Monday, August 31, 2009

Go! Sarah

     In my youth I often wondered how or even why so many great men of history had the time or reason to put on paper their thoughts, observation and experiences about a mired of subjects. But I wonder no more in my own efforts to do just that and I am not what one might call a great man, I am a no-account.
  It becomes an inner drive to pass along the lessons of life one has accumulated. Not for recognition or wealth because most were beyond that stage, but too enlighten posterity, and if that is the goal, deceit or fiction will not and cannot accomplish it. This is unlike the writers of fiction or novels. It is the stuff of objective truth accumulated at their times in human history.
  Our American educational system keeps the young from benefiting of this historical knowledge primarily by ridicule of ages past and the men and women who left us their knowledge in writing, by steering them toward fiction and novels as the sources to be enlightened by. But even at that at least half the youth see through this subterfuge and manage to get sneak peeks of objective self-evident truth from ages gone by.
  I have never met a man, women or child of modern times that does not think they know and understand almost everything under the sun. All this without any knowledge on an issue before them, all they go by are clique’s they pickup within the social circles they happen to travel in, its like a form of mimic, absent knowledge let alone understanding of which they so boldly speak. This is the way in particular of the political class, which is why no one ever gets a straight honest answer from a politician. In the simplest of terms they really don’t know of which they speak, they lack a foundation upon which to stand.
  This is also why they scoff at so called political upstarts like Sarah Palin because their empty rhetoric is not sufficient to throw her off her base of sound human values, which they see as na├»ve, and they would be correct in that assumption if they are looking and listening to her through the twisted standards and prism of corruption they live by. So my response to Sarah is simply “Go Sarah Go”.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Political Outrage

     More and more everyday people in positions to know the truth of what goes on inside government, lament each issue and the person or persons involved. Then proceed to make suggestions on how to combat and appose the most outrageous acts. When it’s not the outrages we need to combat, but the individuals that commit them one after another. But in America today we separate the individual from the acts they engage in.
  This represents the prevalent level of ignorance in our society from top to bottom, we no longer hold people in government to account no matter how outrageously they behave, this shows our (the peoples) ignorance not theirs. Apparently we have dropped the words malfeasance, integrity, honor, duty, and good conduct from our vocabulary and replaced them with duh and so what!!
  In America Congressmen/women and senators’ used to be people of high personal and social integrity, or as our founders said virtue. Today for the most part they have none, they are egotistical and tyrannical. They think of themselves as our leaders. If they are our leaders, then that means we (the people) are followers.
  This self-delusional leadership they perceive is inculcated in them as soon as they arrive. They are told that those whom are there before them are their leaders, and they must follow or will not be allowed to engage in any serious way the legislative work of Congress so they all passively submit to this corruption and just go with the flow, waiting for their chance to be a leader (In Congress that is). Once they get to be a leader in congress they think by then that makes them a leader of the people. It is this that makes political parties act like a shadow government within the Founders original structure of Congress; they play the music that everyone else must dance too.
  We the people don’t elect others to be our leaders we elect them to represent us. If an individual official in congress does not agree with their constituents’ and had any integrity they would resign before going against their own voters. But not if they see themselves as our leaders, this is what makes a tyrant and an egotistical politician.
  Barbara Boxer does not retain the title of senator she only plays one on TV, the title of senator belongs to the State not the person and by extension the people, and she only occupies the seat. The title of Senator is not a title of nobility, not by a long shot, and she needs to get her ego in check.
  I personally follow no one, but I may join with others of like mind on occasion. Obama may be president but he is not my president, nor my leader.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Law's

    The single most difficult thing to comprehend is how Obama managed to get a job teaching Constitutional law, I have concluded that it’s only because Harvard gave him a law degree, it sure isn’t because he knows and understands the Constitution. And if Harvard law agrees with him, they have no business handing out Degrees in it.
  On the other hand I happened to listen to a few self-avowed Communists discussing our Constitution and that’s when I learned how Obama got his foolish and illogical even ignorant opinions about what the Constitution says or fails to say. It sure wasn’t from Harvard law, or if it was they are teaching communist Propaganda in regards to our Constitution which don’t get me wrong, doesn’t really surprise me all that much, considering all the false pride in the social and political corruption they and their ilk wallow in.
  I have a nephew that when he was about 5 years old was standing on a couch next to his mother with whom I was engaged in a conversation with. As he stood there he was repeatedly hitting her on the top of the head with his fist. She would allow this for a few hits then she would tell him to quit hitting her on the head. As soon as she turned back to our conversation he would start up again with the hitting. This went on in cycles for about ten minutes before she was sufficiently annoyed and turned to him in frustration and said; “Scotty I told you to many times to stop hitting me on the head”. At which time he responded; “I’m not hitting you on the head”. She said;”don’t tell me your not hitting me on the head; I ought to know when someone is hitting me on the head”. His final remark when he saw how frustrated she was getting was; “I’m not hitting you on the head I’m hitting you on your hat”.
  This is the child like stuff of modern lawyers, and I am surprised that Scott never went to law school “yet”.
  To take things literally with deceptive intent or to parse the language to give others a false impression and/or out- right lie is the way of the entire legal system in America today. Which is to say; we have no legal system, let alone Justice for the people!
  The basic laws of America are in the Constitution for all to read and understand they are not complex and need no legal scholar to interpret, all laws on the books beyond the Constitution are the result of parsing and twisting for the most part, and bare little to no relation to our legal foundations and in many contradict them. These I do not accept as required allegiance or adherence. Like in the binary only two states determine the right or wrong of all, justice does not exist in the middle or no-mans land.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Don’t Tread On Us

