Monday, August 31, 2009

Go! Sarah

     In my youth I often wondered how or even why so many great men of history had the time or reason to put on paper their thoughts, observation and experiences about a mired of subjects. But I wonder no more in my own efforts to do just that and I am not what one might call a great man, I am a no-account.
  It becomes an inner drive to pass along the lessons of life one has accumulated. Not for recognition or wealth because most were beyond that stage, but too enlighten posterity, and if that is the goal, deceit or fiction will not and cannot accomplish it. This is unlike the writers of fiction or novels. It is the stuff of objective truth accumulated at their times in human history.
  Our American educational system keeps the young from benefiting of this historical knowledge primarily by ridicule of ages past and the men and women who left us their knowledge in writing, by steering them toward fiction and novels as the sources to be enlightened by. But even at that at least half the youth see through this subterfuge and manage to get sneak peeks of objective self-evident truth from ages gone by.
  I have never met a man, women or child of modern times that does not think they know and understand almost everything under the sun. All this without any knowledge on an issue before them, all they go by are clique’s they pickup within the social circles they happen to travel in, its like a form of mimic, absent knowledge let alone understanding of which they so boldly speak. This is the way in particular of the political class, which is why no one ever gets a straight honest answer from a politician. In the simplest of terms they really don’t know of which they speak, they lack a foundation upon which to stand.
  This is also why they scoff at so called political upstarts like Sarah Palin because their empty rhetoric is not sufficient to throw her off her base of sound human values, which they see as naïve, and they would be correct in that assumption if they are looking and listening to her through the twisted standards and prism of corruption they live by. So my response to Sarah is simply “Go Sarah Go”.

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