Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Imagination & Circumstances

   Get out of the subjective trap of guilty by accusation. Right and wrong and /or justice for the individual does not exist in the subjective imagination of others in society. Assumption by way of what you believe or imagine is not thinking or intelligent, no mater how creative in it you are.
   Humans do not have a special gene that enables us to sense hatred, sexual intent, racism, greed etc. not by a long shot. What we do is apply our imaginations, absent any objectivity on circumstances’ or events and make accusations against others of sinister motive. When we accept that degree of animal ignorance to prevail in our culture we are no longer a nation of men but of mice, just disease ridden rodents.
   The entire governmental structure of the U.S. is infected with this disease which is the same cultural disease that dominates the rest of the world. Once you are infected the only way to cure it is by direct action, with intolerance of all who stand in the way. In simpler language grow some balls.
   I find it not surprising that our government is infected with this ignorance but I am surprise that the people overall are coming down with it also.
   The government both State and Federal make laws that are not made by their right or authority to do so. Those laws and mandates’ are non-laws, and beg for defiance of them and it is left to the people to do the defying, openly and violently if necessary.
   Any and all law enforcement agency that functions w/our tax dollars and attempts to enforce non-laws has sided with tyranny against the people, are nothing short of Nazi brown shirts and we are not Germans; they will suffer our wrath also.
   They fully expect we the people to use force in our defense as shown by the pubic statements’ that have been espoused by agencies such as homeland security, yet it gives them no pause, but they underestimate the people overall. They mistakenly think we the people will in mass cow-tow, while they combat the so call militias’ and extremists. While all this time they should be worried about the vast majority that until now, have restrained themselves. The men and women at Concord were not called out by some leadership they were ready and responded spontaneously to offensive events as they unfolded.
We are ready!!

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