Monday, March 15, 2010


   The mental skill of transposing reality in time is the only true pathway (equation) to historical understanding, it is the skill of not having to have been there physically at some point in time yet acquires intellectual understanding as though you are/were there. (Present/imagination) = (history*reality)/truth
   Modern men/women think of this as being in someone else’s shoes, but in reality that’s where they get it wrong, we can intellectually place our minds in someone else’s time frame not in their persons. Otherwise they mean that in an imaginative sense, whereas the imagination functions only in the present. We cannot take the present into the past; we must transpose the equation and place the mind in the past while maintaining the balance on the other side with the present.
   You place you’re mind on a wagon train many years ago, the wagon train comes under attack by savages, out numbering those on the train 10 maybe 20 to one, if you so much as think how helpful an USI would be, you’re mind would still be in the present while mentally distorting the experiences of past. All your thoughts must be in and around that time and place if you ever want to understand the past, free as it were of comparative thought.
   Imaginative scenarios excluded, leave that to the movies and writers and the ridiculous dramatic license they take.
The past is not the present or fiction, but reality, unless we imagine it other wise, which is the modern trend of historians. You or I cannot play the imaginative game regarding the past, on a “what if” basis, the dynamic variables of human life are far beyond the comprehensive abilities of the human mind. We who live today are the product of the past we cannot change the past in order to change the present, but we can change the future only if we truly understand the past. We cannot understand the past while mentally locked in the present. 
   Regarding the past, it wasn’t that far back in time when all men thought; the earth was flat and all things that go up must come down, or blood letting was beneficial, nor did mankind understand that black men were not animals, but humans as capable as any others, they thought they only needed to be domesticated like other beast of the field. All of this was history not to be chided by those of the present, but understood as much so as we try to understand the mental development of our children. We don’t blame or punish children for their ignorance of life and society because we understand. So it should be regarding the adolescents of mankind overall keeping in mind that we all do not mature at the same time and some of us never do.

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