Friday, March 19, 2010

On Abortion!

   The abortion issue has been twisted from the ideals of life and death of the individual person, to the ill perceived rights of the incubator.
    It is said that the female of the species is the caretaker of morality. Socially speaking American women have abdicated this natural responsibility in favor of sexual promiscuity by adding to modern means of birth control and extending them to abortion. It has nothing to do with the life or death of the incubators in modern medicine, but everything to do with the life or death of an incubating human life.
    Of nature or god’s nature if you prefer; it is the reality that the female is the incubator of human life, which assigns this responsibility wither the individuals like it or not. To abdicate this natural responsibility by destroying the natural result in the act of breeding is a denial of reality and human life itself, all for the pleasure derived from promiscuity or treating the human body as a plaything or toy that has no other purpose in life but amusement.
   All of this tends only to exalt our ignorance of purpose, and demeans the character. In the same way we use various drugs for recreation, it is destructive of and to humanity without any redeeming value just self indulgent amusement.
   The natural right to life is unassailable as proclaimed in our nation’s Declaration of Independence and for our modern day government to not only fail to protect it, but allow or support others to defile it, is abhorrent beyond belief without any consideration of any religious belief beyond nature itself.
   When Americans find self destruction as the pathway to living a better life, it only shows we have lost touch with our beginnings as a nation and as a people, we need to resend and revert backward, instead of capitulation, defeated by the rest of the worldly ways of humanity that we once rejected through revolution.  

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