of survival liberated the busybodies from the industries of progress they found the powers of the collective or group would give them more impact to interfere in the lives of others, like as a pastime which overtime could actually grow into a vocation of sorts where they could convince others of their defiling hogwash.
    This is what built the environmental movement it has nothing to do with our environment it’s all about interfering with the lives of others like the busybodies of yesteryear using collective powers of intimidation.
   Most busybodies have a hugely exaggerated self ego of superiority, which explains how or why they think man can control nature intentionally or by accident. Nature herself creates or causes more catastrophes as mankind sees them, in single events than mankind has been able to cause in his entire existence.
    Look at oil deposits and other gas or mineral deposits that are dangerous to man but to the overall world are natural. Yet if the world by its own nature caused an oil deposit to open up in an unrestricted way would man declare it a dooms day event for the whole world or just the people in a specific location. In that sense every dangerous mineral deposit in the world is a dooms day bomb, just waiting for nature or man to destroy all life on earth.  
   I know that if I were BP and told the world of man that I will accept and will make good for all the damages from my error, and apologized for its occurrence in the first place, and then men turned right around and said; ‘you better damn well fix everything because were going to make you’ I might get feisty right back and change my mind to those ingrate inconsiderate elite snobs.
   A forest fire in the process of burning uncontrolled and the men fighting it spend more resources in trying to determine how it started than how to stop it is pure ignorance. On the other hand the men fighting it determine that to stop it they must fight fire with fire by setting a backfire that will deliberately destroy more forest are refuse the authority to do that without an environmental study by men that know nothing about how to stop the fire is also ignorance.
   When it comes to the world and nature in particularly mankind cannot find the answers or resolves by accelerated study. We are not smart enough! And never will be smarter than Nature in time and space. Compared to the world and the nature of it, man is no more than like gnats at a picnic, a mere nuisance!  
   The collective efforts of others and their groups need to be relegated back to the status of ignorant busybody’s that carries no influence in the affairs of men, all they are selling us is pure hogwash.

Friday, June 18, 2010


Would-a, could-a, and if, are ignorant thought in a historical sense. History is what it was and viewing it as wrongful or rightful in the present cannot change the present it is what it is and cannot be reversed, and will serve no human being in the present to dwell on them or fix blame on the present for the events of the past unless we desire to repeat them. Every new life is a new beginning starting now not the day before.
   If each new generation used the knowledge of history to move man forward as apposed to trying to undo history all men would benefit, I know of no instance in history when human conflict was present that either side of it had clean hands in retrospect. Example: History portrays Hitler as the bad guy, which he most certainly was, but Neville Chamberlain the so called good guy and others like him bear as much responsibility for the onslaught of WWII as Hitler.
   The American Indian and the slaves of early America or any other are not free of equal responsibility for the events of the past just because they were on the losing side. They were victims in history by their own hands as much as the victors in conquest. Both sides of all contests between mankind contain antidotal innocent victims and it is not a question of what was fair or unfair in the conflicts between them. (Collateral damage) All is fair in love and war so the saying goes and to the victor goes the spoils. Hind sight is not 20/20 unless all is considered and human emotions should not ever be, in the historical mix.
   A just to survive attitude never is justification unless there is a strategy behind it, given no strategy one must fight to the death or live with the consequences. If one chooses to live with the consequences that makes them complicit in their own condition. That is the unwritten law of human nature. A human life lived in fear is no life at all.  
   Mankind overall is still in its historically adolescent stage and full maturity is not even in sight. In today’s world of man no one can justify slavery, yet all over the world it goes on behind the scene, and much of it is carried out by governments and justified by collective theory. (Which is slavery!)
   At the present time America is in the process of returning to slavery as the basis of our culture. The only difference is it is a collective style slavery which includes all but the elite’s of society. (Our Masters) The liberal and progressive thinking people of America are the Neville Chamberlain’s of our time. Fear is already their master.

