Thursday, January 28, 2010


   The truth about anything does not come by way of repetition unless you are of an intellectually lower species of animal than human. Yet all the same repetition is the kindergarten of human knowledge, which do too the physical expansion of societies many can not grow out of, thus remain in ignorance of the truth of things all through life. Most Americans today know only what has been repeated to them over and over and understand none of it.
   At one time in America we Americans individually concluded that what others did or obtained was no one else’s business as long as it had no direct and or harmful impact on others. Whereas today a huge segment of American society has made an enormous industry of butting into and trying to implement through laws what and how others must conduct their lives both socially and privately. Some how or some where it was decided that those highly educated and thus viewed as experts on how everyone else must live their own lives are our superiors and thus have  the right and obligation to coerce and/or force their perceived expertise on all the rest of us.
   They accomplished this by lowering the bar from direct harm, to imagined or metaphysical harm or even what they may individually conclude is offensive. These imagined conditions have become the legal standards by which our courts and government impose this ignorance on all the rest of our society.
   Ignorance can be obtained individually by the imposed repetition of expert ignorance too the point that ignorance is viewed as intelligence. This is what constitutes an oxymoronic society which is fast becoming the standards by which we Americans live today.
   We Americans would do ourselves wonders by simply minding our own business and butting out of each others business. This would return us to what was once called the Sovereignty of each citizen. This is the wall of separation between church and state and the individual that Jefferson was trying to explain in his declarations.
   The human rights, civil rights that all Americans in fact all people have is not nor gifted by government or the majority but by our creator and no living man/women or body of same, may grant or deny without violating the Sovereignty of the individual.
   I know and understand these things because I am and expert on America and our society, gifted not by man but by my life and experiences as an American by our creator.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Wise Latino Woman?

   American society is the first society to actually and actively seek destruction of wisdom. We place all intellectual values on the imaginary, generated by our emotional reactions to life as we find it and call that wisdom. The sum of which is all contained within one Supreme Court Justice who is a self professed “Wise Latino Woman” of which all three words declare loudly her total incompetence and lack of wisdom as a unbiased jurist or seeker of truth and justice. And all those in her support are living proof of government malfeasance. 
   We Americans used to chastise women that were elevated in position by using their bodies, not anymore, now we just shrug it off as a normal advancement process and is accepted, but we expanded it to include ethnicity, lifestyle, and ignorance or tenure as qualities deserving of elevation as apposed to competence, skill and ability.
   Today competence, skill and ability are related only as they apply to gaming our social and governmental systems unrelated to any responsibility or value added to the positions they seek, not only in government but in any and all social or business positions. All those who make note of this reality are considered naive or Pollyanna in thought.
   We have for all intense and purpose, substituted the word naivety for wisdom and wisdom is lost to the ages.
    Goodness is bad, sincerity is naïve, right is wrong and if anyone is not effective at gaming social and governmental systems are the ignorant, in the eyes of the gaming commission of the elites.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Big Con!!

   Progressive?;  Now who could be against progress, its liken to who can be against the children or safety, it is a word that lends itself well to the con-side of all societies but always comes to loggerheads with them, after long periods of individual suffrages. The word progressive used in every culture, is the reciprocal of progress an inversion of its meaning as a form of subterfuge. Its product is always the opposite of progress for the growth and advancement of the human condition within any society.
   In America today the word “intellectual” is the second most used word that acts as a support word for “progressive” as a contributor to the psychological con, and in like fashion is the opposite of intellect. Both words are applied to individuals and/or groups for the same goal of giving societies a false sense of truth and/or reality. They place psychological façades in the mind, which never needs evidence of fact to support them.
   A progressive never seeks progress, and an intellectual rarely uses the intellect, except to facilitate the cultural con. Every con reaches the point of the sting, sooner or later, and all that’s left is how well it worked before we all discover or become aware that we have been conned, but with out knowing who conned us, all because people in a civil sense are ignorant of generational knowledge and understanding.
   It appears to this writer that Americans in large numbers, after more than one hundred years are beginning to recognize the con for what it is, and it is my wish that they know who and how, so as to punish the social and political grifter’s of our American culture.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The truth and nothing but!

