Monday, May 17, 2010


   The most appropriate word in the English language that best describes the actions of modern day officials both elected and not elected is Malfeasance of office.
    Fiefdom building is what they all do without exception, government officials today no longer express to their constituents’ what they think about anything, they just parrot the opinions of staff. For all intense and purpose they become puppets to those they are supposed to direct, to the point where they personally don’t decide anything, the staff they hire tells them what to think and how to present it. They are public figures only, not governing individuals where celebrity is their only attribute.
   Every one of them becomes a victim of their own elective efforts via handlers followed by staff. This explains how people of such great ignorance become speaker of the house or majority leader in the Senate, or even President!
   Just in case anyone has any doubt or wonders how they get to where they are, or why under questioning they can never give a straight honest answer. It’s because they must first defer to staff as to what they think or even how to say it. This is also why, when their position goes to their heads and they think they are in charge of their own thoughts and venture outside their handlers control, they consistently put their foot in their own mouths’.
   If the American people can not be spoken to off the cuff by our officials those officials are not qualified to hold office plain and simple. If speaking to ones constituents’ off the cuff presents gaffs in speech the spin doctors of media will be rendered impotent, because we the people know simple gaffs verses wrong thought, as well as words put in the mouth by others.
    Only those that think the American public is stupid, think we must measure every word so as to conceal what one really thinks. These are the same people that don’t like and or have to parse with nuanced effort the Constitution because it’s written in plain simple English without ambiguities.  

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