Friday, June 11, 2010

It's About Time

   It’s about time that at least the men and women of the world’s most modern societies cease the blame game of history as it relates to ethnicity as apposed to learned behavioral actions of individuals. If mankind has learned anything in historical knowledge we should have learned ethnicity has nothing to do with human behavior of the present or the past. That historical human trends; do not correlate at all to bloodline (ethnicity) but to cultures in every respect, and the same applies to gender. The development over time of isolated cultures was and is the establishment of human behavioral trends and within every culture there are sub-cultures that develop always vying to become predominate absent any relationship to bloodline (ethnicity). Summed up means ethnicity has no trends inherent in the blood aside from some physical conditions and/or appearances’. The old saying you can’t judge a book by its cover still holds true. It is also moronic to have pride in ones bloodline, as apposed to pride in ones previous culture. Just like you can be proud of your mother or father because the fact they were of Italian. Black, Mexican, Irish or German makes no difference they are just mom and dad, perhaps from a particular culture.
   People in general prefer the ethnic tack because you can deny association with a culture. We all know that every culture has its good and bad attributes too which we can disclaim the bad by using or reference to ethnic bloodline only. Like the way Germans denied cultural association with Hitler after the war by referring to their ethnic bloodline as good overall as apposed to their sinister cultural behavior meaning Hitler was just a bad German not that their overall culture went bad, when it was a sub-cultural aspect of their culture that became prominent and showed the entire world a serious flaw in their overall culture, not their ethnicity.(Germanic)
   The Blacks or Mexicans of America cannot deny their cultural contributions to American culture by separating themselves by claiming ethnic status. If America as a culture is racist or in any other way negative they bear as much contribution to that cultural status as any other ethnicity in this so called melting pot we call America.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sleeping Giant

   There are nations all around this globe we call earth whose peoples and cultures think based on their own experiences that they can understand America and Americans. Most of them have thousands of years behind their thinking so as to support or validate their perception of America and Americans. The problem in their thinking is it’s based on the experiences they have lived with and through from their own antiquity.
   Americans as individuals like others share many of their attributes simply because of the natural nature of mankind. But Americans have over only 230+ years developed an extra attribute that is absent in the breast of others of this world, it is unique and cannot be obtained by others, only Americans!
   We Americans ourselves mostly know not what it is or from whence it came and can only recognize it when in a retrospective mode. It usually takes some form of repression on the whole of us in this retrospective mode of thought to trigger or point it out to ourselves. But when made manifest to us as individuals, no power on this earth can control it yet it will remain outside the comprehension of all other nations and peoples. The key of this attribute was turned upon the signatures place on our behalf by the founding fathers on our founding documents and the sum of our lives over generations ingrained permanently and subconsciously into the basic fibers of our beings. We ourselves don’t even know its there, until we feel individually repressed or attacked!  
   As attributed to Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto; “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.” This reference is not about the “American government” but the “American people”!!
   This awakening is under way again in America but not by external attack but by internal domestic attack by our own government on the people, and in like form it is filling the people with an even more terrible resolve internally.
It is this resolve that Americans have held in abeyance internally that is a part of our national fiber individually of which I speak that few of this world understand and imagine they can overcome and prevail over.
    A persistent repression perpetrated on the American people will garner a like response on the perpetrators because it is the natural response of our American heritage which no power on earth can withstand.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

The American Race

   The purging of politics from government offices and the return of honesty and ethics are the only salvation for America. It is the solemn responsibility of the individual citizen to vote for men and women of high integrity and moral and ethical character not for what one thinks will illicit favor.
   It is a mind set of human nature to get our individual piece of the pie by hook or by crook. If we Americas all fail to overcome our human nature there will soon be no pie left for anyone, nor the ingredients’ to bake anymore.
   Americans have always been willing in fact eager to give of our own blood on behave of others as well as ourselves but like any body, how much at any given time can be spared is dependant on how much and how fast the body can replenish the supply. If we give too much, the body will die which means the total end of the supply of American blood.
   One of the things that many others of this world we live in don’t understand is that after 234 years of growth and maturing for all practical reasons as a nation our citizens are or have become a race of people (The American Race).
Just like an African, Italian, Mexican, German etc cannot deny their heritage they cannot be honest with themselves and deny they are American. Although they may have pride in their heritage or blood line they would not chose to be anything other than American when push comes to shove.
    Nationality on a world wide scale in the past was for all practical purposes defined by the race of the people that inhabited them. Today it is nationhood that defines race more so than bloodline heritage ever did. This defines the influence of America on the whole world more so than any other social and cultural factors. Those who work so feverously to undo this blending of humanity and return the world to ethnic cabals as nations will only engulf humanity in global war of the most individual and personal nature more bloody and wide spread than any human conflict in the history of man and no one will escape it.
   The only racist we have in America today are non-Americans and as a American I suggest, if they cannot accept that regardless of place of birth or bloodline they are free to go and leave America too the American Race. It is the only race on earth that can be chosen as apposed to an accident of birth.
    The purging of government and racist would be the great American renewal. It is not a matter of time or bloodline that makes one a member of the American race but a frame of mind chosen by our founding fathers to be America’s destiny. 

