Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Herd Mentality

   If the reader of this work has not been able to develop the sense that mankind is the most unique creature on this earth don’t bother reading any further, you are a sub-species not worthy of my time or efforts. On the other hand this work is meant to define the natural truth of mankind this is the; who, what and why we humans in mass fail to develop our uniqueness within the sphere of out own individual existence. Our psychological deadlock first took set when religious feelings and beliefs sold the masses on the idea we are a family, the family of man! Even the non-religious bought into that false premise, which set mankind on the development of civilizations’ based on the collective principal that we are all part of the family and should be brought into the fold.
   The modern sense of individuality should turn that idea in the family man once and for all false, based on the development of our technology and the evidence it has produced. We should have picked up on this thru the numerous mounds of evidence over time that denies the truth of that ancient idea.
   The developed status of finger printing is just one undeniable indicator of individuality verses identical or family idea. Then came DNA to validate individuality of our entire physical beings. Similarity alone does not indicate family just species and DNA indicates blood line not the civil idea of what a family is, let alone extending that idea to all mankind. But finger printing and DNA are only the most recent evidence we have that we are truly individuals in our own right.
  Our psychological development from birth tells us many things that we have discounted in favor of the herd mentality of history. It is our psychological individuality that drives us to leave home and family as young adults and when the society we live in tries to put us back into the family thru social pressures it rubs most of us wrong because it goes against our individuality. From a social point of view it amounts to domestication of our individuality to the level of family. If that was our desire or inclination we would have stayed at home as apposed to joining a family of strangers.    
  "There are certain social principles in human nature, from which we may draw the most solid conclusions with respect to the conduct of individuals and of communities.  We love our families more than our neighbors; we love our neighbors more than our countrymen in general.  The human affections, like solar heat, lose their intensity as they depart from the center.--Alexander Hamilton
   The founders and the founding of America was an indicator that man for the first time in history needed to place man individuality over the herd mentality of the ancient idea and premise of the collective as a blueprint for forming a civil society by recognizing the difference between the herd and the individual.
   The herd mentality has for so long been ingrained in our human nature, many cannot escape it, and it manifests itself in society by the forming of social collectives like unions, cults, guilds, and mobs of all sorts that typically resort to adverse civil activities that are a drag on the individuality of mankind overall. The denial of individuality is the direction and pathway to our ancient past and the undoing of civil human progress.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

On Journalism!

   On journalism today; I ask my self the question, “what makes a journalist a journalist” is it some special skill or ability, is it inherent in a individual or learned, and if learned who and what certifies they learned it? From where I sit as an ordinary nobody American citizen it looks more like some strange kind of cult. When questioned they come together in lock step to destroy their detractors with a blood thirst like every good little Nazi would do, on behalf of the Fuhrer and the fatherland. This does not fit with what I have thought and read over my lifetime was journalism except for the propagandist techniques of Joseph Goebbels fame.
   In my youth I thought they were just good spellers and had developed large vocabularies to graduate from journalism schools. But today their spelling doesn’t appear to me, to be so extraordinary, with no more skill in vocabulary, syntax, diction, or many other skills one would attribute to a professional. They simply appear as any other ordinary slob citizen taking advantage of word processors. But overall it appears, they have developed a clique in society based on their graduate degrees, as questionable as they may be which constitutes the loyalty of the cult.
   No matter what or how people communicate ideas, events or thoughts, within society, nuanced parsing or independent fabrication destroys the message as reliable or relative, too the listener or reader. Over dramatization doesn’t with or without emphasis enhance a story, or improve it either, it only tends to act as a let down of interest among the people. It is the people that decide the degree of drama that surrounds the issues that arise in society whereas the media and/or journalist only create artificial social drama that has no substance or depth.  
   Those who are wannabe journalist on the internet and blogs need to stop trying to emulate professional journalist and just say what you know as well as to admit what you don’t know, other wise it’s just so much gossip in the language of journalistic gibberish. Saying something looks like, talks like walks like doesn’t make it like, its all in your own head if that’s the only way you certify anything in the world of social intercourse. The actual truth of the matter is, uncorrelated un-vetted opinion is not communication or journalism but is like, comparing apples and oranges (old worn out clique).   