   The internet is a very good outlet by which people can reach out to a larger and more diverse group of people that would other wise be to difficult for some to communicate with.
   When I was a child, we used the telephone to those same ends. That only goes to show the deficit in accumulated generational knowledge and makes us all less intelligent, where each generation has to start from scratch in pursuit of intellectual growth and understanding. People cannot effect or gain knowledge between themselves in the absence of an open mind and unencumbered inquiry. It is called intercourse between people, but only as long as both sides keeps their minds out of the gutter in every respect.
   If I or you mention something Obama is doing, Bush is not part of the discussion or vice-versa where comparison of one or the other person has nothing to do with the rightness or wrongness of an issue or point of discussion, choosing personal sides is not intellectual banter it is the demonstrative evidence of the “failure to communicate”.
  The word “No” is not a request; it’s an order, or exclamation of ones own ignorance to a question. It also implies a negative as apposed to affirmation, but it never contains possibility, it is absolute.
  Humans gain nothing by making noise just for the sake of making noise, and words without context are just that noise. If one cannot draw or extract context from someone else’s writing or speech, one need’s to ask one’s self, is it me or them that is failing to communicate. Assuming via the ego is a false starter.  
   The original Constitution is unchangeable; by Congress, judicial fiat, Amendment or the people. It either is or is not our foundational law and only “we the people” in aggregate have the rights to repeal it, and reinstitute it for our own benefit by the same precedence as set by our Founding Fathers. 
   Criminals are the originators and instigators’ of social and civil wrong doing, and it is these same said criminals that are trying to make the public response and push-back as equal an act as that which is perpetrated against them. A response to an act of wrong, no matter the degree is not criminal, it’s called self defense.
   Retribution is the prerogative of the individual not government. governments job regarding criminals is not rehabilitation, or punishment, but only separating the criminals from the general public wither short, long term or permanently from us. The criminal has no right to aggravation as justification or mitigation of an original act. If aggravation was justification how many acts might I have committed myself already.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


    How do you make a threat or give a warning of your potentially violent or other wise intents without bearing responsibility for making the threats. Simple, you do it via third party inference, which is the way of the political left all over the globe. That is the source and method of all the environmental gurus. In years gone by they were called demagogues in both religious and civil societies and have beset societies since the days of Christ and before him. Many will make their warning and threats with a broad scope, assuming most will think they individually are outside the scope of them, “not I”! But behind the demagogues are always those who are determined to make things happen to give a kind of reality to the demagoguery; it is to them I present the following; 
   As an individual sovereign I do not take warnings or threats well, regardless of origin, which I will always ascertain. Once the source is determined, precognitive scenarios’ or strategies’ are developed with every conceivable tactic permanently ingrained for my responses, leaving the reactive or expected response as a surprise to the aggressor.
  Once initiated in defense only, I become the aggressor, I will take offensive action and I will not stop, hesitate or back-off until honed in on the source and no quarter will be given.
  This is and has been my life long oath, commitment and my answer to any and all who directly or indirectly threaten me and/or mine. It is always better them, than me and/or mine
   This is not a threat of violence but a commitment of any response to violence. I am not big, strong or young but the advantage I carry is preparedness and the cunning of pre-cognitive thought which I share not. From these statements all that can be gleaned in the name of justice is the sureness that it’s coming, where, when and how is the question!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Are you offended yet?

