Wednesday, March 17, 2010

How we Converse!

   The psychological dilemma of all societies next to the origin of mankind is right, wrong and ignorance, then everyone else.
   Those who fall into the ignorant category are most easily described; they are simply deficient in knowledge and/or understanding of specific objects and/or subjects all the time. 
   Those whom are right simply know and understand at what times they are ignorant of the subject matter at hand and acknowledge their deficit, then proceed to update and enhance it.
   Those whom are wrong are totally unaware of the specific areas of their ignorance and adamantly refuse to acknowledge it, playing it out by ear as it were with bluster.
    Everyone else follows the leads of others; usually those filled with bluster, or react emotionally, and/or attack others in a personal fashion.
   These are the categories that make up the mix of American intercourse both socially, privately and politically. Before anyone can claim psychological adulthood they must learn to never make important life decisions based on; guesswork, the imagination, consensus, feelings, statistics, ignorance, belief’s, intimidation or political bluster. It is always “right” to reject, than to accept, if based on any of those things.
   In the simplest of language if you don’t know what to do, do nothing! Don’t just go with the flow or jump on some else's hay wagon, you may well get “pricked” by the “pointy headed needles” in the hay.   

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