Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Middle Finger

   When I stick my middle finger palms up at you, you have to interpret that physical act and what I mean by it, well the founders of America never left any such need for interpretation nor was their middle fingers involved when they wrote our Constitution. There was some finger pointing but distinctly pointed at the federal government they were creating, not the people. Today it is this same said federal government that is now using the middle finger at the people and half of us don’t understand or can interpret what they mean.
   Our Founding Fathers went out of their way to disavow any direct involvement of the federal government in the civil affairs of the States or the People not specifically assigned it, in the Constitution. Those same said founders wrote extensively before, during and after our founding with many admonitions against the very things we have allowed taking place in government and our society, in detail of the precise way they would encroach on our freedoms. That which they feared most for their posterity, has come to pass.
   We ignored those detailed warnings and we are now under the same yoke of the same tyranny they fought so long and hard to repel. It is the tyranny of human nature, which they understood so well, and rejected with the full might of the objective human mind, that we have lost track of.
   The current political pun-dents of today when suggested a major over haul is in order, come back at the people with. “But we don’t want to throw out the baby with the dirty bath water”. “Yes we do”! I do not favor infanticide but if it is a socialist baby either get it out of the dirty socialist water, or it must go with it.

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