Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ingrained Princpals

   Every American needs too ask this question; when you are threatened or attacked by any other s what are your responsibilities, if any against the perpetrators and/or aggressors?  Or, has this already been answered for you by others?  If you answer in the affirmative to the latter, you are not a real American, but in name only, and most likely have been subjected too and awash in socialist propaganda since your youth. Thus I will endeavor to enlighten you as to basic individual American principles regarding this subject, that all true Americans understand too their core.
1.      The first and primary; is individual sovereignty, compatible and in tandem w/ the Constitution.
2.      Individually ingrained, personal and civil responsibility absent any obligations by law short of national war conditions domestic or foreign.
3.      Consistently hold all aggression in abeyance unless defensively unavoidable, at which point give no quarter to the aggressors, accepting no so called legal restrictions.
4.      The third applies first to yourself and yours, to your countrymen, your country, and your creator in that order w/ no equivocation.
5.      Support and defend the Constitution, know it, and understand it, and accept nothing outside of its domain and/or authority.
6.      No man or group of men are your superior, nor holds dominion over you and as an American you have no right to surrender your own individual sovereignty, you were born with it and you must die with it.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Understanding & Tolerence

    Animals are not dumb, stupid, or idiots what they are, is ignorant. They dwell in the world of pure subjectivity which is the sum of physical perceptions and the imagination. The one thing they are incapable of is, understanding that only the human animal is capable of acquiring.
  Just like our Constitution does not provide anything except opportunity for the individual, so it is for humans we have the opportunity to acquire understanding we are not born with it, nor can it be given, or taught, it can only come by way of conscious effort individually.
  The first thing we should learn in the area of understanding is to be able to acknowledge that there are more things we do not understand, than what we do understand. Without the capacity to understand, the animal cannot understand it doesn’t understand. You can see this same lack of understanding in children before they develop any serious understanding of things, but they have the ability, whereas the animals do not.
  If you can understand the previous you will also understand that it takes individual effort, and like those who might be given the task of digging a straight two foot deep ditch sixty yards long by hand. Many will give up the effort, do to the effort being outside their animal desires, emotions and /or commitment to the task at hand and frustrated by the effort involved.
  Skipping political and social correctness, the proceeding tells us that people without understanding are no more than animals overall. Understanding can only be found in the objectivity of human thought, it cannot be found in the subjectivity of thought, animal or human.
  To obtain understanding can only be done through reasoning of the objective and self-evident truths of our existence which reasoning, does not exist in the subjective thoughts of animals or humans.
  The animals we have today running and controlling America as a whole, is do to those with understanding, by accepting and tolerating their animal behavior and actions as though it would remain in the animal world and not spill over into their world of understanding.
  Tolerance of the ignorant is not an intelligent act, and will not enhance our understanding and at this point in American history intolerance of ignorance is and should be the name of the game.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mind Numb

   Racism, bigotry and prejudice in modern day America, all stem from the same source, the collective egotism of Academia. This egocentric core didn’t just happen overnight but has been in effect and growing itself like a cancer in society starting with the creation of the Federal Dept. of Education as the simultaneous accelerants of egos and ignorance as co-partners in social agitation. Academia has always been egocentric, but only became hazardous to our culture when it partnered with a government filled with its own graduate students, mind numb with the egoism of superiority bolstered by the failed ideological mix of Marxism and Fascism.
   Intelligent thought is not the province of academia, it cannot be taught or force fed, it is self induced on an individual basis and only loosely connected to accumulated knowledge.
   Social/cultural celebrity and its’ associated egos is the standard by which Americans measure intelligence, and that is the most demonstrative indicator of ignorance ever conjured up by elitist social consensus where its home base is a triad made up of, Academia, Politics, and Journalism. They have become like sharks, once they smell blood in the social waters.
   The real loser is the truth, which never trickles down to the masses. If the truth is important to any specific American, it can only be found with individual effort and an unbiased mind, absent social qualifiers’. In the search for the truth nothing and no individual, group or demographic can be disregarded or ignored due to social, cultural or ethnic sensibilities of any part. The truth can be twisted, parsed and hidden, but it cannot be denied to those who seek it.
   What Obama is, is self evident truth, who he is, is the big lie that demands the exposure of the truth. The American people do not fear what Obama is, but they do fear who he is, and who is, is not American. 

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Too Big To Fail

   Too big to fail”; how easily that expression or phrase flows from the mouths of men/women. It’s like saying that things never end like infinity.
   There is a thing called practicality which exists, yet few understand the value of practicality. The life span of each individual human falls within the controlling framework of practicality. But mankind is so arrogant as to believe he can influence human events beyond his or her own life span. That’s why we develop techniques like wills, or Constitutions’ in essence instructing others from our graves. The problem is those among the living will do what they please simple because you or I are no longer here to make them to what we ask or instruct to be done.
   This applies everywhere every time in all societies or cultures and it is a fact of human life and death. But humans seem to think that the societies they live in can some how extend their individual influence within it beyond the grave. While this may be mostly true in the short run in time it fades away faster than the men and women who tried to extend there influence in the first place. It’s like how easily we humans forget or knowingly discard the past not only in our individual life time, but in everyone else’s life time also. All of this is what makes “to big to fail” the most ignorant phrase that has in modern American times, ever been uttered and this too will pass.
   Every new generation perceives itself and the individuals in it, as superior too every previous generation in every respect, so they become in essence, erasers of historical human knowledge and understanding and in modern times they believe, they are “to big to fail” and this too will pass. But what happens in the long run is a repeat of the individual human suffrages of history that has been erased also from the minds of most.
   The ignorant of modern America don't forget things they erase them if this were not true we wouldn’t have so many of them.
   Humans have studied human history in every generation, but it has been erased many times over the thousands of years, to the point that even among the most learned it is not understood and ignorance abounds. The most enlightened generations of mankind in history existed only in early America and that also is being erased by the current generations of Americans with the eager help of the rest of this most ignorant world of peoples.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Charactor of Mankind

