Sunday, October 11, 2009

Too Big To Fail

   Too big to fail”; how easily that expression or phrase flows from the mouths of men/women. It’s like saying that things never end like infinity.
   There is a thing called practicality which exists, yet few understand the value of practicality. The life span of each individual human falls within the controlling framework of practicality. But mankind is so arrogant as to believe he can influence human events beyond his or her own life span. That’s why we develop techniques like wills, or Constitutions’ in essence instructing others from our graves. The problem is those among the living will do what they please simple because you or I are no longer here to make them to what we ask or instruct to be done.
   This applies everywhere every time in all societies or cultures and it is a fact of human life and death. But humans seem to think that the societies they live in can some how extend their individual influence within it beyond the grave. While this may be mostly true in the short run in time it fades away faster than the men and women who tried to extend there influence in the first place. It’s like how easily we humans forget or knowingly discard the past not only in our individual life time, but in everyone else’s life time also. All of this is what makes “to big to fail” the most ignorant phrase that has in modern American times, ever been uttered and this too will pass.
   Every new generation perceives itself and the individuals in it, as superior too every previous generation in every respect, so they become in essence, erasers of historical human knowledge and understanding and in modern times they believe, they are “to big to fail” and this too will pass. But what happens in the long run is a repeat of the individual human suffrages of history that has been erased also from the minds of most.
   The ignorant of modern America don't forget things they erase them if this were not true we wouldn’t have so many of them.
   Humans have studied human history in every generation, but it has been erased many times over the thousands of years, to the point that even among the most learned it is not understood and ignorance abounds. The most enlightened generations of mankind in history existed only in early America and that also is being erased by the current generations of Americans with the eager help of the rest of this most ignorant world of peoples.

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