Thursday, September 17, 2009


   Every Animal that exists, functions first and foremost based on SSF (Security, Sex, Food) in that precise order. All three of these are reactive biological responses; we humans are also born with them. As long as we cling to only these biological responses we remain pure animal, unadulterated by the metaphysical mind that is the only distinctive aspect of our existence over all the other beasts and creatures of this world.
   When we gather together as animals to better provide SSF by the use of numbers, we create cultures that can evolve into societies but will only become civil societies dependent on how much we use the metaphysical mind that just sets their as a potential guide into our destiny as humans. This mind of ours can only improve over time by assimilating knowledge from those who came before. Each new generation starts out with only the natural animal attributes of SSF for survival. It’s like starting from scratch and can only enhance the present, by teaching the mind of the past.
    This education will not be effective within civil society if its form and structure is made up of, or in the control of those who only function at the animal level of SSF. In fact the past will eventually be erased from the minds of future generations, and every society as such, will slide down to the status of animal SSF.
   America is currently on this slide in to the abyss of history, driven by others that only function on the level of SSF. And only an awareness of this or enlightenment if you prefer can stop it and/or reverse it. We Americans will not be alone, if we descend all the way to the bottom, because it is America that has lifted most all the other country of this world up from the bottom of this pit and they will be sucked down with us wither they like it or not.
   Without America all the rest of the world will cast the individual, in the hell of centuries gone by and return us all to SSF pure unadulterated animals. The meek will not inherit the earth; they will become part of it under the feet of the stronger animals.
   History tells us who listen, the most powerful force and weapon on earth outside of nature is the human mind, which is linked to our nature, but will always retain the ability of control unto the death of the body.
   Heed these things I have said and told you, and they will not come to pass, heed not, and yours and my destiny is already written.

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