Tuesday, March 2, 2010

But, But, But!!

   The first thing out of the mouths of children and the ignorant is the word “but”. It’s a word used to discount anything and everything that proceeded. I call people like that “But Heads” no matter what is said in conversation with them, it is always but this, but that of maybe but. Always implying the opposite or alternative to what they didn’t listen to in the first place. It’s like they think their opposites or alternatives were never considered in the first instance and only acts to change the subject at hand, like a steering mechanism for conversations.
   But, oops, forgot myself, anyway I’m sure you get the point that but-er’s should but-out of intelligent conversations and just admit they don’t have the foggiest idea, only suppositions. If they want to change the conversation just say so, it’s not that difficult to admit they don’t know anything about a particular subject, leave the fishing expeditions for your next vacation. It wouldn’t kill them to cease accusation or blame fixing in conversation either; we all know it’s Bush’s fault anyway right? Conversations should consist of or about either personalities or the unvarnished issues, never both, at the same time nor what was then or now unless to show relevance or not, to the subject at hand. It doesn’t matter to me if those “but heads” stick it up their Butts giving me the option of referring to them as true “butt Heads”.

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