Friday, March 26, 2010

Self Deciet II

   Political speak has developed over time in America to mean; never say what you mean or intend, if caught or tripped-up on anything deny, deny, deny or lie with a straight face, tell the people the opposite of the truth of a matter before them. The purpose of holding political office in America today is and has to long been focused on the office holder as apposed to proper execution of their duties and responsibility to the people and/or the nation as a whole.
   This condition has an effect on the youth of America, leading them to think that it is as was originally intended the way of our system of government. They have no way to separate what is, from what was. We have developed through the Educational system a deliberate distortion of our historical intent in our founding as a Nation.
   Our parents and our founding fathers emphasized in our youth that lying to others was a cardinal civil wrong, but we failed our children by not making it clear that lying to ones self is worse than lying to others.
   When you knowingly tell a lie to others only a potion of them will believe your lies at any particular point in time, but when you lie to yourself over time you become a self infected believer of you’re own lies, and this was with the intentional support of the educational system. If you think 2+2=5 enough, it will become you’re truth even as ignorant as that is.
   Just as soon as a generation of young people has fallen into this self deceit, they in turn become the teachers of their own self infected method of self deceit which perpetrates a snowball effect over many more generations to bring our nation to a nation of self deceivers absent any historical accounting of the truth, because we have deceived ourselves of our own history. This is why by the 1960s the common expression in our society; was that there is not actual truth but that truth was individualistic. Any lie you live with is the truth.
   The politico’s in office today are believers of the lies, so they are not liars anymore. The only way to reverse this condition is to confront those living in their self-deceit each and every time without fail, but it will take at least a generation in this vain to overcome.
   The question left is, do we as a people have the intestinal fortitude to overcome our past, to once again become a nation of enlighten people as we once were.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Establishments of Religion

   An individual’s faith in a supreme being of human creation is false; if applied coercively as indoctrination in youth or if arrived at by pick and choose based on social peer pressure to establish credibility in the religious community of man.
   Faith in a creator drawn individually absent the influence of any established religious organization and its specific belief’s is true religious faith. I say this based on the evidence that is present today; that all religious organizations have and to this day manipulate what parts of religious history they will include or exclude from their specific belief systems or creed. This amounts to the abridging of known religious knowledge to fit the organizations’ consensus of what is important to individually know or not know or what to individually believe or not to believe about history in a religious vain.
   All this amounts to, is giving over to others the decisions that in the reality of life can only be drawn by the individual independently, other wise we pick and choose which organization of man we will believe in, as apposed to what we would otherwise independently and individually believe.
   Organizations of man are always riff with distortions of the truth as it is able to be known and they decide what the individual needs to know or need not know. In a religious sense, it is complicated further by interpretations and self declared prophets.
   Simply stated; individuals do not believe in god or any other creator of man, they believe in what other men have to say about it, when in truth no man/woman has ever known or is able to know the desires or feelings of their own creator, let alone understand it. We know things and we believe things but we can never know or understand what we believe.
   Group think, stinks on ice!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


"Is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God. I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!" --Patrick Henry, Speech to the Virginia Convention, March 23, 1775
   The thinking among young liberals and socialist seems to stem around what they call civilization. The problem is they don’t seem to understand is, what is a civilization? Like how does a civilization come to be such? Does it just materialize or does some higher and stronger authority go afield and gather people into a herd and control their every need and want. On the other hand do people gravitate into a civilization based on those things they hold as commonality and or mutual agreements regarding behavior etc? The first scenario is how man originally established all what were called civilizations; the other is how America and only America established its civilization.
   Within American civilization all things were mutually agreed to, and no one owed his individual efforts to others with the one exception, that of mutual defense, everything else was self initiated and carried out individually or by grouping from the natural compassionate behavior of the character of each Person. All potential civil matters were clearly defined in Americas Constitutional Pact, where every thing else was left to the individual to follow his/her own conscience or no conscience at all.
   To make a long story short civilization as it were in America, is completely different from everywhere else on earth and the individual is not obligated by law only ones conscience beyond the bounds of the Constitution to any other individual. And this American conscience has served America and the entire world very well indeed. But this civilization owes no one for the benefits derived from being part of it. In America you only earn your benefits collaterally by you’re individual effort no effort no or little benefit.
   That it is socialism which falls into the area of the first scenario cited here, which represents every other nation on earth to this day, which Americans have held at bay for 230 + years. All the rest of the world fails to make this distinction and are jealous of America and like jealous peoples that live in the ignorance of the past; they want to destroy what they don’t seem to understand. They can’t do it from outside so they have infiltrated America and are trying to destroy us from within using the young and shiftless among us to wit today Obama and the socialist democrat party are leading the way.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

On Racism!

