Sunday, March 21, 2010

On Racism!

   If you are born as an American or naturalized; as an American, Alexander Graham Bell is you’re famous inventor and George Washington is you’re first great general and president and founding father. Americas rich history is not established based on their ethnicity but nationality and it is racist to point out their ethnicity or the ethnicity of other great contributors’ to the development and growth of our nation, that failed to achieve equivalent prominence of note and mention, in the teaching of American history in our schools.
   Anytime we Americans feel it necessary to point out the ethnicity of anyone it is racist plan and simple. Obama is a progressive communistic President in everything he says and does and his demeanor is like that of a wannabe despot. It is of no redeeming value to anyone in our society to point out his ethnicity as though that is what makes him the ignorant racist he is. No he is the sum of the people that influenced him throughout his youth into adulthood of which most where not of his same ethnicity. But with the current trends about diversity which is used to promote racism, if whither he is a successful president or not it will be attributed to ethnicity regardless the outcome.
   The credit for accomplishments that influenced America’s growth and development has never been hidden, it has always been accessible to everyone that may have had enough interest to discover it, unlike other nations and communities that distort, hide or expunge certain events or people from their own history. In a nation of the size we have become has to limit the number of historic figures it holds up as historic, and the criteria has only to do with degrees and importance to the nation never based on ethnicity should it be, if we are to live up to our founding principles where ethnicity constitutes the least of a citizens’ Bio. 
   The greater the attributes of people in society have no added value just because they are singled out as examples that are in most cases of their own personal choosing and/or promotional advantage socially. America as a nation was not designed nor has ever been in the business of promoting or discouraging group think based on ethnicity that has always been the work of the racist’s among us, home grown or foreign even on our Supreme Court.
   To actively promote the racist and racist attitudes among us, is just more racism!

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