Friday, January 8, 2010

Whose at Fault?

   When a black man fails, its white men’s fault, (racism) when a woman fails its white men’s fault, (sexism) in fact all human fallacies are the fault of white men. George bush is a white man that alone makes him at fault for everything. If you didn’t learn this in grade school you are stupid, and we should make a law that will tax your ignorance and or put you through a reeducation camp it’s for your own good!
   If you’re a white man you must accept this brilliant and intellectual analysis and your miserable fate, and also face servitude to atone for your sin of birth (you are at fault).
   Placing blame or fault instead of intelligently resolving social or cultural problems is the hallmark of ignorant peoples regardless their condition of birth. All one has to do is identify whose making the accusation, that’s the one at fault no matter the rationale conjured up to justify these kinds of discrimination.
   Look all around the world at what or who is determining the guilt of others, that’s the real source of ignorance that led to people fleeing it, and the formation of America in the first place. But there is no place on earth left to flee to anymore, it is here all the accused must make a stand or be swallowed up by the ignorance that abounds else where. It is the aggregate of world ignorance that made America a necessity and it is also what may destroy it leaving mankind back where it was over 200+ years ago.
   America as a nation has the one fatal flaw that we need to identify and that is what we were fore warned of by our founders. Do not try to integrate our unique nation with the rest of the world it will swallow us whole! Into its tyrannical, socialist nightmare where socialism is like the native that believes by consuming its enemies it will acquire the positive attributes of them, where America developed itself by assimilating rather than consuming.

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