Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Fundamentals

    The fundamenatals; Every subject one can think of has what we call fundamentals that act as its foundation. Without these fundamentals’ there is no foundation upon which it stands. These fundamentals when expressed, are expressed as a basic premise which is rarely or specifically defined, yet act as basic fundamentals’ in our speech or writing.
  When ever someone makes a statement or poses a question that assumes a basic premise that is false, that statement and/or question has no foundation, which in turn is just plain gibberish, not fit for intelligent consideration, just words without a leg to stand on. This is the stuff of liars who use the right words but are always founded on a false premise. Example By; prefacing a statement as, “we all can agree that government needs to fix the Nations’ healthcare system”. Contained within that preface are two false premises one is “we all can agree” the other is that the Nations healthcare is a system.

 A system implies a designer, and America’s healthcare did not happen by design, it evolved over time with the needs of the people, but in truth has been interfered with by government so much, it is now an economic basket case, which can easily be corrected by the removal of said government interference. 
  Many people unknowingly accept a false premise when the words appear or sound good. People whom make statements based on false premises are not only liars, but have ulterior motives for doing so. 
  Anyone that states they want to change the fundamentals’ of anything, in the famous words of Ricky Ricardo, has “a lot of serious splaining to do”. That applies more so, to those that hold the political power to do just that, change the fundamentals of our American society, because it is based on the false premise that they have the authority or right to do just that.
  The basic fundamentals of American society are found in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America and no politician in our history was ever granted or gifted by election to office the authority or right to fundamentally change our government or the foundations upon which it stands.
  This is not to say that many in our history have not caused change to our basic fundamental system of government but it does speak loudly as to the unconstitutional changes, methods and false premises presented to the people that lull them into subservience.
  Not a single issue stands before our government today that is the legitimate business of it, or the ignorant, insurgents that have pulled off the first political Coup under the control of a (socialist) democrat junta in American history. In America this is what will lead us into an outright revolution and now is not the time for true patriots to shrink before its face.  


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