Wednesday, January 6, 2010


   Who or what matters most, or what impacts the life of each individual most and why;
   Ignorant and stupid people always present ignorant and stupid ideas to society at large. That’s the reality of human nature. But if we pay no attention to ignorance and stupidity the fact that those ignorant and stupid people are still among us matters not at all. In plain language don’t spread the bull it’s not a fertilizer to society it’s a soil sterilizer.
    The major sources of why American’s buy into ignorant and stupid people and their social and government ideas for changing things is the “façade” which is the false face portrayed, directing the mind of the individual from the reasoning process to the process of feelings and emotions. A façade is a lie made to look good on the surface with nothing of substance behind it, only the structure that holds up the facade to the unthinking mind.
   The overwhelming number of ignorant and stupid people; exist in emotional fantasies and the tranquility of the aspects and appendages of wealth. In America this condition of life applies to even the poorest of our poor where wealth is seen as asset or money rich, as apposed to the richness of our living conditions. This may also be described as the difference between “want and need” which Americans in general can no longer decipher the difference between.
   The way we see our individual lives ourselves, is by comparison with one another, where if someone else lives in a more luxurious condition, that’s what makes us poorer and thus from a emotional point of view is seen as unfair or unjust. We are emotionally blinded to the dynamics of individual effort and personal industry that creates the disparities between us. These emotional views come from jealousy, envy and avarice which reduce us to the mental status of all the lower animals of this world. The emotion of self misery, does not improve by making others just as self righteous, or in other words “misery does not enjoy company”.
   As long as we Americans appear to wallow in the emotional aspects of our beings maybe we should include shame in the mix, but that would cause us to really think about the unthinkable. We have spoiled and rejected the heritage bequeathed us by are forefathers.
Summation; socialism is and always has been a façade.

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