Monday, September 14, 2009


    Everyone at onetime or another either called some one an asshole or at minimum thought it about someone. Then as you got older and were reminiscing about times gone by you probably said I wonder what ever happened to one asshole or another of the assholes from your youth. Well all you have to do is look in Washington DC or any faculty of any university in America, that’s where all those asshole you knew were assholes in your youth, are. And  today they are still the assholes you thought they were.  The only difference is today they are called, or should I say they call themselves intellectuals. If you cannot see or find them there, you have become an asshole just like them.
   You might wonder if someone is stupid, an idiot or pin head but assholes are none of those they are just ignorant of their own condition as an asshole. An asshole thinks he or she is superior in thought and intelligence and the reason is because you and I fail to point it out to them years ago before it became a fix part of their beings. We tolerated them as assholes just to be civil and not shake the trees they lived in.
  So basically their status as assholes is our fault, all in the name of tolerance and diversity.
 The largest demographic of voters in the last American election were assholes, they always vote for their own kind which means they only vote for assholes.
 Now I want everyone to understand I only wrote about assholes because some asshole told me to, or he would sick all his asshole buddies on me and he’s such an asshole I don’t think he knows how to read anyway plus I’m a very tolerant guy!
p.s. Is there really a asshole magnet in Washington DC, or is that just another asshole that attracts other assholes?  GAP 

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