Friday, March 26, 2010

Self Deciet II

   Political speak has developed over time in America to mean; never say what you mean or intend, if caught or tripped-up on anything deny, deny, deny or lie with a straight face, tell the people the opposite of the truth of a matter before them. The purpose of holding political office in America today is and has to long been focused on the office holder as apposed to proper execution of their duties and responsibility to the people and/or the nation as a whole.
   This condition has an effect on the youth of America, leading them to think that it is as was originally intended the way of our system of government. They have no way to separate what is, from what was. We have developed through the Educational system a deliberate distortion of our historical intent in our founding as a Nation.
   Our parents and our founding fathers emphasized in our youth that lying to others was a cardinal civil wrong, but we failed our children by not making it clear that lying to ones self is worse than lying to others.
   When you knowingly tell a lie to others only a potion of them will believe your lies at any particular point in time, but when you lie to yourself over time you become a self infected believer of you’re own lies, and this was with the intentional support of the educational system. If you think 2+2=5 enough, it will become you’re truth even as ignorant as that is.
   Just as soon as a generation of young people has fallen into this self deceit, they in turn become the teachers of their own self infected method of self deceit which perpetrates a snowball effect over many more generations to bring our nation to a nation of self deceivers absent any historical accounting of the truth, because we have deceived ourselves of our own history. This is why by the 1960s the common expression in our society; was that there is not actual truth but that truth was individualistic. Any lie you live with is the truth.
   The politico’s in office today are believers of the lies, so they are not liars anymore. The only way to reverse this condition is to confront those living in their self-deceit each and every time without fail, but it will take at least a generation in this vain to overcome.
   The question left is, do we as a people have the intestinal fortitude to overcome our past, to once again become a nation of enlighten people as we once were.

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