Sunday, October 25, 2009

Understanding & Tolerence

    Animals are not dumb, stupid, or idiots what they are, is ignorant. They dwell in the world of pure subjectivity which is the sum of physical perceptions and the imagination. The one thing they are incapable of is, understanding that only the human animal is capable of acquiring.
  Just like our Constitution does not provide anything except opportunity for the individual, so it is for humans we have the opportunity to acquire understanding we are not born with it, nor can it be given, or taught, it can only come by way of conscious effort individually.
  The first thing we should learn in the area of understanding is to be able to acknowledge that there are more things we do not understand, than what we do understand. Without the capacity to understand, the animal cannot understand it doesn’t understand. You can see this same lack of understanding in children before they develop any serious understanding of things, but they have the ability, whereas the animals do not.
  If you can understand the previous you will also understand that it takes individual effort, and like those who might be given the task of digging a straight two foot deep ditch sixty yards long by hand. Many will give up the effort, do to the effort being outside their animal desires, emotions and /or commitment to the task at hand and frustrated by the effort involved.
  Skipping political and social correctness, the proceeding tells us that people without understanding are no more than animals overall. Understanding can only be found in the objectivity of human thought, it cannot be found in the subjectivity of thought, animal or human.
  To obtain understanding can only be done through reasoning of the objective and self-evident truths of our existence which reasoning, does not exist in the subjective thoughts of animals or humans.
  The animals we have today running and controlling America as a whole, is do to those with understanding, by accepting and tolerating their animal behavior and actions as though it would remain in the animal world and not spill over into their world of understanding.
  Tolerance of the ignorant is not an intelligent act, and will not enhance our understanding and at this point in American history intolerance of ignorance is and should be the name of the game.

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