Friday, October 2, 2009


   The System; complexity Vs Simplicity is the difference between understanding and just knowing about something. This is also the difference between intelligence and ignorance in the realm of mankind.
   The Natural World is complex, far beyond the psychological and intellectual capacity of mankind. The natural world or nature is only a subsystem of a system. A system contains subsystems that each have a part to play in the whole system but none could be said or viewed as the system, only a part of it, if a subsystem were to cease to exist it may or may not have consequential effect on the whole system. The existence of a system determines intelligent design. A designer can be singular or plural and no system has ever been known to happen by chance or accident, all have a designer of one or many. In the simplest of terms shit doesn’t just happen.
   Mankind has a psychological and intellectual capacity to design systems, while at the same time mankind is a subsystem within an even more complex system not of his capacity to understand. All of what we humans call self awareness has limits that exist, dependent on the understanding and depth of it held psychologically by the individual.
   When mankind designs a cultural system within which they may mutually and physically prosper, those designers may be singular or plural the more designers the more complex the system appears or is made manifest to any single individual.
    This is the difference between capitalism and collectivism systems of culture and/or society. In collectivism one or a few decide and/or design all human activities within the system. Where in capitalism, all people individually decide and create all the subsystems that make up the whole of it as an aggregate system.
    America as our Nation, was designed originally only to control the extremes of human nature within, not the subsequent aggregate system that emerged. Because the more people that contributed to the whole makes the system as complex as nature itself thus beyond the intellectual capacity of one or a few to understand it. The only thing that capitalism cannot maintain and control is the egos of men/women (human nature); they can only be controlled or maintained by force of law or physical force.
   The entire idea and consequent conception of collectivism or socialism is purely the human imagination and its ego playing the part of a supreme designer for all, and the societies of the world.

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