   As a people Americans have become not just politically correct but petty, in that we allow personal offense taken by some to become an attack on freedom of speech which demands others to apologize for what used to be common insult and normal banter among people.
   I once had a young boy that took offense when in conversation I referred to him as a boy. He said he didn’t like it when people called him a boy he said he is a man, to which I replied your only 16 how does that make you a man and no longer a boy? He responded by asking me how I determined he was a boy to which I told him, that I referred to him as a boy on purpose in order to establish which he was a boy or a young man and in the process I was correct in calling him a boy. He still didn’t understand, all he could say was, “I don’t get it”.
   I told him I was once a boy so I understood his concerns and that my calling him a boy was simple, to get or not to get the reaction from him that I got, he then ask well when will I know I’m no longer a boy and have become a man? Simple you will know you’re a man when the day comes that someone calls you a boy, and you don’t take offense by or even notice they referred to you as such, that’s when you start to become a man. I probably should let it be known the boy was infatuated with my daughter that’s why I was curious as to his maturity.
   The idea that people say things that you should be offended by in the normal banter between people only shows you have not grow into maturity or they are trying to prove that fact to themselves.
   Like if I call you a fatty, if it’s true it is just me being socially rude and that makes me less for pointing out the obvious. If I call you fatty and it’s not true but I want to see how you view yourself, it requires nothing from you in response unless it bothers you so maybe you have a self image problem, but again it is not the most civil way to deal with others, but doesn’t rise to the level of righteous indignation. Get over it. Learn to understand that one should always consider the source and never let them get to you by responding to their insensitivity or discriminatory prejudices the shame will always fall on them unless you react, then you’re both at fault for what ever controversy follows. Never give them that satisfaction suck it up and be a man or woman instead of a boy or girl and right now, is not the past. And don’t ever tell me, what I should or should not say because someone might be offended. If your offended by that tuff, maybe you want to raise it to a violent level it’s still no skin off my ass I give no quarter to either offense  

Saturday, January 9, 2010

How did we get here

   When a person graduates or obtains a specific social or political standing, does it matter how they achieved that standing among the populace? The answer to this question is yes, if you are a person of character you believe in standards for achievement, and no if you are a scoundrel that cheats, and believe that gaming any and all systems and standards is achievement!
    Any person that uses this kind of commonsense knows that among all people in society, that we will always have some achievers’ and some scoundrels’. The achievers’ know and understand their own honesty, and the scoundrel knows and understands their own dishonesty. The primary question that each and every American today needs to ask is, what are the proportions or percentages of one or the other that are in our society, and what does that say about our society overall? From an emotional point of view I am defining here, the difference between individual pride and shame where the scoundrels’ among us actually feel no shame, and in fact take pride in their cheating and gaming of the honest Americans and we all pretend their false pride is legitimate.
   Aside from those who by their human nature are natural scoundrels, and usually only represent one third of society it is American academia, that is the purveyor of cheating and gaming our social and political systems, and with its best effort over many years has created individuals that would not naturally be scoundrels, to function that way in the name of achievement, too such an extent that we currently are suffering as a society at approximately fifty percent or more. This academic effort has currently corrupted almost every standard and system, political, legal, educational, financial, families, science, medical and our entire government.
   As a society of by and for the people only the people can possible clean our country up from all the corruption that prevails today and avert our decline and it starts with each one of us.
    “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.” — Marcus Tullius Cicero (106 BC-43 BC)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Whose at Fault?

   When a black man fails, its white men’s fault, (racism) when a woman fails its white men’s fault, (sexism) in fact all human fallacies are the fault of white men. George bush is a white man that alone makes him at fault for everything. If you didn’t learn this in grade school you are stupid, and we should make a law that will tax your ignorance and or put you through a reeducation camp it’s for your own good!
   If you’re a white man you must accept this brilliant and intellectual analysis and your miserable fate, and also face servitude to atone for your sin of birth (you are at fault).
   Placing blame or fault instead of intelligently resolving social or cultural problems is the hallmark of ignorant peoples regardless their condition of birth. All one has to do is identify whose making the accusation, that’s the one at fault no matter the rationale conjured up to justify these kinds of discrimination.
   Look all around the world at what or who is determining the guilt of others, that’s the real source of ignorance that led to people fleeing it, and the formation of America in the first place. But there is no place on earth left to flee to anymore, it is here all the accused must make a stand or be swallowed up by the ignorance that abounds else where. It is the aggregate of world ignorance that made America a necessity and it is also what may destroy it leaving mankind back where it was over 200+ years ago.
   America as a nation has the one fatal flaw that we need to identify and that is what we were fore warned of by our founders. Do not try to integrate our unique nation with the rest of the world it will swallow us whole! Into its tyrannical, socialist nightmare where socialism is like the native that believes by consuming its enemies it will acquire the positive attributes of them, where America developed itself by assimilating rather than consuming.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