Monday, May 24, 2010

Humans & Beast

  It is an undeniable truth that Americans have been the primary culture on this earth to advance the conditions of individual lives of people not only at home but throughout the entire world from our founding on. But like the domestication of wild animals we make the conditions of their individual lives better, at the utter failure of making the animal itself improved or better in any measurable way, they remain in perpetuity what they have always been just “wild animals” coercively kept in the best ideal conditions of life known.
   The complete fulfillment and or development of a life wither human or wild animal can only be achieved by mutual respect for the individual sovereignty of each life within the boundaries that evolve over time. For human’s the formula to achieve this was developed and established in America by our Constitution.
   The more evolved and educated we become the more this simplistic reality eludes us, driving us to revert to the coercive holding of people in the most unnatural conditions, not unlike the keeping or domestication of wild animals. This cycle of sovereignty verses captivity repeats itself over time because mankind appears not to be able to evolve intellectually in the understanding of itself. (Human nature)
    Only once did it appear we understood this and it was this understanding that caused us to create the Constitution as our blueprint for cultural success with individual sovereignty as its core value. We called it freedom and liberty but what it really is, is individual sovereignty within the boundaries set forth in the Constitution similar to a wild game preserve which has its security provided. This is America and Americans duplicated no where else on earth.
    You cannot remove Sovereignty from the human mind any more than you can remove wild from the wild animal coercive power can subjugate the spirit only, but never the mind of beast or human.

Monday, May 17, 2010


   The most appropriate word in the English language that best describes the actions of modern day officials both elected and not elected is Malfeasance of office.
    Fiefdom building is what they all do without exception, government officials today no longer express to their constituents’ what they think about anything, they just parrot the opinions of staff. For all intense and purpose they become puppets to those they are supposed to direct, to the point where they personally don’t decide anything, the staff they hire tells them what to think and how to present it. They are public figures only, not governing individuals where celebrity is their only attribute.
   Every one of them becomes a victim of their own elective efforts via handlers followed by staff. This explains how people of such great ignorance become speaker of the house or majority leader in the Senate, or even President!
   Just in case anyone has any doubt or wonders how they get to where they are, or why under questioning they can never give a straight honest answer. It’s because they must first defer to staff as to what they think or even how to say it. This is also why, when their position goes to their heads and they think they are in charge of their own thoughts and venture outside their handlers control, they consistently put their foot in their own mouths’.
   If the American people can not be spoken to off the cuff by our officials those officials are not qualified to hold office plain and simple. If speaking to ones constituents’ off the cuff presents gaffs in speech the spin doctors of media will be rendered impotent, because we the people know simple gaffs verses wrong thought, as well as words put in the mouth by others.
    Only those that think the American public is stupid, think we must measure every word so as to conceal what one really thinks. These are the same people that don’t like and or have to parse with nuanced effort the Constitution because it’s written in plain simple English without ambiguities.  

