Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Establishments of Religion

   An individual’s faith in a supreme being of human creation is false; if applied coercively as indoctrination in youth or if arrived at by pick and choose based on social peer pressure to establish credibility in the religious community of man.
   Faith in a creator drawn individually absent the influence of any established religious organization and its specific belief’s is true religious faith. I say this based on the evidence that is present today; that all religious organizations have and to this day manipulate what parts of religious history they will include or exclude from their specific belief systems or creed. This amounts to the abridging of known religious knowledge to fit the organizations’ consensus of what is important to individually know or not know or what to individually believe or not to believe about history in a religious vain.
   All this amounts to, is giving over to others the decisions that in the reality of life can only be drawn by the individual independently, other wise we pick and choose which organization of man we will believe in, as apposed to what we would otherwise independently and individually believe.
   Organizations of man are always riff with distortions of the truth as it is able to be known and they decide what the individual needs to know or need not know. In a religious sense, it is complicated further by interpretations and self declared prophets.
   Simply stated; individuals do not believe in god or any other creator of man, they believe in what other men have to say about it, when in truth no man/woman has ever known or is able to know the desires or feelings of their own creator, let alone understand it. We know things and we believe things but we can never know or understand what we believe.
   Group think, stinks on ice!

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