Sunday, March 28, 2010

On Journalism!

   On journalism today; I ask my self the question, “what makes a journalist a journalist” is it some special skill or ability, is it inherent in a individual or learned, and if learned who and what certifies they learned it? From where I sit as an ordinary nobody American citizen it looks more like some strange kind of cult. When questioned they come together in lock step to destroy their detractors with a blood thirst like every good little Nazi would do, on behalf of the Fuhrer and the fatherland. This does not fit with what I have thought and read over my lifetime was journalism except for the propagandist techniques of Joseph Goebbels fame.
   In my youth I thought they were just good spellers and had developed large vocabularies to graduate from journalism schools. But today their spelling doesn’t appear to me, to be so extraordinary, with no more skill in vocabulary, syntax, diction, or many other skills one would attribute to a professional. They simply appear as any other ordinary slob citizen taking advantage of word processors. But overall it appears, they have developed a clique in society based on their graduate degrees, as questionable as they may be which constitutes the loyalty of the cult.
   No matter what or how people communicate ideas, events or thoughts, within society, nuanced parsing or independent fabrication destroys the message as reliable or relative, too the listener or reader. Over dramatization doesn’t with or without emphasis enhance a story, or improve it either, it only tends to act as a let down of interest among the people. It is the people that decide the degree of drama that surrounds the issues that arise in society whereas the media and/or journalist only create artificial social drama that has no substance or depth.  
   Those who are wannabe journalist on the internet and blogs need to stop trying to emulate professional journalist and just say what you know as well as to admit what you don’t know, other wise it’s just so much gossip in the language of journalistic gibberish. Saying something looks like, talks like walks like doesn’t make it like, its all in your own head if that’s the only way you certify anything in the world of social intercourse. The actual truth of the matter is, uncorrelated un-vetted opinion is not communication or journalism but is like, comparing apples and oranges (old worn out clique).   

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