Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Charactor of Mankind

  When you speak of the “Character” of any particular individual what are you talking about, what is it made of, or makes it up, or is the stuff of “Character”?
  What it is at its core is, the summary of an individuals overall physiological state that is exposed to the society that surrounds him/her. It cannot be summarized by any particular incident or episode but after maturity it is usually a fixed psychosocial state to the point of predictability in society. It has within in it what we call traits, meaning not for certain but likely.
  A socially acceptable character cannot be taught, but is developed by the mind of each person based on both events in individual experiences and the thought processes one has created, independent and free from others. That is why we, “that is society”, cannot effectively teach others what to think, that is only effective when no thought process was developed and the individual is for the most part, a subjective animal that go’s by pure perceptions of their physical being and only reactive in their responses.
  They will still develop a character within, but it becomes the tool by which others of socially negative character use against an overall society. “Useful Idiots” was the term used by Lenin, to describe them as his tools to remake Russian society and by his intent the whole world.
   The weakness in Lenin’s and Marx and Engels approach is the assumption that in all societies and cultures useful idiots make up the overwhelming majority of men/women they contain, thus can be applied against men/women of real and good social character with physical force. This serves only to demonstrate how little they understood, about the true Character of mankind let alone their own socially corrupt characters’. The historical evidence that the so called useful idiots always represent only about one third of every human culture on earth was not within the scope of their thinking, or understanding.
   The real truth of history shows beyond doubt that the majority of mankind are always of good and just social Character, and that America as a nation, has in its history shown it to be true also, with world resounding success.
   The last thing mankind needs or wants is fundamental change to the make-up of America or the Character of her peoples and it is not within the province of American government or the elected officials of it, to try to manipulate any more than it was Lenin’s province. But it was within his sociopathic and thus destructive character.

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