Friday, March 12, 2010

Not!! Democracy

   Democracy is an old myth from our ideological youth; it is non-existent on a worldly scale and is a historically failed ideology.  So why do so many officials from around the globe continue the hype of favoring democracy when none believe or practice it, and especially in America? Democracy is pure majority rules or consensus, mob rule if you will, which is where tyrants, despots and slavery originate from, all the rules and laws depend on the passions of the moment in time, of a majority or an anointed one.
   It is a false perception by the elite’s of society that with the use of today’s internet and mass media connections to each individual they can more readily manipulate and control the masses, with their propaganda, compared to the old and sluggish forms media. Thus it is imperative that each person they reach is convinced that they individually have the power to control events on an equal basis, but of coarse they will only act as a conduit for them to be in charge of national, world conditions and events.
   This is always dependant on the individual agreeing with what ever they propose, if not, you become an obstacle to be dealt with proving that you, or what you think, is really not of concern to them. You and yours are not in charge of anything and they are in charge of everything including you. They constitute legality and you are illegal if you appose them.
   This is what constitutes democracy in the modern world and in particular America. Don’t use the word if you don’t understand it in a real world sense!
  America is a Republic a nation of laws, not men, and those original laws stand in perpetuity irrespective of the passion of the masses at any point in time. The laws are not living laws to be change by the whims of the many or the few over time, and our needs not our wants are all that the masses can influence by addition not usurpation to our laws. This is what America is for all time.
   Our elites may have what they think is the power to change our national laws, but they cannot make us obey those usurpations of our sovereignty. We will not fall before their cycle nor be hammered into servitude, give me liberty or give me death at your own peril!

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