Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Law's

    The single most difficult thing to comprehend is how Obama managed to get a job teaching Constitutional law, I have concluded that it’s only because Harvard gave him a law degree, it sure isn’t because he knows and understands the Constitution. And if Harvard law agrees with him, they have no business handing out Degrees in it.
  On the other hand I happened to listen to a few self-avowed Communists discussing our Constitution and that’s when I learned how Obama got his foolish and illogical even ignorant opinions about what the Constitution says or fails to say. It sure wasn’t from Harvard law, or if it was they are teaching communist Propaganda in regards to our Constitution which don’t get me wrong, doesn’t really surprise me all that much, considering all the false pride in the social and political corruption they and their ilk wallow in.
  I have a nephew that when he was about 5 years old was standing on a couch next to his mother with whom I was engaged in a conversation with. As he stood there he was repeatedly hitting her on the top of the head with his fist. She would allow this for a few hits then she would tell him to quit hitting her on the head. As soon as she turned back to our conversation he would start up again with the hitting. This went on in cycles for about ten minutes before she was sufficiently annoyed and turned to him in frustration and said; “Scotty I told you to many times to stop hitting me on the head”. At which time he responded; “I’m not hitting you on the head”. She said;”don’t tell me your not hitting me on the head; I ought to know when someone is hitting me on the head”. His final remark when he saw how frustrated she was getting was; “I’m not hitting you on the head I’m hitting you on your hat”.
  This is the child like stuff of modern lawyers, and I am surprised that Scott never went to law school “yet”.
  To take things literally with deceptive intent or to parse the language to give others a false impression and/or out- right lie is the way of the entire legal system in America today. Which is to say; we have no legal system, let alone Justice for the people!
  The basic laws of America are in the Constitution for all to read and understand they are not complex and need no legal scholar to interpret, all laws on the books beyond the Constitution are the result of parsing and twisting for the most part, and bare little to no relation to our legal foundations and in many contradict them. These I do not accept as required allegiance or adherence. Like in the binary only two states determine the right or wrong of all, justice does not exist in the middle or no-mans land.

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