Thursday, September 10, 2009


   Hypocrisy; By any human standards within any society is by far the most despicable character flaw known to civilized men and women. And those that try to justify it via emotions or pity for the hypocrite are most likely hypocrites themselves. Meaning they can imagine themselves just as hypocritical as other hypocrites thus taking a position of sympathy for the plight of other hypocrites like themselves.
   It has been my observation during my life of seventy years that more hypocrites exist in the religious community by far than in the general public at large. I find this personal observation particularly ironic because if there is such a thing as evil that is always on the minds of the religious, hypocrisy is its home base.
   Hypocrites are always liars but liars are not always hypocrites there in is the lesson that overall American society needs to learn and understand.
   If anyone can tell me of a single man or women in politics or public office today that is not a hypocrite it could only be because I don't know of their existence, and I don't pretend to know of them all. The only thing I can be sure of in their defense.
   With all that said it is my contention that all with no exceptions, officials at the federal government are in fact hypocrites and too many citizens either don’t understand that, or care. It has become an acceptable flaw of their character that most people fluff-off with, “oh that’s what politicians’ are, so what”.  I hate to say this, but way too many Americans are not what Americans used to be!

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