   If you are born as an American or naturalized; as an American, Alexander Graham Bell is you’re famous inventor and George Washington is you’re first great general and president and founding father. Americas rich history is not established based on their ethnicity but nationality and it is racist to point out their ethnicity or the ethnicity of other great contributors’ to the development and growth of our nation, that failed to achieve equivalent prominence of note and mention, in the teaching of American history in our schools.
   Anytime we Americans feel it necessary to point out the ethnicity of anyone it is racist plan and simple. Obama is a progressive communistic President in everything he says and does and his demeanor is like that of a wannabe despot. It is of no redeeming value to anyone in our society to point out his ethnicity as though that is what makes him the ignorant racist he is. No he is the sum of the people that influenced him throughout his youth into adulthood of which most where not of his same ethnicity. But with the current trends about diversity which is used to promote racism, if whither he is a successful president or not it will be attributed to ethnicity regardless the outcome.
   The credit for accomplishments that influenced America’s growth and development has never been hidden, it has always been accessible to everyone that may have had enough interest to discover it, unlike other nations and communities that distort, hide or expunge certain events or people from their own history. In a nation of the size we have become has to limit the number of historic figures it holds up as historic, and the criteria has only to do with degrees and importance to the nation never based on ethnicity should it be, if we are to live up to our founding principles where ethnicity constitutes the least of a citizens’ Bio. 
   The greater the attributes of people in society have no added value just because they are singled out as examples that are in most cases of their own personal choosing and/or promotional advantage socially. America as a nation was not designed nor has ever been in the business of promoting or discouraging group think based on ethnicity that has always been the work of the racist’s among us, home grown or foreign even on our Supreme Court.
   To actively promote the racist and racist attitudes among us, is just more racism!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Self-Evident Resolve!

   America’s government and her people were cast by a mold well over 200 years ago and we did not break the mold, all we need to do today is melt her down and recast her using the same pristine mold. All that is distorted will straighten out and all excess will spill over into so much sludge. It would be a rebirth, not a remake, because it is the original mold not a modern facsimile or fraud as what is before us today.

On Abortion!

   The abortion issue has been twisted from the ideals of life and death of the individual person, to the ill perceived rights of the incubator.
    It is said that the female of the species is the caretaker of morality. Socially speaking American women have abdicated this natural responsibility in favor of sexual promiscuity by adding to modern means of birth control and extending them to abortion. It has nothing to do with the life or death of the incubators in modern medicine, but everything to do with the life or death of an incubating human life.
    Of nature or god’s nature if you prefer; it is the reality that the female is the incubator of human life, which assigns this responsibility wither the individuals like it or not. To abdicate this natural responsibility by destroying the natural result in the act of breeding is a denial of reality and human life itself, all for the pleasure derived from promiscuity or treating the human body as a plaything or toy that has no other purpose in life but amusement.
   All of this tends only to exalt our ignorance of purpose, and demeans the character. In the same way we use various drugs for recreation, it is destructive of and to humanity without any redeeming value just self indulgent amusement.
   The natural right to life is unassailable as proclaimed in our nation’s Declaration of Independence and for our modern day government to not only fail to protect it, but allow or support others to defile it, is abhorrent beyond belief without any consideration of any religious belief beyond nature itself.
   When Americans find self destruction as the pathway to living a better life, it only shows we have lost touch with our beginnings as a nation and as a people, we need to resend and revert backward, instead of capitulation, defeated by the rest of the worldly ways of humanity that we once rejected through revolution.  

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

How we Converse!

   The psychological dilemma of all societies next to the origin of mankind is right, wrong and ignorance, then everyone else.
   Those who fall into the ignorant category are most easily described; they are simply deficient in knowledge and/or understanding of specific objects and/or subjects all the time. 
   Those whom are right simply know and understand at what times they are ignorant of the subject matter at hand and acknowledge their deficit, then proceed to update and enhance it.
   Those whom are wrong are totally unaware of the specific areas of their ignorance and adamantly refuse to acknowledge it, playing it out by ear as it were with bluster.
    Everyone else follows the leads of others; usually those filled with bluster, or react emotionally, and/or attack others in a personal fashion.
   These are the categories that make up the mix of American intercourse both socially, privately and politically. Before anyone can claim psychological adulthood they must learn to never make important life decisions based on; guesswork, the imagination, consensus, feelings, statistics, ignorance, belief’s, intimidation or political bluster. It is always “right” to reject, than to accept, if based on any of those things.
   In the simplest of language if you don’t know what to do, do nothing! Don’t just go with the flow or jump on some else's hay wagon, you may well get “pricked” by the “pointy headed needles” in the hay.   

