Tuesday, September 29, 2009


   Socialism and Democracy are political systems not on opposite sides of the same coin, but are both on the same side which is tails. Democracy is the precursor of socialism. Our American constitutional system is their opposite which is heads. It is neither socialist nor democratic. It stands separate and alone on the world stage of political systems and provides to each individual, the limited Sovereignty required, which provides for the only true source of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness ever known possible in the entire history of man.
   Without castigating any of the specific, numerous and corrupting sources that from our beginnings work with insidious persistence to destroy it, I must make this point to my fellow countrymen/women.
   America from it original political position was designed in a way that could only be called as virgin in its design or for my Jewish countrymen, kosher. As such, any introduction no matter the amount, of other political ideologies adulterates that virgin or kosher status. As a virgin, America was forbidden to politically marry but too remain chaste in perpetuity.
    All the people that are believers of the collective and socialist type ideologies have worked feverously since her birth, to make her (America) a member of their world wide harem of socialist whores. They have kissed up to her, tried to break her, and have currently attached a scarlet letter to besmirch her reputation both at home and abroad. Their current leader holds the reins of power over her and wishes to reproduce with her, giving us all a bastard child to coddle and feed. If in our entire American experience there ever was justification for infanticide this is it.    

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Imagination & Circumstances

   Get out of the subjective trap of guilty by accusation. Right and wrong and /or justice for the individual does not exist in the subjective imagination of others in society. Assumption by way of what you believe or imagine is not thinking or intelligent, no mater how creative in it you are.
   Humans do not have a special gene that enables us to sense hatred, sexual intent, racism, greed etc. not by a long shot. What we do is apply our imaginations, absent any objectivity on circumstances’ or events and make accusations against others of sinister motive. When we accept that degree of animal ignorance to prevail in our culture we are no longer a nation of men but of mice, just disease ridden rodents.
   The entire governmental structure of the U.S. is infected with this disease which is the same cultural disease that dominates the rest of the world. Once you are infected the only way to cure it is by direct action, with intolerance of all who stand in the way. In simpler language grow some balls.
   I find it not surprising that our government is infected with this ignorance but I am surprise that the people overall are coming down with it also.
   The government both State and Federal make laws that are not made by their right or authority to do so. Those laws and mandates’ are non-laws, and beg for defiance of them and it is left to the people to do the defying, openly and violently if necessary.
   Any and all law enforcement agency that functions w/our tax dollars and attempts to enforce non-laws has sided with tyranny against the people, are nothing short of Nazi brown shirts and we are not Germans; they will suffer our wrath also.
   They fully expect we the people to use force in our defense as shown by the pubic statements’ that have been espoused by agencies such as homeland security, yet it gives them no pause, but they underestimate the people overall. They mistakenly think we the people will in mass cow-tow, while they combat the so call militias’ and extremists. While all this time they should be worried about the vast majority that until now, have restrained themselves. The men and women at Concord were not called out by some leadership they were ready and responded spontaneously to offensive events as they unfolded.
We are ready!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


   If one discounts all the so called voter demographics that vote based solely on core issues they may represent like gender, skin color, religion, ethnicity or foreign political ideology etc. the remaining patriotic voters would still carry the decision making factor as to who wins in any specific election in America today. This makes us consider why or how we end up with so many incompetent ignoramuses in charge of government? Every political pundit places their concerns on why and how minority voters view things as apposed to the largest block of Americans choices and motives in voting.
   Having stated the afore mentioned, the answer lies in the assumption by this largest group of patriotic voters that the bottom line for all American candidates are always is in the best interest of America as a whole. It then boils down then to tokenism, meaning, if the message they hear is a Catholic will never be able to get elected, they say “oh yea” and swing their vote to the Catholic and “Walla” you have a Kennedy as president as the token Catholic president just to put it in the face of those who said it couldn’t ever be! The same applies to elections for congress and even other lesser political offices throughout America.    
   There was a real dilemma in our last national election for president because they had to choose between a token female and a token black in order to smite the provocateurs of the media. Well we now know which token they chose and the whole country can only hope they have in the future gotten tokenism out of their system and return to the person or persons of true American character and allegiance. This in particular when electing members of Congress as well, we have way too many tokens there, undermining and corrupting our entire governmental system.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


