Thursday, January 28, 2010


   The truth about anything does not come by way of repetition unless you are of an intellectually lower species of animal than human. Yet all the same repetition is the kindergarten of human knowledge, which do too the physical expansion of societies many can not grow out of, thus remain in ignorance of the truth of things all through life. Most Americans today know only what has been repeated to them over and over and understand none of it.
   At one time in America we Americans individually concluded that what others did or obtained was no one else’s business as long as it had no direct and or harmful impact on others. Whereas today a huge segment of American society has made an enormous industry of butting into and trying to implement through laws what and how others must conduct their lives both socially and privately. Some how or some where it was decided that those highly educated and thus viewed as experts on how everyone else must live their own lives are our superiors and thus have  the right and obligation to coerce and/or force their perceived expertise on all the rest of us.
   They accomplished this by lowering the bar from direct harm, to imagined or metaphysical harm or even what they may individually conclude is offensive. These imagined conditions have become the legal standards by which our courts and government impose this ignorance on all the rest of our society.
   Ignorance can be obtained individually by the imposed repetition of expert ignorance too the point that ignorance is viewed as intelligence. This is what constitutes an oxymoronic society which is fast becoming the standards by which we Americans live today.
   We Americans would do ourselves wonders by simply minding our own business and butting out of each others business. This would return us to what was once called the Sovereignty of each citizen. This is the wall of separation between church and state and the individual that Jefferson was trying to explain in his declarations.
   The human rights, civil rights that all Americans in fact all people have is not nor gifted by government or the majority but by our creator and no living man/women or body of same, may grant or deny without violating the Sovereignty of the individual.
   I know and understand these things because I am and expert on America and our society, gifted not by man but by my life and experiences as an American by our creator.

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