Saturday, May 29, 2010

The American Race

   The purging of politics from government offices and the return of honesty and ethics are the only salvation for America. It is the solemn responsibility of the individual citizen to vote for men and women of high integrity and moral and ethical character not for what one thinks will illicit favor.
   It is a mind set of human nature to get our individual piece of the pie by hook or by crook. If we Americas all fail to overcome our human nature there will soon be no pie left for anyone, nor the ingredients’ to bake anymore.
   Americans have always been willing in fact eager to give of our own blood on behave of others as well as ourselves but like any body, how much at any given time can be spared is dependant on how much and how fast the body can replenish the supply. If we give too much, the body will die which means the total end of the supply of American blood.
   One of the things that many others of this world we live in don’t understand is that after 234 years of growth and maturing for all practical reasons as a nation our citizens are or have become a race of people (The American Race).
Just like an African, Italian, Mexican, German etc cannot deny their heritage they cannot be honest with themselves and deny they are American. Although they may have pride in their heritage or blood line they would not chose to be anything other than American when push comes to shove.
    Nationality on a world wide scale in the past was for all practical purposes defined by the race of the people that inhabited them. Today it is nationhood that defines race more so than bloodline heritage ever did. This defines the influence of America on the whole world more so than any other social and cultural factors. Those who work so feverously to undo this blending of humanity and return the world to ethnic cabals as nations will only engulf humanity in global war of the most individual and personal nature more bloody and wide spread than any human conflict in the history of man and no one will escape it.
   The only racist we have in America today are non-Americans and as a American I suggest, if they cannot accept that regardless of place of birth or bloodline they are free to go and leave America too the American Race. It is the only race on earth that can be chosen as apposed to an accident of birth.
    The purging of government and racist would be the great American renewal. It is not a matter of time or bloodline that makes one a member of the American race but a frame of mind chosen by our founding fathers to be America’s destiny. 

Monday, May 24, 2010

Humans & Beast

  It is an undeniable truth that Americans have been the primary culture on this earth to advance the conditions of individual lives of people not only at home but throughout the entire world from our founding on. But like the domestication of wild animals we make the conditions of their individual lives better, at the utter failure of making the animal itself improved or better in any measurable way, they remain in perpetuity what they have always been just “wild animals” coercively kept in the best ideal conditions of life known.
   The complete fulfillment and or development of a life wither human or wild animal can only be achieved by mutual respect for the individual sovereignty of each life within the boundaries that evolve over time. For human’s the formula to achieve this was developed and established in America by our Constitution.
   The more evolved and educated we become the more this simplistic reality eludes us, driving us to revert to the coercive holding of people in the most unnatural conditions, not unlike the keeping or domestication of wild animals. This cycle of sovereignty verses captivity repeats itself over time because mankind appears not to be able to evolve intellectually in the understanding of itself. (Human nature)
    Only once did it appear we understood this and it was this understanding that caused us to create the Constitution as our blueprint for cultural success with individual sovereignty as its core value. We called it freedom and liberty but what it really is, is individual sovereignty within the boundaries set forth in the Constitution similar to a wild game preserve which has its security provided. This is America and Americans duplicated no where else on earth.
    You cannot remove Sovereignty from the human mind any more than you can remove wild from the wild animal coercive power can subjugate the spirit only, but never the mind of beast or human.

Monday, May 17, 2010


   The most appropriate word in the English language that best describes the actions of modern day officials both elected and not elected is Malfeasance of office.
    Fiefdom building is what they all do without exception, government officials today no longer express to their constituents’ what they think about anything, they just parrot the opinions of staff. For all intense and purpose they become puppets to those they are supposed to direct, to the point where they personally don’t decide anything, the staff they hire tells them what to think and how to present it. They are public figures only, not governing individuals where celebrity is their only attribute.
   Every one of them becomes a victim of their own elective efforts via handlers followed by staff. This explains how people of such great ignorance become speaker of the house or majority leader in the Senate, or even President!
   Just in case anyone has any doubt or wonders how they get to where they are, or why under questioning they can never give a straight honest answer. It’s because they must first defer to staff as to what they think or even how to say it. This is also why, when their position goes to their heads and they think they are in charge of their own thoughts and venture outside their handlers control, they consistently put their foot in their own mouths’.
   If the American people can not be spoken to off the cuff by our officials those officials are not qualified to hold office plain and simple. If speaking to ones constituents’ off the cuff presents gaffs in speech the spin doctors of media will be rendered impotent, because we the people know simple gaffs verses wrong thought, as well as words put in the mouth by others.
    Only those that think the American public is stupid, think we must measure every word so as to conceal what one really thinks. These are the same people that don’t like and or have to parse with nuanced effort the Constitution because it’s written in plain simple English without ambiguities.  