   The modus operandi of modern American communications with all the high tech tools at its disposal has for many years now fallen back on  age old tools that once were predominate in human history. These tools from the past were the exclusive tools of tyrants, and demagogues’, but with the flood of technology among the people as individuals it was thought, that those tools were for ever obsolete. Meaning you can fool some of the people some of the time etc.
   What we are learning now via our modern experience is on a percentage basis there are more fools than not among the people, which means the wannabe tyrants and demagogues’ don’t have many left to use these tools on. This makes networking among themselves a piece of cake with no serious numbers in opposition.
   The first and oldest tool is simply this; “if you can't dazzle them with brilliants, baffle them with bull shit”.
The second one is too; “encourage and elevate gossip and hear say, to the social status of intelligent banter among the people generally”.  In our modern condition these two tools have become a real social art-form among the people!
   Very few people today know and understand what a racist really is, or a begot, liar, sociopath, sexual pervert, demagogue or even real actual patriotic behavior. In America today all of this is part and parcel of common gossip, being past-off as unvetted opinions, which hold the title or mantel of intellectuality which itself is sheer bull-shit in the modern day intercourse of human nature throughout the world, let alone in America the true home of intellectual thought/thinking.
   American Academia today has proven by the last forty to fifty years that its product is well schooled or educated in the art of sociopathic behavior, first they teach the system, and then they teach how to best scam and undermine it for personal and/or political gain, as apposed to building or improving upon it.
   We (meaning the general public) see this evidence in the legal system, education establishment, the government, the medical establishment, the financial sector and most every other social and/or private professional sector of American society. It all is a result of the so called intellectual mind-sets of their graduate students which have not gained benefit of their brilliance but abound with their bull-shit.
   They all see themselves as social elites, but the common man/women see them as elite assholes that spew only bull-shit. We no-accounts of American society think you may have stumbled on the answer through your ignorance, how to resolve our energy problems, by processing your bull-shit in a more socially beneficial way. 

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Middle Finger

   When I stick my middle finger palms up at you, you have to interpret that physical act and what I mean by it, well the founders of America never left any such need for interpretation nor was their middle fingers involved when they wrote our Constitution. There was some finger pointing but distinctly pointed at the federal government they were creating, not the people. Today it is this same said federal government that is now using the middle finger at the people and half of us don’t understand or can interpret what they mean.
   Our Founding Fathers went out of their way to disavow any direct involvement of the federal government in the civil affairs of the States or the People not specifically assigned it, in the Constitution. Those same said founders wrote extensively before, during and after our founding with many admonitions against the very things we have allowed taking place in government and our society, in detail of the precise way they would encroach on our freedoms. That which they feared most for their posterity, has come to pass.
   We ignored those detailed warnings and we are now under the same yoke of the same tyranny they fought so long and hard to repel. It is the tyranny of human nature, which they understood so well, and rejected with the full might of the objective human mind, that we have lost track of.
   The current political pun-dents of today when suggested a major over haul is in order, come back at the people with. “But we don’t want to throw out the baby with the dirty bath water”. “Yes we do”! I do not favor infanticide but if it is a socialist baby either get it out of the dirty socialist water, or it must go with it.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


   Every Animal that exists, functions first and foremost based on SSF (Security, Sex, Food) in that precise order. All three of these are reactive biological responses; we humans are also born with them. As long as we cling to only these biological responses we remain pure animal, unadulterated by the metaphysical mind that is the only distinctive aspect of our existence over all the other beasts and creatures of this world.
   When we gather together as animals to better provide SSF by the use of numbers, we create cultures that can evolve into societies but will only become civil societies dependent on how much we use the metaphysical mind that just sets their as a potential guide into our destiny as humans. This mind of ours can only improve over time by assimilating knowledge from those who came before. Each new generation starts out with only the natural animal attributes of SSF for survival. It’s like starting from scratch and can only enhance the present, by teaching the mind of the past.
    This education will not be effective within civil society if its form and structure is made up of, or in the control of those who only function at the animal level of SSF. In fact the past will eventually be erased from the minds of future generations, and every society as such, will slide down to the status of animal SSF.
   America is currently on this slide in to the abyss of history, driven by others that only function on the level of SSF. And only an awareness of this or enlightenment if you prefer can stop it and/or reverse it. We Americans will not be alone, if we descend all the way to the bottom, because it is America that has lifted most all the other country of this world up from the bottom of this pit and they will be sucked down with us wither they like it or not.
   Without America all the rest of the world will cast the individual, in the hell of centuries gone by and return us all to SSF pure unadulterated animals. The meek will not inherit the earth; they will become part of it under the feet of the stronger animals.
   History tells us who listen, the most powerful force and weapon on earth outside of nature is the human mind, which is linked to our nature, but will always retain the ability of control unto the death of the body.
   Heed these things I have said and told you, and they will not come to pass, heed not, and yours and my destiny is already written.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


