Thursday, May 13, 2010

Difference in Thought

              The working difference between a liberal and a conservative mind
   We have all seen at least in movies where the pilot goes through a pre-fly check list. In order to do this, he/she must have thorough prior knowledge of and about each item on his/her list. All this is prerequisite to the actual mechanical experience of flying, because if the machine we are going to fly fails us, then there are the deadly consequences of gravity still looming, making human error as important as the mechanics of the machine itself. We also know that it isn’t the fall that kills us it’s the sudden stop or impact.
   In addition we have also learned that some people are physically dexterous enough that with a very minimum of knowledge they can do what is called “flying by the seat of their pants” or play a musical instrument by what we call ear, but although we may be impressed by their skill we do not officially recognize them as pilots or musician.
   The liberal mind does just that, it flies by the seat of the pants and no matter how long it does it, it never gathers the necessary knowledge for others to view them as socially or politically qualified, except by other liberal minds.
   In my youth I learn enough about auto repair, house painting, electronics, sexuality, music, etc to actually make income from what I knew about them, but no one in their conservative mind would have considered me as a auto mechanic, house painter, electronics tech, sex therapist, musician etc. because I learned how to play it by ear and play it by ear is the educational model of modern American academia.
   The thought processes of the mind starts out as amateur or liberal in all things if you get my drift, and many never proceed beyond amateur in their intellectual approach with the exception of their profession, and with that said, I must stipulate in America there is no one capable of being a professional Politician, be cause it would require more flying by the seat of the pants than is acceptable by we the people. A true Conservative thinker will never profess to be fully knowledgeable on any subject he/she is in deficit of.
   I for one, do not what to fly with someone who flies by the seat of their pants or just plays it by ear.

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