Thursday, October 1, 2009

Deceit & lying

   Deceit is inborn in the human nature of mankind but a liar has to learn the art form of deceit to become a graduate within society to become a consummate liar.
   In American society the approved method of advancement within society and in personal relations used to be personal work and skill and sincere effort to prove your worth. During my life this method has morphed into distracting attention from your self onto others in the most deceitful manner possible and out right lying to put frosting on it. The apparent intent is by making someone or group look bad even when falsified makes the accuser or finger pointer look good, righteous or holier than thou. And today this is the method in America that is in prominent use throughout.
   During my life I have never worked with any one, group or organization where what you did or accomplished was the real measure used for advancement or recognition, it was always what others said about you that was the determining factor. This method kicks in as soon as you are perceived as a potential threat to some ones current position. It is never done out in the open for the average person to see and correct, but behind their backs. It is so prevalent we have coin a phrase within organizations we call it simply “company politics” or “just gossip” but it is meant to just put it aside or ignore it in order to keep it out of the light of day and put back in the darkness of our awareness. Admonition; Never succumb and join their chorus, it only leads to successful ignorance.
   It is this method that most people in high positions in American society used to get where they are today, and in particular politicians’ and those of social elite status.
   This is not just about pointing out the errors of others to enlighten and understand, but deceit and lying which have nothing to support the lies save the imagination, innuendo, accusations and the feelings inherent in the human nature of the ignorant among us.
   Even the leaders of the Soviet Empire (evil empire) refused to put their trust in people like that, one might even think they have more common sense than we, or does it just take one to know one. 
  It could only be wished that people were more like skunks “they always smell their own hole first”.
  The Law of nature and human nature; is “for every action there is a opposite and apposing reaction”.

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