   I have never met an ignoramus whom didn’t think he or she was an intellectual or above average in intelligence, and not only thought that of themselves, but bragged on it openly at every opportunity.
   I never considered myself an intellectual nor claimed that status. But I do use intelligent thought to process events and circumstances in my life and the society I live within. You might ask how I know intelligent thought as apposed to ignorant thought; oh you didn’t know that there was such a thing as ignorant thought. Let me elaborate; first, ignorance is just a mere deficit in knowledge, which all of us have regarding various objects of concern for our considerations that we may suffer a deficit. A truly ignorant person expresses themselves consistently, via the imagination, on subjects they are ignorant about.
   To have knowledge that America for example, has energy problems does not give one the ability to discuss it intelligently without a abundant amount of knowledge about it and all the things that have a potential or direct relationship to it whereas a ignorant person will substitute his/her lack of knowledge with their subjective imagination usually in a spontaneous way without intelligent thought on the matter at hand.
   A intellectual consistently deals only with the objective knowledge they posses and never fills in gaps in that knowledge with the subjective imagination. An intellectual is capable of using their imaginations but will never try to pass it off as intelligence.
   Intellectual thought is a process, not the amount of or lack of knowledge one possesses. Intelligence is the amount of detailed knowledge one possesses but if it is not processed in thought, intelligently it amounts to ignorance in its presentation to others. The subjective imagination of man contains no intelligence until vetted by the core mind.
   The Arts; contain no intelligence until the product is processed by the reasoning of the core objective mind which is always the producer of both knowledge and intelligence and the intellectual.
  There are no, meaning zero, intelligent and or intellectual men/women presently making up what constitutes the U.S. government that I am aware of. And that is the most intelligent thing you have read today.
  Government today, is the polar opposite of intelligent thought they magnetically repel each other.


    Everything or issue before and under consideration by the federal government is based on a false premise, and all the rhetoric and argument stares in the face of the truth and the Constitution. That false premise is; that any of what they are proposing is nor ever was the constitutional business of the federal government.
    The debate is and should not be about what healthcare America is going to have. But their authority and/or right to even discuss it. Neither, Obama or the congress has this right under our American foundation.
   If he and/or the democrats continue this tyrannical bullying of the American people and the Constitution, we the people will have no recourse but the violent removal of them just like the British, we will not fire the first shot offensively just like before, but in defense of ourselves and our country that they are proceeding to socialize.
   Every police officer and soldier in America is first an American, and the majority by far will refuse to carry-out the enforcement of their socialist policies and laws, they took their sworn oaths seriously.
   Obama is a foreign agent in sheep’s clothing and posing as an American only. He has a big mouth that spews nothing but ignorance along with all the un-American leadership of the democrat party and he is going for broke, damn the people full steam ahead. His and their fate is sealed, the American people will not stand by while they say just give it a chance, because we know, its just history trying to repeat it’s self inside our own country.
   The American people refused to understand or accept all the warnings of German and/or Japanese intentions and threats for years limiting our government’s responses’ to them, but when the Japanese hit Pearl Harbor no power on earth was going to hold the people back. The so called healthcare bill is Obama’s Pearl Harbor a dastardly act that will go down in infamy. ACORN, SEIU, AFT and the like, all the leaders of the socialist democrat party would be wise to approach Canada seeking asylum before the revolution hits with full force. It’s even too late for Obama-lite, he’s done as of his last deceptive lying speech to Congress.
  Communism is Obama’s dream most likely the same dream of his father; he cut his teeth on it, and Islam. It can only be said if you are taught by ignorant people, you will end up with that same said ignorance to influence you.
   One word describes Obama and his ilk “tyrannical”, king George got it, but Obama hasn’t, yet!!