   Who or what matters most, or what impacts the life of each individual most and why;
   Ignorant and stupid people always present ignorant and stupid ideas to society at large. That’s the reality of human nature. But if we pay no attention to ignorance and stupidity the fact that those ignorant and stupid people are still among us matters not at all. In plain language don’t spread the bull it’s not a fertilizer to society it’s a soil sterilizer.
    The major sources of why American’s buy into ignorant and stupid people and their social and government ideas for changing things is the “façade” which is the false face portrayed, directing the mind of the individual from the reasoning process to the process of feelings and emotions. A façade is a lie made to look good on the surface with nothing of substance behind it, only the structure that holds up the facade to the unthinking mind.
   The overwhelming number of ignorant and stupid people; exist in emotional fantasies and the tranquility of the aspects and appendages of wealth. In America this condition of life applies to even the poorest of our poor where wealth is seen as asset or money rich, as apposed to the richness of our living conditions. This may also be described as the difference between “want and need” which Americans in general can no longer decipher the difference between.
   The way we see our individual lives ourselves, is by comparison with one another, where if someone else lives in a more luxurious condition, that’s what makes us poorer and thus from a emotional point of view is seen as unfair or unjust. We are emotionally blinded to the dynamics of individual effort and personal industry that creates the disparities between us. These emotional views come from jealousy, envy and avarice which reduce us to the mental status of all the lower animals of this world. The emotion of self misery, does not improve by making others just as self righteous, or in other words “misery does not enjoy company”.
   As long as we Americans appear to wallow in the emotional aspects of our beings maybe we should include shame in the mix, but that would cause us to really think about the unthinkable. We have spoiled and rejected the heritage bequeathed us by are forefathers.
Summation; socialism is and always has been a façade.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Violent Revolution

                       A modern strategic theory of a violent patriotic revolution of necessity;
   In terms of negotiating with an enemy only a fool would take any response to their actions off the table. It only remains to ascertain what an enemy is. An enemy is anyone or group that knowingly, may cause you harm, and the degree of and significance of can only be ascertained by the potential victim s’.
 But, when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object, evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security.  Declaration of Independence

   The afore mention quotation under the current conditions and behavior of America’s government places that government as an enemy of the people and that same said government is currently providing evidence that the only objections from we the people they will respect is violent objection. Thus the unilateral withdrawal of potential violence by the people is a fool’s errand.
   To top it off our government has in numerous occasions presently made it clear they will and intend to use violence against the people to force our capitulation to their will. This is tyranny plain and simple for all to see.
   All that is left is to be honest and above board with these same said tyrants, and openly declare the ultimate response in our negotiations with them, so there may be no mistaking our position as we the people. And that is we will respond to their tyranny in like fashion as did our forefathers to the abuses of government. Should we do anything less? Are we anything less in our love of liberty? The righteousness and goodness of the American people is in its ascendancy!
   Just like the tea parties cropped-up without a central organization is how the people will respond in violence, not organized in a fashion that organized forces can defend against. They will be diverse and separate cells unconnected directly to any central authority, not unlike al-Qaida with the principals of our Americas founding instead of a religious creed as its core. Armed forces under the control of government will not be able to identify or stop them and will be at their mercy. They will hit and run and blend into the rest of us making them invisible to any other.
That is how it will commence, when all else proves futile.