Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ingrained Princpals

   Every American needs too ask this question; when you are threatened or attacked by any other s what are your responsibilities, if any against the perpetrators and/or aggressors?  Or, has this already been answered for you by others?  If you answer in the affirmative to the latter, you are not a real American, but in name only, and most likely have been subjected too and awash in socialist propaganda since your youth. Thus I will endeavor to enlighten you as to basic individual American principles regarding this subject, that all true Americans understand too their core.
1.      The first and primary; is individual sovereignty, compatible and in tandem w/ the Constitution.
2.      Individually ingrained, personal and civil responsibility absent any obligations by law short of national war conditions domestic or foreign.
3.      Consistently hold all aggression in abeyance unless defensively unavoidable, at which point give no quarter to the aggressors, accepting no so called legal restrictions.
4.      The third applies first to yourself and yours, to your countrymen, your country, and your creator in that order w/ no equivocation.
5.      Support and defend the Constitution, know it, and understand it, and accept nothing outside of its domain and/or authority.
6.      No man or group of men are your superior, nor holds dominion over you and as an American you have no right to surrender your own individual sovereignty, you were born with it and you must die with it.

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