Monday, September 14, 2009


    Everyone at onetime or another either called some one an asshole or at minimum thought it about someone. Then as you got older and were reminiscing about times gone by you probably said I wonder what ever happened to one asshole or another of the assholes from your youth. Well all you have to do is look in Washington DC or any faculty of any university in America, that’s where all those asshole you knew were assholes in your youth, are. And  today they are still the assholes you thought they were.  The only difference is today they are called, or should I say they call themselves intellectuals. If you cannot see or find them there, you have become an asshole just like them.
   You might wonder if someone is stupid, an idiot or pin head but assholes are none of those they are just ignorant of their own condition as an asshole. An asshole thinks he or she is superior in thought and intelligence and the reason is because you and I fail to point it out to them years ago before it became a fix part of their beings. We tolerated them as assholes just to be civil and not shake the trees they lived in.
  So basically their status as assholes is our fault, all in the name of tolerance and diversity.
 The largest demographic of voters in the last American election were assholes, they always vote for their own kind which means they only vote for assholes.
 Now I want everyone to understand I only wrote about assholes because some asshole told me to, or he would sick all his asshole buddies on me and he’s such an asshole I don’t think he knows how to read anyway plus I’m a very tolerant guy!
p.s. Is there really a asshole magnet in Washington DC, or is that just another asshole that attracts other assholes?  GAP 

Friday, September 11, 2009

Social Games

   We Americans love to play social games, it is our favorite pastime. But we do not take any of this social game playing seriously after all it is just a game. Any and all whom take this social game playing in a serious way will ultimately incur the wrath that lies deep in the bosom of all true Americans, just ask Bernie Madoff as an example.
  This wrath that lies deep in our bosoms is potentially lethal to all who do not understand us and/or our Country. We enjoy social and or cultural games, but if one uses this game playing against us individually or as a whole, we will respond as a whole, in ways that are lethal if necessary with no more remorse than swatting flies. Just ask the Japanese if you doubt this.
   The socialists among us have been playing games with our youth, through our educational system and through our government and legal system for many years. As long as it appears as just social game playing, we just play the same game right back at them. Don’t make the game serious, or you will incur our wrath.
   Obama and his appendages have taken this game playing to the extremes because he doesn’t understand that to the rest of us it was a game. Not a serious desire to change our entire way of life or the foundations upon which it stands. What he has perceived as weakness and/or ineptitude of the people was just a game. His idea of the game is too serious and must be rethought or it will be swatted to its demise.
   Our social games have rules that limit all the players with harsh penalties and we will not tolerate anyone trying to change or violate our long established rules.
   My advice to Obama is the same advice given to Forrest Gump, “Run Obama Run” before we catch up to you, we accept your ignorance but only within the rules of our games.
  Forrest is the most accurate comparison to Obama, I could come up with, his ignorance abounds, while his luck is unfathomable.    

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fairytales & Fantasy

   The easiest thing in the world is to convince others that you believe in something. It is also quite something else to get others to believe in it also. Now if you get others to believe in it, there is still one big issue unresolved. That is to validate with self-evident truth that ones belief is not just a matter of the imagination but of real life actuality.
   The only way I know to do that, is by way of objectively arrived at undeniable evidence of fact absent all subjective feelings and emotion. Failing this, one is living in a fantasy wonderland.
   Now I know, that the founding fathers of America did not pledge their lives, fortunes and sacred honor to create a fantasy yet that is what the present day crop of American politicians would have us all believe like children with a fairytale story to believe in.    
   America  and it’s original system of government was not nor is not a fairytale unless they can get the majority of us to believe its so, like fairy-tales change over time to suit the public passions of the day. Bugs bunny doesn't look like bugs bunny anymore, and our Constitution doesn't look like our Constitution anymore either. That’s how I know we Americans are living in a fantasy as apposed to the undeniable self-evident truths we were founded on.
   Every American needs to ask ourselves if this was our destiny as seen by our founders or are we falling for a fairytale like children. I don't know about the rest of you but I'm ready to stand or fall based upon what I know to be the truth of Americas  past and what I know is to be our future.


   Hypocrisy; By any human standards within any society is by far the most despicable character flaw known to civilized men and women. And those that try to justify it via emotions or pity for the hypocrite are most likely hypocrites themselves. Meaning they can imagine themselves just as hypocritical as other hypocrites thus taking a position of sympathy for the plight of other hypocrites like themselves.
   It has been my observation during my life of seventy years that more hypocrites exist in the religious community by far than in the general public at large. I find this personal observation particularly ironic because if there is such a thing as evil that is always on the minds of the religious, hypocrisy is its home base.
   Hypocrites are always liars but liars are not always hypocrites there in is the lesson that overall American society needs to learn and understand.
   If anyone can tell me of a single man or women in politics or public office today that is not a hypocrite it could only be because I don't know of their existence, and I don't pretend to know of them all. The only thing I can be sure of in their defense.
   With all that said it is my contention that all with no exceptions, officials at the federal government are in fact hypocrites and too many citizens either don’t understand that, or care. It has become an acceptable flaw of their character that most people fluff-off with, “oh that’s what politicians’ are, so what”.  I hate to say this, but way too many Americans are not what Americans used to be!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Inteligence & Ignoance