Monday, March 15, 2010


   The mental skill of transposing reality in time is the only true pathway (equation) to historical understanding, it is the skill of not having to have been there physically at some point in time yet acquires intellectual understanding as though you are/were there. (Present/imagination) = (history*reality)/truth
   Modern men/women think of this as being in someone else’s shoes, but in reality that’s where they get it wrong, we can intellectually place our minds in someone else’s time frame not in their persons. Otherwise they mean that in an imaginative sense, whereas the imagination functions only in the present. We cannot take the present into the past; we must transpose the equation and place the mind in the past while maintaining the balance on the other side with the present.
   You place you’re mind on a wagon train many years ago, the wagon train comes under attack by savages, out numbering those on the train 10 maybe 20 to one, if you so much as think how helpful an USI would be, you’re mind would still be in the present while mentally distorting the experiences of past. All your thoughts must be in and around that time and place if you ever want to understand the past, free as it were of comparative thought.
   Imaginative scenarios excluded, leave that to the movies and writers and the ridiculous dramatic license they take.
The past is not the present or fiction, but reality, unless we imagine it other wise, which is the modern trend of historians. You or I cannot play the imaginative game regarding the past, on a “what if” basis, the dynamic variables of human life are far beyond the comprehensive abilities of the human mind. We who live today are the product of the past we cannot change the past in order to change the present, but we can change the future only if we truly understand the past. We cannot understand the past while mentally locked in the present. 
   Regarding the past, it wasn’t that far back in time when all men thought; the earth was flat and all things that go up must come down, or blood letting was beneficial, nor did mankind understand that black men were not animals, but humans as capable as any others, they thought they only needed to be domesticated like other beast of the field. All of this was history not to be chided by those of the present, but understood as much so as we try to understand the mental development of our children. We don’t blame or punish children for their ignorance of life and society because we understand. So it should be regarding the adolescents of mankind overall keeping in mind that we all do not mature at the same time and some of us never do.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Not!! Democracy

   Democracy is an old myth from our ideological youth; it is non-existent on a worldly scale and is a historically failed ideology.  So why do so many officials from around the globe continue the hype of favoring democracy when none believe or practice it, and especially in America? Democracy is pure majority rules or consensus, mob rule if you will, which is where tyrants, despots and slavery originate from, all the rules and laws depend on the passions of the moment in time, of a majority or an anointed one.
   It is a false perception by the elite’s of society that with the use of today’s internet and mass media connections to each individual they can more readily manipulate and control the masses, with their propaganda, compared to the old and sluggish forms media. Thus it is imperative that each person they reach is convinced that they individually have the power to control events on an equal basis, but of coarse they will only act as a conduit for them to be in charge of national, world conditions and events.
   This is always dependant on the individual agreeing with what ever they propose, if not, you become an obstacle to be dealt with proving that you, or what you think, is really not of concern to them. You and yours are not in charge of anything and they are in charge of everything including you. They constitute legality and you are illegal if you appose them.
   This is what constitutes democracy in the modern world and in particular America. Don’t use the word if you don’t understand it in a real world sense!
  America is a Republic a nation of laws, not men, and those original laws stand in perpetuity irrespective of the passion of the masses at any point in time. The laws are not living laws to be change by the whims of the many or the few over time, and our needs not our wants are all that the masses can influence by addition not usurpation to our laws. This is what America is for all time.
   Our elites may have what they think is the power to change our national laws, but they cannot make us obey those usurpations of our sovereignty. We will not fall before their cycle nor be hammered into servitude, give me liberty or give me death at your own peril!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Grim Reaper

   Very little of what I write could be said to be truly original of myself, but truly and effectually inspired by my forefathers and the founders of our great Nation and its culture, by melding the diversity of mankind of the entire world into one culture, separate and apart from all its individual constituent parts.
   The closer we adhere to our founding documents the greater the civilized leaps achieved, and the more enlightened all mankind becomes, the further we drift from our founding the closer we get to the savagery of mans history, thus making the point to all that ‘Sovereign Individual Liberty’ is not a static condition among men and requires constant vigilance or it will decay into the dust of history. It is like a precious jewel that we must not lose into bowels of the earth never to be found again.
   These ill winds of change that recycle’s men/women through their human nature is the grim reaper of liberty, which drags mankind into the monotonous repetitions of his animal self, even from the heights’ of human enlightenment.
These ill winds of change are stronger than the biggest hurricane and wreck more destruction than the feeble Mindedness of human nature can comprehend.
   Mankind is not, in a natural state a herd animal, but a family one, but will pack-up for common security reasons, to then separate in absence of the need. The more man has flourished over time, he went against his natural inclinations and formed into herds, which can only be controlled by brute force of one or several elites. These are referred to as the collective societies. All individual human liberties are dictated by the elites and can be taken away or granted, arbitrarily by their whims. The afore mention ill winds of change build up until they are like a hurricane to a society and the individuals within bear the brunt, only to recycle the past society with a different set of elites.
    All of the afore mention evidence of history simply stated makes, the Collective or socialist forms of government the arch enemy of Sovereign Individual Citizens of the American republic for which we stand. (Or pack-up)
   Those of the collective or socialist bent also have very little that is original to them selves; they too take their ideas from the elites, tyrants and collectivists of history. They are the ill winds of Change the true grim reapers of liberty, and represent the only true enemy of Individual liberty!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Round Holes & Square Pegs