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Difference in Thought

              The working difference between a liberal and a conservative mind
   We have all seen at least in movies where the pilot goes through a pre-fly check list. In order to do this, he/she must have thorough prior knowledge of and about each item on his/her list. All this is prerequisite to the actual mechanical experience of flying, because if the machine we are going to fly fails us, then there are the deadly consequences of gravity still looming, making human error as important as the mechanics of the machine itself. We also know that it isn’t the fall that kills us it’s the sudden stop or impact.
   In addition we have also learned that some people are physically dexterous enough that with a very minimum of knowledge they can do what is called “flying by the seat of their pants” or play a musical instrument by what we call ear, but although we may be impressed by their skill we do not officially recognize them as pilots or musician.
   The liberal mind does just that, it flies by the seat of the pants and no matter how long it does it, it never gathers the necessary knowledge for others to view them as socially or politically qualified, except by other liberal minds.
   In my youth I learn enough about auto repair, house painting, electronics, sexuality, music, etc to actually make income from what I knew about them, but no one in their conservative mind would have considered me as a auto mechanic, house painter, electronics tech, sex therapist, musician etc. because I learned how to play it by ear and play it by ear is the educational model of modern American academia.
   The thought processes of the mind starts out as amateur or liberal in all things if you get my drift, and many never proceed beyond amateur in their intellectual approach with the exception of their profession, and with that said, I must stipulate in America there is no one capable of being a professional Politician, be cause it would require more flying by the seat of the pants than is acceptable by we the people. A true Conservative thinker will never profess to be fully knowledgeable on any subject he/she is in deficit of.
   I for one, do not what to fly with someone who flies by the seat of their pants or just plays it by ear.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

To Error is Human

   To error is human so the saying goes, but in American society if one is fraught with error in ones behavior and/or thinking they are doomed to the class of the ignorant. This class of people does not conform to any specific demographic set of citizens, but in some they represent the higher social levels and in others the lowest.
   Over time the percentages of error ridden ignorance at the highest and lowest levels of each social demographic fluctuate, some of the time to extreme levels of ignorance. When ever this occurs the ego destroys the concept of error and sets that demographic group on a course of cultural self destruction without the concepts of logic or commonsense.
   This error ridden ignorance appears most prevalent among those in the compacted environment of towns and cities, the larger and more compacted the higher level of overall ignorance prevails among the populous.
   The explosion of this American form of ignorance first manifested itself when America went from farming to manufacturing as people left the farms to compact themselves in towns and cities, the so called industrial revolution. This condition removed individuality from people and the focus became the unnatural social collective which is repulsive to the individual. This is where the social error factor exploded with the resulting social ignorance of individuality.
   The more people are treated socially like herd animals the more errors of ignorance they engage in among themselves like a chain reaction it becomes self perpetuating.
   Communism was the first to recognized the problem but do to their error ridden thought tried to disperse the populous back to the rural conditions they came from with disastrous effect because that system of governance wither city or rural does not condone or support individuality.
   For America to copy the errors of histories collective societies will be the biggest error of ignorance foisted onto any advanced society. We must find and accommodate individuality in our cities by avoiding the pit falls of error and ignorance of collective thinking and behavior, and return to our beginnings as a nation of sovereign individuals.
   In America if our leaders refuse to treat the people as individuals and persist in moving more and more toward the collective, the people must individually take the initiative from them and regain our individuality or history will record America as just one more failed system of governance. Globalizing the collective is the epitome of error and of ignorance.  GAP  

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Herd

   There is an old saying, I don’t know its origin “familiarity breeds contempt” it reflects the truth of human nature whereas another old saying “absence makes the heart grow fonder” reflects the same truth of human nature but different aspects of it. The first reflects the intolerance we have for others and the second reflects the power of the imagination.
   What that should tell us, is people are not naturally herd animals, when we group-up time will make us contemptuous of one another which of coarse leads us to create animosity and sometimes even expressions of anger and hatred. The larger and more compact American society becomes the more this fact is borne out. This fact applies to Nations as well as individuals, but this is only one side of the coin!
   Can humans teach a rabbit not to be a rabbit? Of coarse not it is what it is! Humans are not rabbits, but that is what our human nature would like us to believe, which leads us to the cause of those old sayings.
   Human beings have the skill of intellect that should act as a counter balance to our human nature but it cannot do so if we teach our young otherwise, by inferring that we are under the control of our human nature instead of the intellectual capacity we all have. Only those who view life through their mental prowess can counter those old saying.
   In America our academia go’s out of its way to teach us that we cannot compel our human nature to be subservient to our intellect. When we teach Saul Alinsky to people we give the notion that people are but animals to be manipulated through their human nature and of coarse all herd animals must have a leader of the pack and old Saul will explain how to be the leader of all the rest of those animals of human nature.
   This is what several generations of Americans have been taught, but Saul Alinsky was not the first only the latest to teach his principles. He teaches his pied piper lessons as only the furtherance of progressive thought which originated from Marx, Engles and Lenin.
   The weakness in all the propaganda through education (sic) is that no matter what, it can all be undone in a flash  when ever the people become enlightened to their personal misdirection and discover that it is only their leaders that are the lead animals and they will break away from the herd.
   In America today we are witnessing this very scenario in the leaderless tea party movement and all their Alinsky style and continued propaganda will not be able to bring the runaways back into the herd, they have become individually enlightened! And will no longer recognize the authority of the pack leaders.