   There is a modern day myth that has infected the average citizens of America in the last hundred years that needs serious debunking. This myth evolves around the definition of the term and word “Intellectual”. 
    I have been subjected by several members of our current presidents administration, too the misuse of the word intellectual, just one too many times. I’m sure that others have taken notice of this also, as it’s implied to mean they have superior intelligence, than the rest of us, so we should defer to all the intelligent ignorance they spew. And don’t bother telling me that to use the words, intelligent and ignorance as I just did is oxymoronic because there is a truth hidden within.
   Just like many people of wealth, seem to think that their intelligence is proportional to the wealth they have acquired, so it is with those that seem to think that the more time or level of scholastic achievement they acquire, gifts them with intelligence thus they think they are intellectuals’.
   Accumulated knowledge is neither intelligence nor indicative of intellectual thought. But this is the myth created by academics’ of modern times and has been instilled in the minds of the general public of America as a tool to create submissive behavior and their perceived superiority.
    A knowledgeable person could be compared to an encyclopedia or dictionary but intelligence or intellectual thought is a “process:” that uses this knowledge in analytical and conceptual ways. A true intellectual never uses in thought, deceit, subterfuge or force those are the every day tools of the ignorant. You might say it uses knowledge scientifically free of judgment of the resultant conclusions it produces.
   Intelligence cannot be taught but can be learned individually. Of all the various stations in life and society those in the political, rarely have an intellectual capacity of any significance. And a true intellectual takes pride in their intelligence but never flaunts it, to do so will only diminish it. And above all never see themselves as superior in any way to others, which is the hallmark of ignorance. All intellectual thought exists only in the objective whereas none exists in the subjective.
   Anyone that tells me they are an “intellectual”, all I see is “ignorance”! Regardless of how smart they may be.

Federal Law

   Federal laws do not take precedence over State or Sovereign law as is the current hogwash being imposed on American citizens. The statement sited in the Constitution that stipulates federal precedence is in regard to constitutional law only, not all federal laws consequently created. Only Constitutional law applies to all states as well as the people.
  The founders never intended that future federal laws, not created under authority of the united states, applied to the states or the people unless placed directly in the Constitution by amendment, this also included Supreme Court decisions, they apply only at and to the federal level of government.
   The real question that arises today is laws that the federal government makes that do not fall under its authority only to make. Many federal laws in modern times have been made outside its authority to make them, and thus cannot be imposed on the States or the people without eventually starting a revolution by either the States or the people.
The 10th Amendment reads : "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."
In Federalist No. 45, Madison outlines the clear limits on central government power established in the Constitution: "The powers delegated by the proposed Constitution to the federal government are few and defined. Those which are to remain in the State governments are numerous and indefinite."

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Obama! Oh! Obama

    Everyone has been trying to describe or define Obama; it is an effort in futility that we try, because as an individual no one can be defined. The physical person and the personality that emanates from him/her do not define them. 
   On the other hand, the actions and words that flow from an individual are and do give them definition, available to all others to see! And so far, he has only defined, how ignorant of America and its Constitution he is, including Americans, how devious, unscrupulous and conspiratorial he is, and the obvious contempt he holds for our American way of life and the system of government that gave birth to it, and supported it, since its conception. Adding that to the people he has, and still does associate with, defines him as a; Marxist, racist and con-man in the fashion of a pied piper Sal Alinsky, or other wise un-American. He obviously needs to have someone explain to him that he is not God, or even a prophet, the closest he gets to that, is prophetic and culturally pathetic.
   Emotionally consumed by the plight of proletariat which his mind doesn’t seem to grasp, that man can only make their lot in life worse, it is written in the annuals of human history that only the individual holds the keys to improve their conditions, others do not have the ability to force self improvement on them. Because they will take and take generation after generation but stay right where they are, just like domesticated animals, unless they solve their problems on their own, will their conditions ever change. And this resolve cannot be brought about by dragging all others down to them, by our emotional awareness of their conditions, but our intelligent efforts applied to their subjective, animal like psychology. Improvement of the material things in life can not make a pig fly nor make a human take individual responsibility. If there were enough money to make every person a multimillionaire these same said proletariats’ would be right back where they started from, in the blink of an eye. Nature and life it’s self plays no favorites, and man is not the cause of nature, or life’s’ problems unless he interferes actively or materially with either.    
   Historically observed, the poor and downtrodden were like a black hole to civilizations all over the world, until America came along and said if you want to better your life come here, we can’t help you, but we can give you the chance and opportunity to help yourself. If you can’t help yourself in America yesterday or today, you can’t help yourself anywhere. And I don’t mean help your self to what others have.  G.A.P.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