   There are a few simple and basic things all American children must learn and understand before the older generation or even their peers for the most part, will accept them as mature adults with an intelligent capacity. Those with deficit of these things of intellect hear responses’ from others to their behavior like this;
“Who the hell do you think you are?”
“If you try to shove it down my throat, I will stick it right back up your ass”
  These type responses’ are at first defensive, but always harbor an offensive response. That is what Americans are all about because we individually view none, as our superior or ruler and in that sense even from uppity children we will always become belligerent when we think we are being put upon. (Notice I didn’t say, feel we are put upon)
  The greatest weakness we Americans have is a slowness to catch on to the manipulators and the ignorant in society and the world, but once we catch on, we will never back-down or submit to them.
  This child-like behavior when used by government officials will garner nothing short of offensive action from the adult citizens among the populace. American government was created to only do for the people, not to them, and pick and choose, what segment or segments of society will garner government support, is not within its province.
  We will discriminate, so they may as well start building the gulags’ to hold us in, and I’ll bet there will be many black Americans right along with all the rest, once they catch-on that it’s not about skin color but individual sovereignty, then they will no longer give Obama a pass because of his skin color.
  Every black American whose ancestors chose to remain after emancipation, are full fledged Americans as any others, and I cannot bring myself to think, that just after they achieved that recognition across the board, they will re- subjugate themselves under the banners and cry of socialist fairness. (Misery does not enjoy company!!)
  “Tolerance” of individuals or groups to abuse, particularly by government is not an American value and never has been, and if you don’t believe me, ask any man or women descended from slavery, it is a socialist tool of submission. True Americans are compassionate both in the benevolent and offensive behavior of our character.
The best defense is a strong offence!! And offence used in defense is no vice.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Fundamentals

    The fundamenatals; Every subject one can think of has what we call fundamentals that act as its foundation. Without these fundamentals’ there is no foundation upon which it stands. These fundamentals when expressed, are expressed as a basic premise which is rarely or specifically defined, yet act as basic fundamentals’ in our speech or writing.
  When ever someone makes a statement or poses a question that assumes a basic premise that is false, that statement and/or question has no foundation, which in turn is just plain gibberish, not fit for intelligent consideration, just words without a leg to stand on. This is the stuff of liars who use the right words but are always founded on a false premise. Example By; prefacing a statement as, “we all can agree that government needs to fix the Nations’ healthcare system”. Contained within that preface are two false premises one is “we all can agree” the other is that the Nations healthcare is a system.

 A system implies a designer, and America’s healthcare did not happen by design, it evolved over time with the needs of the people, but in truth has been interfered with by government so much, it is now an economic basket case, which can easily be corrected by the removal of said government interference. 
  Many people unknowingly accept a false premise when the words appear or sound good. People whom make statements based on false premises are not only liars, but have ulterior motives for doing so. 
  Anyone that states they want to change the fundamentals’ of anything, in the famous words of Ricky Ricardo, has “a lot of serious splaining to do”. That applies more so, to those that hold the political power to do just that, change the fundamentals of our American society, because it is based on the false premise that they have the authority or right to do just that.
  The basic fundamentals of American society are found in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America and no politician in our history was ever granted or gifted by election to office the authority or right to fundamentally change our government or the foundations upon which it stands.
  This is not to say that many in our history have not caused change to our basic fundamental system of government but it does speak loudly as to the unconstitutional changes, methods and false premises presented to the people that lull them into subservience.
  Not a single issue stands before our government today that is the legitimate business of it, or the ignorant, insurgents that have pulled off the first political Coup under the control of a (socialist) democrat junta in American history. In America this is what will lead us into an outright revolution and now is not the time for true patriots to shrink before its face.