Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mind Numb

   Racism, bigotry and prejudice in modern day America, all stem from the same source, the collective egotism of Academia. This egocentric core didn’t just happen overnight but has been in effect and growing itself like a cancer in society starting with the creation of the Federal Dept. of Education as the simultaneous accelerants of egos and ignorance as co-partners in social agitation. Academia has always been egocentric, but only became hazardous to our culture when it partnered with a government filled with its own graduate students, mind numb with the egoism of superiority bolstered by the failed ideological mix of Marxism and Fascism.
   Intelligent thought is not the province of academia, it cannot be taught or force fed, it is self induced on an individual basis and only loosely connected to accumulated knowledge.
   Social/cultural celebrity and its’ associated egos is the standard by which Americans measure intelligence, and that is the most demonstrative indicator of ignorance ever conjured up by elitist social consensus where its home base is a triad made up of, Academia, Politics, and Journalism. They have become like sharks, once they smell blood in the social waters.
   The real loser is the truth, which never trickles down to the masses. If the truth is important to any specific American, it can only be found with individual effort and an unbiased mind, absent social qualifiers’. In the search for the truth nothing and no individual, group or demographic can be disregarded or ignored due to social, cultural or ethnic sensibilities of any part. The truth can be twisted, parsed and hidden, but it cannot be denied to those who seek it.
   What Obama is, is self evident truth, who he is, is the big lie that demands the exposure of the truth. The American people do not fear what Obama is, but they do fear who he is, and who is, is not American. 

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