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Difference in Thought

              The working difference between a liberal and a conservative mind
   We have all seen at least in movies where the pilot goes through a pre-fly check list. In order to do this, he/she must have thorough prior knowledge of and about each item on his/her list. All this is prerequisite to the actual mechanical experience of flying, because if the machine we are going to fly fails us, then there are the deadly consequences of gravity still looming, making human error as important as the mechanics of the machine itself. We also know that it isn’t the fall that kills us it’s the sudden stop or impact.
   In addition we have also learned that some people are physically dexterous enough that with a very minimum of knowledge they can do what is called “flying by the seat of their pants” or play a musical instrument by what we call ear, but although we may be impressed by their skill we do not officially recognize them as pilots or musician.
   The liberal mind does just that, it flies by the seat of the pants and no matter how long it does it, it never gathers the necessary knowledge for others to view them as socially or politically qualified, except by other liberal minds.
   In my youth I learn enough about auto repair, house painting, electronics, sexuality, music, etc to actually make income from what I knew about them, but no one in their conservative mind would have considered me as a auto mechanic, house painter, electronics tech, sex therapist, musician etc. because I learned how to play it by ear and play it by ear is the educational model of modern American academia.
   The thought processes of the mind starts out as amateur or liberal in all things if you get my drift, and many never proceed beyond amateur in their intellectual approach with the exception of their profession, and with that said, I must stipulate in America there is no one capable of being a professional Politician, be cause it would require more flying by the seat of the pants than is acceptable by we the people. A true Conservative thinker will never profess to be fully knowledgeable on any subject he/she is in deficit of.
   I for one, do not what to fly with someone who flies by the seat of their pants or just plays it by ear.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

To Error is Human

   To error is human so the saying goes, but in American society if one is fraught with error in ones behavior and/or thinking they are doomed to the class of the ignorant. This class of people does not conform to any specific demographic set of citizens, but in some they represent the higher social levels and in others the lowest.
   Over time the percentages of error ridden ignorance at the highest and lowest levels of each social demographic fluctuate, some of the time to extreme levels of ignorance. When ever this occurs the ego destroys the concept of error and sets that demographic group on a course of cultural self destruction without the concepts of logic or commonsense.
   This error ridden ignorance appears most prevalent among those in the compacted environment of towns and cities, the larger and more compacted the higher level of overall ignorance prevails among the populous.
   The explosion of this American form of ignorance first manifested itself when America went from farming to manufacturing as people left the farms to compact themselves in towns and cities, the so called industrial revolution. This condition removed individuality from people and the focus became the unnatural social collective which is repulsive to the individual. This is where the social error factor exploded with the resulting social ignorance of individuality.
   The more people are treated socially like herd animals the more errors of ignorance they engage in among themselves like a chain reaction it becomes self perpetuating.
   Communism was the first to recognized the problem but do to their error ridden thought tried to disperse the populous back to the rural conditions they came from with disastrous effect because that system of governance wither city or rural does not condone or support individuality.
   For America to copy the errors of histories collective societies will be the biggest error of ignorance foisted onto any advanced society. We must find and accommodate individuality in our cities by avoiding the pit falls of error and ignorance of collective thinking and behavior, and return to our beginnings as a nation of sovereign individuals.
   In America if our leaders refuse to treat the people as individuals and persist in moving more and more toward the collective, the people must individually take the initiative from them and regain our individuality or history will record America as just one more failed system of governance. Globalizing the collective is the epitome of error and of ignorance.  GAP