Tuesday, September 15, 2009


   I have never met an ignoramus whom didn’t think he or she was an intellectual or above average in intelligence, and not only thought that of themselves, but bragged on it openly at every opportunity.
   I never considered myself an intellectual nor claimed that status. But I do use intelligent thought to process events and circumstances in my life and the society I live within. You might ask how I know intelligent thought as apposed to ignorant thought; oh you didn’t know that there was such a thing as ignorant thought. Let me elaborate; first, ignorance is just a mere deficit in knowledge, which all of us have regarding various objects of concern for our considerations that we may suffer a deficit. A truly ignorant person expresses themselves consistently, via the imagination, on subjects they are ignorant about.
   To have knowledge that America for example, has energy problems does not give one the ability to discuss it intelligently without a abundant amount of knowledge about it and all the things that have a potential or direct relationship to it whereas a ignorant person will substitute his/her lack of knowledge with their subjective imagination usually in a spontaneous way without intelligent thought on the matter at hand.
   A intellectual consistently deals only with the objective knowledge they posses and never fills in gaps in that knowledge with the subjective imagination. An intellectual is capable of using their imaginations but will never try to pass it off as intelligence.
   Intellectual thought is a process, not the amount of or lack of knowledge one possesses. Intelligence is the amount of detailed knowledge one possesses but if it is not processed in thought, intelligently it amounts to ignorance in its presentation to others. The subjective imagination of man contains no intelligence until vetted by the core mind.
   The Arts; contain no intelligence until the product is processed by the reasoning of the core objective mind which is always the producer of both knowledge and intelligence and the intellectual.
  There are no, meaning zero, intelligent and or intellectual men/women presently making up what constitutes the U.S. government that I am aware of. And that is the most intelligent thing you have read today.
  Government today, is the polar opposite of intelligent thought they magnetically repel each other.

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