    According to the so called experts you can’t put a round peg in a square hole, “whoa”, that’s the most narrow minded perception ever conjured up by man, yet many buy into it’s simple minded mode in life. That statement is only true if all things are equal. The proper why to express that self evident truth is; “all things being equal you can’t put a round peg in a square hole”. As it stands we cannot truncate the expression while retaining the same truth of fact understanding, or if you prefer real world scenario. By truncating any truth of fact we change the truth into a falsehood, there is no short pathway to human understanding.
   When all is said and done this is the way of our human nature and only when we rise above our human nature can we truly understand ourselves, or the nature of our worldly existence. All true facts in life can be verified by the inverse or reciprocal, whereas the diversity of human perceptions is damned. It looks like, feels like, appears like, sounds like etc have zero conclusive evidence to back them up or verify them, therefore they are not truths but indicators in the search of truth. No consensus among man is evidence of fact or truth, unless you are a flat earthier or just plain ignorant.
   The experiences of man in history are what was or happened, not what is or happening unless we make it so by repetition, by failing to rise above our human nature, through nuances or parsing and self deceit.
   America as a nation was designed by our forefathers as a round hole within which many differing sizes of square pegs may fit. But like all things created by man there are many pegs, that will not fit without force and destroying the circumference and/or America. The choices are verifiable obvious, we either reject what doesn’t fit or accept destruction of the most unique circle of mankind ever to exist in the entire known history of the world. 
   As just one small square peg that fits, I favor rejection of the unfit!!!! Go figure!

Friday, March 5, 2010

What the Hell Just Happened

   Many today are asking how we got to this point of governmental abuse of power and their interference and manipulation in the social and civil affairs of Americans’.
    In order to make a long dragged out story short, I can sum it up with this; Americans ignored over decades the first principal their school teachers tried to impress on their adolescent minds, “pay attention during class”. Do not allow others to distract you, or engage in daydreaming, or allow you’re mind to otherwise wander.
   We fell into this habit of not paying attention in elementary school and then carried this habit into adulthood and the classroom of society. When you’re not paying attention; you have no cause or reason to ask “why and what’s’ the reason” for any social proposition presented, or to be imposed on the whole of us, let alone the individual impact of them. If something doesn’t have direct impact on you, even if it affects many others you don’t care why or in fact support it. The truth is by not determining the why, you leave the door open to others proposing things that will affect you directly, and being as you didn’t care when it was impose on others they won’t object when the burdens fall on you.
    Because you don’t like smoking; you allowed government to impose restrictions’ in the form of bans and financial confiscation without question as too the truth of purpose. Just like you bought into the global warming scam or the expenditure of large sums of your money for other nefarious reasons. Removing individual choice and transferring what should by all human rights be made and decided individually, to a central authority is the answer to the “why” you should have been asking.
   It will comeback on all, in time, if you do not demand the truthful answer to “Why” and the real motive and truth behind all social manipulation.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

But, But, But!!

   The first thing out of the mouths of children and the ignorant is the word “but”. It’s a word used to discount anything and everything that proceeded. I call people like that “But Heads” no matter what is said in conversation with them, it is always but this, but that of maybe but. Always implying the opposite or alternative to what they didn’t listen to in the first place. It’s like they think their opposites or alternatives were never considered in the first instance and only acts to change the subject at hand, like a steering mechanism for conversations.
   But, oops, forgot myself, anyway I’m sure you get the point that but-er’s should but-out of intelligent conversations and just admit they don’t have the foggiest idea, only suppositions. If they want to change the conversation just say so, it’s not that difficult to admit they don’t know anything about a particular subject, leave the fishing expeditions for your next vacation. It wouldn’t kill them to cease accusation or blame fixing in conversation either; we all know it’s Bush’s fault anyway right? Conversations should consist of or about either personalities or the unvarnished issues, never both, at the same time nor what was then or now unless to show relevance or not, to the subject at hand. It doesn’t matter to me if those “but heads” stick it up their Butts giving me the option of referring to them as true “butt Heads”.