Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Grim Reaper

   Very little of what I write could be said to be truly original of myself, but truly and effectually inspired by my forefathers and the founders of our great Nation and its culture, by melding the diversity of mankind of the entire world into one culture, separate and apart from all its individual constituent parts.
   The closer we adhere to our founding documents the greater the civilized leaps achieved, and the more enlightened all mankind becomes, the further we drift from our founding the closer we get to the savagery of mans history, thus making the point to all that ‘Sovereign Individual Liberty’ is not a static condition among men and requires constant vigilance or it will decay into the dust of history. It is like a precious jewel that we must not lose into bowels of the earth never to be found again.
   These ill winds of change that recycle’s men/women through their human nature is the grim reaper of liberty, which drags mankind into the monotonous repetitions of his animal self, even from the heights’ of human enlightenment.
These ill winds of change are stronger than the biggest hurricane and wreck more destruction than the feeble Mindedness of human nature can comprehend.
   Mankind is not, in a natural state a herd animal, but a family one, but will pack-up for common security reasons, to then separate in absence of the need. The more man has flourished over time, he went against his natural inclinations and formed into herds, which can only be controlled by brute force of one or several elites. These are referred to as the collective societies. All individual human liberties are dictated by the elites and can be taken away or granted, arbitrarily by their whims. The afore mention ill winds of change build up until they are like a hurricane to a society and the individuals within bear the brunt, only to recycle the past society with a different set of elites.
    All of the afore mention evidence of history simply stated makes, the Collective or socialist forms of government the arch enemy of Sovereign Individual Citizens of the American republic for which we stand. (Or pack-up)
   Those of the collective or socialist bent also have very little that is original to them selves; they too take their ideas from the elites, tyrants and collectivists of history. They are the ill winds of Change the true grim reapers of liberty, and represent the only true enemy of Individual liberty!

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