Sunday, September 20, 2009


   The modus operandi of modern American communications with all the high tech tools at its disposal has for many years now fallen back on  age old tools that once were predominate in human history. These tools from the past were the exclusive tools of tyrants, and demagogues’, but with the flood of technology among the people as individuals it was thought, that those tools were for ever obsolete. Meaning you can fool some of the people some of the time etc.
   What we are learning now via our modern experience is on a percentage basis there are more fools than not among the people, which means the wannabe tyrants and demagogues’ don’t have many left to use these tools on. This makes networking among themselves a piece of cake with no serious numbers in opposition.
   The first and oldest tool is simply this; “if you can't dazzle them with brilliants, baffle them with bull shit”.
The second one is too; “encourage and elevate gossip and hear say, to the social status of intelligent banter among the people generally”.  In our modern condition these two tools have become a real social art-form among the people!
   Very few people today know and understand what a racist really is, or a begot, liar, sociopath, sexual pervert, demagogue or even real actual patriotic behavior. In America today all of this is part and parcel of common gossip, being past-off as unvetted opinions, which hold the title or mantel of intellectuality which itself is sheer bull-shit in the modern day intercourse of human nature throughout the world, let alone in America the true home of intellectual thought/thinking.
   American Academia today has proven by the last forty to fifty years that its product is well schooled or educated in the art of sociopathic behavior, first they teach the system, and then they teach how to best scam and undermine it for personal and/or political gain, as apposed to building or improving upon it.
   We (meaning the general public) see this evidence in the legal system, education establishment, the government, the medical establishment, the financial sector and most every other social and/or private professional sector of American society. It all is a result of the so called intellectual mind-sets of their graduate students which have not gained benefit of their brilliance but abound with their bull-shit.
   They all see themselves as social elites, but the common man/women see them as elite assholes that spew only bull-shit. We no-accounts of American society think you may have stumbled on the answer through your ignorance, how to resolve our energy problems, by processing your bull-shit in a more socially beneficial way. 

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