Tuesday, September 22, 2009


   If one discounts all the so called voter demographics that vote based solely on core issues they may represent like gender, skin color, religion, ethnicity or foreign political ideology etc. the remaining patriotic voters would still carry the decision making factor as to who wins in any specific election in America today. This makes us consider why or how we end up with so many incompetent ignoramuses in charge of government? Every political pundit places their concerns on why and how minority voters view things as apposed to the largest block of Americans choices and motives in voting.
   Having stated the afore mentioned, the answer lies in the assumption by this largest group of patriotic voters that the bottom line for all American candidates are always is in the best interest of America as a whole. It then boils down then to tokenism, meaning, if the message they hear is a Catholic will never be able to get elected, they say “oh yea” and swing their vote to the Catholic and “Walla” you have a Kennedy as president as the token Catholic president just to put it in the face of those who said it couldn’t ever be! The same applies to elections for congress and even other lesser political offices throughout America.    
   There was a real dilemma in our last national election for president because they had to choose between a token female and a token black in order to smite the provocateurs of the media. Well we now know which token they chose and the whole country can only hope they have in the future gotten tokenism out of their system and return to the person or persons of true American character and allegiance. This in particular when electing members of Congress as well, we have way too many tokens there, undermining and corrupting our entire governmental system.

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