Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Herd Mentality

   If the reader of this work has not been able to develop the sense that mankind is the most unique creature on this earth don’t bother reading any further, you are a sub-species not worthy of my time or efforts. On the other hand this work is meant to define the natural truth of mankind this is the; who, what and why we humans in mass fail to develop our uniqueness within the sphere of out own individual existence. Our psychological deadlock first took set when religious feelings and beliefs sold the masses on the idea we are a family, the family of man! Even the non-religious bought into that false premise, which set mankind on the development of civilizations’ based on the collective principal that we are all part of the family and should be brought into the fold.
   The modern sense of individuality should turn that idea in the family man once and for all false, based on the development of our technology and the evidence it has produced. We should have picked up on this thru the numerous mounds of evidence over time that denies the truth of that ancient idea.
   The developed status of finger printing is just one undeniable indicator of individuality verses identical or family idea. Then came DNA to validate individuality of our entire physical beings. Similarity alone does not indicate family just species and DNA indicates blood line not the civil idea of what a family is, let alone extending that idea to all mankind. But finger printing and DNA are only the most recent evidence we have that we are truly individuals in our own right.
  Our psychological development from birth tells us many things that we have discounted in favor of the herd mentality of history. It is our psychological individuality that drives us to leave home and family as young adults and when the society we live in tries to put us back into the family thru social pressures it rubs most of us wrong because it goes against our individuality. From a social point of view it amounts to domestication of our individuality to the level of family. If that was our desire or inclination we would have stayed at home as apposed to joining a family of strangers.    
  "There are certain social principles in human nature, from which we may draw the most solid conclusions with respect to the conduct of individuals and of communities.  We love our families more than our neighbors; we love our neighbors more than our countrymen in general.  The human affections, like solar heat, lose their intensity as they depart from the center.--Alexander Hamilton
   The founders and the founding of America was an indicator that man for the first time in history needed to place man individuality over the herd mentality of the ancient idea and premise of the collective as a blueprint for forming a civil society by recognizing the difference between the herd and the individual.
   The herd mentality has for so long been ingrained in our human nature, many cannot escape it, and it manifests itself in society by the forming of social collectives like unions, cults, guilds, and mobs of all sorts that typically resort to adverse civil activities that are a drag on the individuality of mankind overall. The denial of individuality is the direction and pathway to our ancient past and the undoing of civil human progress.

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