Friday, April 16, 2010


   The missing link between adolescence and adult hood is not physical but psychological and we, that is, societies cannot depend on chance, but the metaphysical skill of the human mind through guidance in the following;
Human Intellectual Development (HID). Thru; The Introverted Capacity of Introspective Assessment (TICIA).
   If we leave it to chance roughly 33 % will fully develop HID. If we provide guidance roughly 33 % will not fully develop HID.
  Humans physically exist in the Plasma of the physical world, whereas the mind exists in the plasma of the metaphysical world separated by dimensions’ to the individual one existence is unadulterated subjectivity the other like wise objectivity. Both experiences have a shared capacity within the sum total of the metaphysical mind of man. They can be complimentary or contradictory to each other dependant on the varied subjective experiences and conditions during early physical growth and before and during the development of objective knowledge and understanding or (HID).
   All subjective knowledge and understanding is accumulated through the physical perceptions of the body which have very limited bandwidths bolstered by the imagination, whereas as the objective mind accumulates knowledge that can expand knowledge and understanding far beyond the limited bandwidths of our physical perceptions and/or the imagination. The imagination does not create understanding it creates presumptions as substitutes.
   Human childhood and adolescence creates and accumulates a vast amount of subjective knowledge and presumptions as understanding. All this knowledge does not just disappear when we reach full physical adulthood and much of it acts as an inhibitor to the accumulation of objective knowledge and understanding within the mind.
   This is where; The Introverted Capacity of Introspective Assessment (TICIA) must come in, in order to fully apply Human Intellectual Development (HID)
   This will adjust and/or transcend the subjective knowledge and presumptive understanding of youth so the mind will work in tandem with the newly developed and associative nature of our minds, by adjusting the contradictions’ within it’s self, between the subjective and the objective.
   Just a small example of knowledge and understanding; as a child your eye perceives the color of an object to wit you learn, is referred to as the color red. When you grow-up you may learn the color red is to the eye as a specific frequency of light. Beyond that most people go on throughout life referring to every object they see at that frequency as a red object and will argue with any that say otherwise, for they have no idea of their own objective ignorance because it has been confirmed to their minds by both their subjective youth and likewise shallow objectivity of the adult mind.
    This is all well and good if you are dealing with the color of an object for strictly practical purposes’ but if you want to argue the reality or truth of the matter you would have to objectively consider wither the frequency striking you’re eye is Emitted by the object or reflected by the object, which changes the entire idea of the object as red or just reflecting that particular frequency in the light spectrum while absorbing all others.
   This example should explain why the reality that one perceives by their subjective mind is not necessarily the objective truth of the matter, and prove or evidence of that truth can only be obtained with objective analysis and/or testing which in some cases are satisfied by just ordinary commonsense which is an harmonic expression of (HID), not what is referred to as a generality, whereas a generality is a expression of the subjective imagination.
   In the matter of fallible human judgment the expression “beyond a reasonable doubt” is the standard by which the key word is “reason” within which the subjective imagination has no role to play in the judgments of our fellow man. Circumstantial or antidotal evidence should never be considered as beyond the realm of doubt, it contains no certainty in the objective mind only in the imagination.     