"There are certain social principles in human nature, from which we may draw the most solid conclusions with respect to the conduct of individuals and of communities.  We love our families more than our neighbors; we love our neighbors more than our countrymen in general.  The human affections, like solar heat, lose their intensity as they depart from the center.... On these principles, the attachment of the individual will be first and for ever secured
by the State governments.  They will be a mutual protection and support." --Alexander Hamilton
   The American government at all levels does not nor has it ever been gifted the authority to instruct the people in their every day to day lives. It was always intended that neither government nor the majority rule over the people.   
   Commitment; As a sovereign American citizen I am the point man, a rear guard, an out rider, or sniper but I will not be or function as defenseless or helpless bait (fodder) for society against those who would bid any of us ill or harm. As an American citizen I am an individual sovereign, where ever I am there is a zone of my sovereignty that exists (what ever is within my field of awareness) all that occurs within this zone, is of my concern and is subject to my sovereign authority first and foremost. All my family are under my sovereign protection first and foremost, where ever they may go my sovereign authority goes with them as long as I live, this is not just a responsibility but a obligation nothing less, and justice will be served, not to the exclusion of our system of justice but outside if necessary, “MUTUAL PROTECTION”
   I care not what may happen to me but that I fulfill this obligation of this commitment of mind extracted from our beginnings. This is not to be confused with vigilantism which is someone taking the law into there own hands after the fact, where they had no direct or indirect involvement in the first place.
(This is the inherent curse of hired law enforcement.) The definition of vigilantism is just one more word that is presented by the false premise of taking authority from those who have it upon your self. Simply said the individual has no authority in society, only the tyrants of government and malfeasance is their middle name.
   The measured response that we the people require of government officials does not apply to a sovereign citizen from which their authority emanates, while applying his/her authority, because they are Sovereign, and in the governments absence they are the absolute authority at that point in time and no one has the right to second guess the degree of application required, only the cause of the conflict as it relates to original natural law.
   During the commission of a crime the criminal has no civil rights under sovereign law. Government law enforcement has no right to claim sovereignty when not present at the time of the crime, individuals do. This is a self-evident truth of the natural world.
    Any person committing a crime in the presence of a sovereign citizen has three choices only: cease and desist and/or submit to arrest, intensive care, or the morgue in that order at his/her discretion. Some sovereigns may choose to have others provide ALL their security that’s their right also, but they have no right to require the same of other sovereigns not by law or majority rule. The ordinary cop on the beat is not the law; they are the hired backup to sovereign individuals who are the first line of defense by natural law.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Right or Wrong?

    How wrong or right the other guy is, is not a relevant factor in a discussion of fact or truth on any issue or subject. It is a standard by which the propagandist and deceiver changes the subject by personalizing it. This is why what Jesus said or did is not what matters, only the context of what was said or done, not the personality that carries the intellectual weight or value to other humans. The source is only of value in the possibility of garnering more intellectual insight from it or him/her.
  No human that ever lived, was or is free of flaw, and in truth of fact; we all have many more flaws than intellectual insights. This means if we concentrate on the person in order too make them celebrity, we have to look past or beyond many more flaws than insights, like turning a blind eye to them in order to idolize the individual, or act like they are perfection personified. No such person not even Jesus could ever past that test, he himself told us so in case you think I’m being sacrilegious. At least that is what was written, and all the evidence of this still looms high among the human condition in America today.
  Now; I used Jesus as an example because way to many Christians’ for way to long have insisted on extreme tolerance using his name, the implication being, that he would be passive and not fight back so we should do like wise.
  First off we don’t know enough about his life to make that assumption; secondly he was obviously not a coward which I think is what motivates passivity while one is being put upon. The combination of fear and its cousin cowardice is the real motivation of many. Cowering in fear is not what the religion of any preaches in America.
  The viciousness of aggressive defense is a righteous level to ascend to, if and when one resists subservience and Christian solders have faced it and answered the call, all through recorded history.


  "But what do we mean by the American Revolution? Do we mean the American war? The Revolution was effected before the war commenced. The Revolution was in the minds and hearts of the people; a change in their religious sentiments, of their duties and obligations... This radical change in the principles, opinions, sentiments, and affections of the people was the real American Revolution." --John Adams, letter to H. Niles, 13 February 1818