  When you speak of the “Character” of any particular individual what are you talking about, what is it made of, or makes it up, or is the stuff of “Character”?
  What it is at its core is, the summary of an individuals overall physiological state that is exposed to the society that surrounds him/her. It cannot be summarized by any particular incident or episode but after maturity it is usually a fixed psychosocial state to the point of predictability in society. It has within in it what we call traits, meaning not for certain but likely.
  A socially acceptable character cannot be taught, but is developed by the mind of each person based on both events in individual experiences and the thought processes one has created, independent and free from others. That is why we, “that is society”, cannot effectively teach others what to think, that is only effective when no thought process was developed and the individual is for the most part, a subjective animal that go’s by pure perceptions of their physical being and only reactive in their responses.
  They will still develop a character within, but it becomes the tool by which others of socially negative character use against an overall society. “Useful Idiots” was the term used by Lenin, to describe them as his tools to remake Russian society and by his intent the whole world.
   The weakness in Lenin’s and Marx and Engels approach is the assumption that in all societies and cultures useful idiots make up the overwhelming majority of men/women they contain, thus can be applied against men/women of real and good social character with physical force. This serves only to demonstrate how little they understood, about the true Character of mankind let alone their own socially corrupt characters’. The historical evidence that the so called useful idiots always represent only about one third of every human culture on earth was not within the scope of their thinking, or understanding.
   The real truth of history shows beyond doubt that the majority of mankind are always of good and just social Character, and that America as a nation, has in its history shown it to be true also, with world resounding success.
   The last thing mankind needs or wants is fundamental change to the make-up of America or the Character of her peoples and it is not within the province of American government or the elected officials of it, to try to manipulate any more than it was Lenin’s province. But it was within his sociopathic and thus destructive character.

Friday, October 2, 2009


   The System; complexity Vs Simplicity is the difference between understanding and just knowing about something. This is also the difference between intelligence and ignorance in the realm of mankind.
   The Natural World is complex, far beyond the psychological and intellectual capacity of mankind. The natural world or nature is only a subsystem of a system. A system contains subsystems that each have a part to play in the whole system but none could be said or viewed as the system, only a part of it, if a subsystem were to cease to exist it may or may not have consequential effect on the whole system. The existence of a system determines intelligent design. A designer can be singular or plural and no system has ever been known to happen by chance or accident, all have a designer of one or many. In the simplest of terms shit doesn’t just happen.
   Mankind has a psychological and intellectual capacity to design systems, while at the same time mankind is a subsystem within an even more complex system not of his capacity to understand. All of what we humans call self awareness has limits that exist, dependent on the understanding and depth of it held psychologically by the individual.
   When mankind designs a cultural system within which they may mutually and physically prosper, those designers may be singular or plural the more designers the more complex the system appears or is made manifest to any single individual.
    This is the difference between capitalism and collectivism systems of culture and/or society. In collectivism one or a few decide and/or design all human activities within the system. Where in capitalism, all people individually decide and create all the subsystems that make up the whole of it as an aggregate system.
    America as our Nation, was designed originally only to control the extremes of human nature within, not the subsequent aggregate system that emerged. Because the more people that contributed to the whole makes the system as complex as nature itself thus beyond the intellectual capacity of one or a few to understand it. The only thing that capitalism cannot maintain and control is the egos of men/women (human nature); they can only be controlled or maintained by force of law or physical force.
   The entire idea and consequent conception of collectivism or socialism is purely the human imagination and its ego playing the part of a supreme designer for all, and the societies of the world.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Deceit & lying

   Deceit is inborn in the human nature of mankind but a liar has to learn the art form of deceit to become a graduate within society to become a consummate liar.
   In American society the approved method of advancement within society and in personal relations used to be personal work and skill and sincere effort to prove your worth. During my life this method has morphed into distracting attention from your self onto others in the most deceitful manner possible and out right lying to put frosting on it. The apparent intent is by making someone or group look bad even when falsified makes the accuser or finger pointer look good, righteous or holier than thou. And today this is the method in America that is in prominent use throughout.
   During my life I have never worked with any one, group or organization where what you did or accomplished was the real measure used for advancement or recognition, it was always what others said about you that was the determining factor. This method kicks in as soon as you are perceived as a potential threat to some ones current position. It is never done out in the open for the average person to see and correct, but behind their backs. It is so prevalent we have coin a phrase within organizations we call it simply “company politics” or “just gossip” but it is meant to just put it aside or ignore it in order to keep it out of the light of day and put back in the darkness of our awareness. Admonition; Never succumb and join their chorus, it only leads to successful ignorance.
   It is this method that most people in high positions in American society used to get where they are today, and in particular politicians’ and those of social elite status.
   This is not just about pointing out the errors of others to enlighten and understand, but deceit and lying which have nothing to support the lies save the imagination, innuendo, accusations and the feelings inherent in the human nature of the ignorant among us.
   Even the leaders of the Soviet Empire (evil empire) refused to put their trust in people like that, one might even think they have more common sense than we, or does it just take one to know one. 
  It could only be wished that people were more like skunks “they always smell their own hole first”.
  The Law of nature and human nature; is “for every action there is a opposite and apposing reaction”.