Friday, March 5, 2010

What the Hell Just Happened

   Many today are asking how we got to this point of governmental abuse of power and their interference and manipulation in the social and civil affairs of Americans’.
    In order to make a long dragged out story short, I can sum it up with this; Americans ignored over decades the first principal their school teachers tried to impress on their adolescent minds, “pay attention during class”. Do not allow others to distract you, or engage in daydreaming, or allow you’re mind to otherwise wander.
   We fell into this habit of not paying attention in elementary school and then carried this habit into adulthood and the classroom of society. When you’re not paying attention; you have no cause or reason to ask “why and what’s’ the reason” for any social proposition presented, or to be imposed on the whole of us, let alone the individual impact of them. If something doesn’t have direct impact on you, even if it affects many others you don’t care why or in fact support it. The truth is by not determining the why, you leave the door open to others proposing things that will affect you directly, and being as you didn’t care when it was impose on others they won’t object when the burdens fall on you.
    Because you don’t like smoking; you allowed government to impose restrictions’ in the form of bans and financial confiscation without question as too the truth of purpose. Just like you bought into the global warming scam or the expenditure of large sums of your money for other nefarious reasons. Removing individual choice and transferring what should by all human rights be made and decided individually, to a central authority is the answer to the “why” you should have been asking.
   It will comeback on all, in time, if you do not demand the truthful answer to “Why” and the real motive and truth behind all social manipulation.

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