Tuesday, September 29, 2009


   Socialism and Democracy are political systems not on opposite sides of the same coin, but are both on the same side which is tails. Democracy is the precursor of socialism. Our American constitutional system is their opposite which is heads. It is neither socialist nor democratic. It stands separate and alone on the world stage of political systems and provides to each individual, the limited Sovereignty required, which provides for the only true source of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness ever known possible in the entire history of man.
   Without castigating any of the specific, numerous and corrupting sources that from our beginnings work with insidious persistence to destroy it, I must make this point to my fellow countrymen/women.
   America from it original political position was designed in a way that could only be called as virgin in its design or for my Jewish countrymen, kosher. As such, any introduction no matter the amount, of other political ideologies adulterates that virgin or kosher status. As a virgin, America was forbidden to politically marry but too remain chaste in perpetuity.
    All the people that are believers of the collective and socialist type ideologies have worked feverously since her birth, to make her (America) a member of their world wide harem of socialist whores. They have kissed up to her, tried to break her, and have currently attached a scarlet letter to besmirch her reputation both at home and abroad. Their current leader holds the reins of power over her and wishes to reproduce with her, giving us all a bastard child to coddle and feed. If in our entire American experience there ever was justification for infanticide this is it.    

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