Saturday, September 5, 2009

Obama! Oh! Obama

    Everyone has been trying to describe or define Obama; it is an effort in futility that we try, because as an individual no one can be defined. The physical person and the personality that emanates from him/her do not define them. 
   On the other hand, the actions and words that flow from an individual are and do give them definition, available to all others to see! And so far, he has only defined, how ignorant of America and its Constitution he is, including Americans, how devious, unscrupulous and conspiratorial he is, and the obvious contempt he holds for our American way of life and the system of government that gave birth to it, and supported it, since its conception. Adding that to the people he has, and still does associate with, defines him as a; Marxist, racist and con-man in the fashion of a pied piper Sal Alinsky, or other wise un-American. He obviously needs to have someone explain to him that he is not God, or even a prophet, the closest he gets to that, is prophetic and culturally pathetic.
   Emotionally consumed by the plight of proletariat which his mind doesn’t seem to grasp, that man can only make their lot in life worse, it is written in the annuals of human history that only the individual holds the keys to improve their conditions, others do not have the ability to force self improvement on them. Because they will take and take generation after generation but stay right where they are, just like domesticated animals, unless they solve their problems on their own, will their conditions ever change. And this resolve cannot be brought about by dragging all others down to them, by our emotional awareness of their conditions, but our intelligent efforts applied to their subjective, animal like psychology. Improvement of the material things in life can not make a pig fly nor make a human take individual responsibility. If there were enough money to make every person a multimillionaire these same said proletariats’ would be right back where they started from, in the blink of an eye. Nature and life it’s self plays no favorites, and man is not the cause of nature, or life’s’ problems unless he interferes actively or materially with either.    
   Historically observed, the poor and downtrodden were like a black hole to civilizations all over the world, until America came along and said if you want to better your life come here, we can’t help you, but we can give you the chance and opportunity to help yourself. If you can’t help yourself in America yesterday or today, you can’t help yourself anywhere. And I don’t mean help your self to what others have.  G.A.P.

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