Sunday, August 30, 2009

Political Outrage

     More and more everyday people in positions to know the truth of what goes on inside government, lament each issue and the person or persons involved. Then proceed to make suggestions on how to combat and appose the most outrageous acts. When it’s not the outrages we need to combat, but the individuals that commit them one after another. But in America today we separate the individual from the acts they engage in.
  This represents the prevalent level of ignorance in our society from top to bottom, we no longer hold people in government to account no matter how outrageously they behave, this shows our (the peoples) ignorance not theirs. Apparently we have dropped the words malfeasance, integrity, honor, duty, and good conduct from our vocabulary and replaced them with duh and so what!!
  In America Congressmen/women and senators’ used to be people of high personal and social integrity, or as our founders said virtue. Today for the most part they have none, they are egotistical and tyrannical. They think of themselves as our leaders. If they are our leaders, then that means we (the people) are followers.
  This self-delusional leadership they perceive is inculcated in them as soon as they arrive. They are told that those whom are there before them are their leaders, and they must follow or will not be allowed to engage in any serious way the legislative work of Congress so they all passively submit to this corruption and just go with the flow, waiting for their chance to be a leader (In Congress that is). Once they get to be a leader in congress they think by then that makes them a leader of the people. It is this that makes political parties act like a shadow government within the Founders original structure of Congress; they play the music that everyone else must dance too.
  We the people don’t elect others to be our leaders we elect them to represent us. If an individual official in congress does not agree with their constituents’ and had any integrity they would resign before going against their own voters. But not if they see themselves as our leaders, this is what makes a tyrant and an egotistical politician.
  Barbara Boxer does not retain the title of senator she only plays one on TV, the title of senator belongs to the State not the person and by extension the people, and she only occupies the seat. The title of Senator is not a title of nobility, not by a long shot, and she needs to get her ego in check.
  I personally follow no one, but I may join with others of like mind on occasion. Obama may be president but he is not my president, nor my leader.

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