Monday, April 12, 2010

Communist & Conspiracy

The word “conspiracy” has been ostracized in civil society just like the word “communist” and anyone daring to use them or level them will face the wrath of the powers that be, and impugned before discovery, as emanating from the kook fringe of society. This of course only applies to those outside the political correctness that is prevalent.
    Both of these words fall under the possible psychology of the imagination or reasoning processes of human thought but have been so positioned by society as only emanating from the imaginary when inferred as not PC.
   When a conspiracy is implied, the honest broker of civil discourse needs only to determine if its base stands solidly imaginary or of non-imaginary reasoning before rejecting it. We all imagine that we see or otherwise perceive both words in our civil discourse, but if a thorough vetting through the reasoning process validates them it is a fools errand to discount them out of hand, because they both have significant bearing on everyone in society if valid in there applications.
   Communist ideology historically is a self proclaimed conspiracy not separated from conspiracies as a general sinister and criminal activity. Anytime two or more people conspire against others raises the possible specter of wrong or criminal behavior simply by virtue of the secrecy it implies.
   Consulting with others is different only in the sense there is no cooperation or coordination of action or inaction agreed too, thus no conspiracy. If otherwise it is criminal, wither obviously harmful to others or not.
   In America today all things being equal and political; conspiracy is the name of the game as apposed to transparency of organized activities and way too many are sinister conspiracies’ with corrupt social intent. When people get together and organized too self promote them or their organization, is not a conspiracy unless that promotion is by activities against others in order to by comparison make them selves look better. 
   This has become so prolific throughout our society that no one wants to enforce the regulations against any other, because they live by the same standards, so now there is no one watching out for civil security from conspiracies even the known conspiracy of communism which today is known by the word “progressive” which is its new conspiratorial name.
P.S. the sending of large numbers of investigative reporters to Alaska is and was an obvious conspiratorial act by American media against Sarah Palin, the nature of which was/is criminal.  GAP  

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The True Patriot

   Those who try to convince Americans that our Constitution is a living document do so based on age and the differences today in how we live, somehow makes it obsolete. Age, in and of its self is not evidence of obsolete status and no one openly gives particulars as to any point of what is obsolescent within it. The very few who have tried fall flat when nuance and parsing are removed from their arguments. The Marxists and socialist have tried to make the case of obsolescence, yet their ideology of the benefits of the collective have been proven wrong and obsolete by the very document they wish to declare obsolete, Americas Constitution.
   The Constitution of the United States is more relevant today than it has ever been, more relevant to each individual than the Bible, Koran or any other religious or founding documents in the history of mankind. As such, men of all stripes speak against it in defiance of the truth and their own perceived superiority over creation and the world. The human ego has not bounds!
   If we as individuals love life and liberty, time and experience it should cause us to turn a deaf ear to the nonsense that permeates the human condition, and stand-up to all naysayers of the American way, foreign or domestic. 
Real Patriotic thought is not a flash or momentary feeling one experience's when our flag is raise or the national anthem is played. Although those things may drag patriotic thought into the emotional, the emotional is not the home base of patriots. A true patriot lives his/her patriotism day in day out, it is a mental state which is his/her home, and there’s no place like home! 
   When we start advancing into our maturity, it is the lack of individual liberty that drives to us to leave the home we knew and loved on the emotional level as children. No man/woman is an island or wishes to be homeless indefinably so we make a new home as adults, and most find it in the patriotic sense of country, our country becomes our new home which in America allows for the liberty we all yearned to have as young adults.
   Those who choose to remain homeless or wish not to make country home, are not patriots or patriotic but have estranged them selves from home, which was the country of their birth and find a imaginary home in one ideology or another that is foreign, emotional and imaginary, They are homeless vagabonds not worthy of Family or Country or the respect of either, who’s sacrifices gave them the opportunities’ they scoff at in favor of childish fantasy as their own follies. They function as their own worst enemies unable to identify the realities of life itself, due to the fog of the fantasies they have surrounded themselves in that they perceive as home.
   True patriotism is a manifestation in the reality of intelligent life and will not suffer fools or the ignorance of fantasies of willful opposition to it, in perpetuity.