Monday, March 8, 2010

Round Holes & Square Pegs

    According to the so called experts you can’t put a round peg in a square hole, “whoa”, that’s the most narrow minded perception ever conjured up by man, yet many buy into it’s simple minded mode in life. That statement is only true if all things are equal. The proper why to express that self evident truth is; “all things being equal you can’t put a round peg in a square hole”. As it stands we cannot truncate the expression while retaining the same truth of fact understanding, or if you prefer real world scenario. By truncating any truth of fact we change the truth into a falsehood, there is no short pathway to human understanding.
   When all is said and done this is the way of our human nature and only when we rise above our human nature can we truly understand ourselves, or the nature of our worldly existence. All true facts in life can be verified by the inverse or reciprocal, whereas the diversity of human perceptions is damned. It looks like, feels like, appears like, sounds like etc have zero conclusive evidence to back them up or verify them, therefore they are not truths but indicators in the search of truth. No consensus among man is evidence of fact or truth, unless you are a flat earthier or just plain ignorant.
   The experiences of man in history are what was or happened, not what is or happening unless we make it so by repetition, by failing to rise above our human nature, through nuances or parsing and self deceit.
   America as a nation was designed by our forefathers as a round hole within which many differing sizes of square pegs may fit. But like all things created by man there are many pegs, that will not fit without force and destroying the circumference and/or America. The choices are verifiable obvious, we either reject what doesn’t fit or accept destruction of the most unique circle of mankind ever to exist in the entire known history of the world. 
   As just one small square peg that fits, I favor rejection of the unfit!!!! Go figure!

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